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Sonic Origins Collection - General Thread

Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by HEDGESMFG, May 27, 2021.

  1. RetroJordan91


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    I’m surprised they didn’t showcase a bit of Knuckles being playable in CD, but there is a screenshot just in case anyone was wondering:


    All in all, still looking forward to it :) I’m just awaiting more details on whether or not Headcannon are involved with this (but I mean they have to be, right?)
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  2. I'm happy with the news. Didn't want to put too much value into anything extra coming from Origins after it's "Eh, alright. It was fun" playthrough last year. Looking forward to having a physical copy of it, I wonder if there's any Japan exclusive stuff (Mania Plus got the art book, seems like all regions are getting it for Origins Plus).

    I would say I agree with being annoyed on the notion of "I've already brought DLC for Origins" when it first came out, and it was like, challenges and incorrect facts / museum shit; to then get given another nudge for more money and another DLC bundle. Still, we got Frontiers DLC for free, so I'd say fans are eating good. Speaking of, it's a great marketing play to announce this on the same day that traction is gained from the Frontiers DLC release. Good move.

    Final thoughts; I get the suspicion that having put all the graft into the engine, include Amy, and such, that whatever 2D Game comes next will be flooded with characters. Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Mighty, Ray, Amy. That has reminded me though, what of not including Mighty or Ray in Origins Plus? Hmm.
  3. Ashura96


    Hadn't been keeping up with any behind the scenes leaks/reveals, but Origins Plus is pretty much exactly what we all expected to happen this year. Will happily buy physical copy. Added features are nice. Hopefully remaining bugs are fixed, and maybe (wishful thinking) better implementation of certain features.
  4. MykonosFan


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    They've gotta save some stuff for Sonic Origins Plus+ next year.
  5. jubbalub


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    Is it just me or is this a not very good deal? $10 for a new character and some 8-bit games? Mania Plus offered two playable characters and an entire new mode for half of that.

    Amy looks fine, it's nice to finally have her playable in an official capacity. But that price tag does not seem worth it for the content we're getting.

    If I'm going to be completely honest, it seems kind of scummy to have Amy advertised so heavily in the promotion for this game, only for her to be locked behind paid DLC if you want to play as her.
  6. astroblema


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    yeah maybe sorry if I came across as too rude. I had this same reaction when Ray was revealed for mania plus, hated his sprites

    yeah man, it's classic Sonic games, you got all you need to know seeing Amy running and jumping, because that's what you'll look at 90% of the time you're playing as her
  7. Deep Dive Devin

    Deep Dive Devin

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    I'd pay a full sixty dollars worth for the game if they stopped neglecting the seven remaining games. I mean, it doesn't surprise me to see R, Fighters, SegaSonic and Chaotix left to rot, but what, you can throw 12 bad game gear ROMs* on there but not 3 bad genesis ROMs? You only have to get them all in the same collection once.

    *11. Tails Adventure is okay.
  8. Londinium


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    I bought this game on release and feel ripped off.

    Still mad about the game crashing on startup.
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  9. Snowbound


    Amy’s sprite looks great in Sonic 3K. I honestly don’t have any other feelings atm. The trailer didn’t show the game off enough for me to know if things have been fixed. Hopefully Stealth/Headcanon put out a statement soon saying that they’re involved. Then again, if Sega brought them back it could’ve been on the condition that he couldn’t talk about Origins Plus on social media.

    Could you link to the screenshot’s source?

    100% agree with this. I wish the master system and genesis roms were also included. Since Fighters is in Lost Judgement it should have been included here. I agree that R, Chaotix and SegaSonic were never realistic inclusions.

    The game’s performance BETTER be improved. Heck, I’d like denuvo to be removed entirely but I ain’t optimistic
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  10. Mr. Cornholio

    Mr. Cornholio

    LORD do I feel like a clown for not believing the Amy stuff just because it seemed like...such a huge investment to actually implement? I wanna say they actually got Headcannon involved if they went through the trouble of programming in an entirely new character!

    This announcement might nudge me into actually picking up Origins - I wasn't too impressed with how the Retro Engine titles were handled after hearing how the Drop Dash was implemented, the life system removal, and the odd removal of the Zone Select menu in a completed save. If those are fixed with Amy, I'd pick it up.

    I will admit the sprite work of Amy seems a wee bit off and I'm rather disappointed Knuckles Chaotix/3D Blast are entirely absent still (which is odd given their inclusion in the Sound Test), but if you can give me an easy way to play the Retro Engine Remasters on my Switch then that might be something I can look past.

    (Also please please please save the Master System Sonic games from rotting on the Wii Virtual Console service.)
  11. Chimpo


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    Keep in mind that they added Amy into 4 games and Knuckles in 1 additional game. You don't just drop them in without having to do some work.

    But I agree on the general sentiment. They really should have just held the collection back until this year after all the ingredients were cooked. There was no reason to launch it last year with Frontiers around the corner and Colors Ultimate being released the previous year. This would have been a fine collection to have as the main 2023 Sonic game, cause lord knows when the hell we're going to get the next one.
  12. TheOcelot


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    Can't wait to play all gg games for about 5 mins and then never touch them again, lol.

    I'm happy with the physical release, playable Amy and finally getting "KNUCKLES MADE A GOOD FUTURE IN Zone 3". Can't wait to breeze through Wacky Workbench with Knux!
  13. Snowbound


    100% agree that Origins should have come out this year to begin with. I think this also puts to bed any rumors of a new 2D Sonic this year as it would be competing with Origins Plus. That is unless we’re getting some 2D Sonic mobile game.

    As for when we’re getting another Sonic game, didn’t Sega remove Adventure 1-2 from PS5/Xbox stores? If so then maybe we could get an Adventure 1,2 and Heroes collection to align with movie 3. The soonest I see a new 2D game being a possibility (assuming it’s made be Headcanon) is 2025.
  14. Chimpo


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    Stubby ass normal. She's coming to Street Fighter V next.
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  15. Naean


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  16. Snowbound


    On the bright side since the game isn’t coming out until June, hopefully this gives the team more time to fix bugs without crunching. To be clear I have no hope of more roms being added, I think that would complicate the ratings process. Just hoping that Plus will have smooth performance and minimal bugs
  17. Honestly the fact they included Tails' Adventure alone make this worth for me.
  18. BlackHole


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    Bit optimistic, given how the original game was released.
  19. Snowbound


    The key word in my original post was “hopefully”. There’s absolutely no guarantee the team will keep making bugfixes.
  20. Linkabel


    Every region got the artbook, Japan got a reversible cover that fit with the style of the old games and the game's soundtrack. I imagine they will get something different but not sure it's going to be on a level of a soundtrack release.