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Sonic Origins Collection - General Thread

Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by HEDGESMFG, May 27, 2021.

  1. Nik Pi

    Nik Pi

    Sonic 2: Archives
    Sonic fans in 2014:
    We hasn't got Sonic 3 remaster, so we'll make it by ourselves, with blackjack and smooth rotations!
    Sonic fans now:
    Why this collection has only 4 games? We need 5 new characters for every game, 10 games that likes 1,5 people in the world, and new update for mania...

    I think will be better to have a best versions of this 4 games, than have a stupid downgrades for mobile versions + 100500 unnecessary games.

    "You, mortals, are so funny!"


    Those things don't need to be mutually exclusive. Emulation isn't exactly a new concept for SEGA. And some games simply deserve the chance to be preserved. As I've said many times, I don't feel the need for a retro remake for every title.

    Naturally, I want them to fix as much as possible in the collection for the main games, but there's nothing saying bug support has to end the instant this collection releases either.
  3. RetroJordan91


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    Emulation is not a new concept for SEGA, however it is clearly not their forte because whether it’s in-house or outsourced (depending on the developer), there’s always been some sort of inaccuracies that are super annoying when compared to playing on original hardware.

    Now there’s nothing wrong with bundling in some emulated ROMs along with the Retro Engine remakes, but for the love of God, please do not screw up the integration process because the last thing we need is more bugs.. play test the hell out of it before release.

    They have to go with emulation for adding new games because building all of them up in RSDK would still be time consuming regardless.

    Get Digital Eclipse on handling the emulation this time since they did wonders with the Cowabunga Collection. If not for Origins Plus then maybe the 50th Genesis collection they release for the PS6, XBox Series Z and Switch Ultra.

    I just want the best Sonic compilation and we are about halfway there with the current Origins.. just needs more bug fixes, more games and 1-2 more playable characters along with Knuckles in CD
  4. BlackHole


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    I mean, Sonic Mega Collection and Sonic Gems Collection covered the majority, I think the only ones missing were SEGASonic the Hedgehog and Chaotix, both down to emulation difficulties, but emulation has come a ways since then...

    If they do include the 8-bit games, I might purchase a physical copy of Sonic Origins, since I'd like those games in a easier to play format, despite my... disagreement with the Story Mode.
  5. Deep Dive Devin

    Deep Dive Devin

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    Sonic 1, 2, 3K and CD are The Big Four of Sonic platformers, so it makes sense to have them in a collection, even if it's weird that it took this long. From SEGA's perspective, I feel like their choices would skew towards games that either fit within that group like Chaotix, or have a niche factor that can impress to sell a remaster in its own right. You can maybe sell a DLC on playable Amy or the first ever home release of SegaSonic, or even the retro-3D novelty of Fighters and R, but I don't think we're ever going to see the Sonic "every Sonic game ever made before SA1" collection of our dreams.

    Advances in emulation and ease of inclusion mean it wouldn't be the most work, but it would be some work, and I don't think it would be a big payout for SEGA (no do we really need ST's development being split too much). I played most of these games in the past year, and I don't like Spinball very much, Mean Bean is obsoleted by newer puyo games (outside of the AoSTH sprites), 3D is just plain not-fun, and I barely enjoyed any of my time spent on the 8-bit games (Tails Adventure is a maybe, it would need a lot of work). Origins is a great collection for new fans, but my ideal wouldn't contain too many more! Chaotix and 3D make sense for posterity's sake (and mods could improve them obvs), but Fighters and R are the games I'd actually play. Even then, it still sounds like a pipe dream to just say it.

    Reasonably speaking, I think either Chaotix or the GG games are a possibility. But my ideal additions will always be R and Fighters, 3D and SegaSonic, Chaotix and Tails Adventure, because those are broadly the most interesting. There's a lot of obvious improvements that would make them much more tolerable, but the 8-bit games are just too substandard to care about. If we must care about Nack, throw the Triple Trouble remake in there.
  6. RDNexus


    Said remake is a fan-remake. SEGA won't touch it even with a 10ft poll ^^"
    (Not sure if you were joking or being serious)
  7. Pengi


    By throwing in a Game Gear/Master System emulator and a bunch of ROMs they can promote Sonic Origins Plus has having "12 additional games". It doesn't matter whether or not the extra games are all-time classics, it's added value and makes for a more comprehensive collection.

    Sonic 3D and Spinball shouldn't be too much trouble to add either. Sonic the Fighters is already available on PS4 and Xbox One, via Lost Judgement, so that could be an easy addition as well. Then they can promote it as having "15 additional games", making it an even better value proposition.
  8. Ch1pper


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    "Bug fixes are obvious, gimme X with it! It'd be so easy!"
    "Nah, X would be hard, do Y instead. It makes more sense."
    Never change, gang. ;)

    If GG inclusion is true, I'm fine with that. Emulation for those would make sense. MS versions would be a neat bonus on top of those for the sake of completion but, besides the screensize differences (for which you know they'd muck up the scaling) then it would turn into "Why don't they make MS versions of the missing games now? IT'D BE SO EASY GUYS!"

    You make it sound as if Sega can handle all four of those competently, let alone two. If we get bug fixes & Knuckles, good. Fixes & Knuckles and more characters? Great. Fixes & Knuckles and more characters and more games? Outstanding! All of those with more museum concept art? Amazing!
  9. E-122-Psi


    I feel like emulated games would work so long as they were regulated in a way that made clear to less informed players that they were not designed with the same perks as the main four that were remade and polished up.

    Making them an unlockable section in the Museum for example would be a neat idea.

    I admit at this point I kinda want them to focus on the actual remade games that they can bugfix and add more features for. The core potential for this compilation is making the 'ulimate' versions of these titles with loads of new features. Some extra emulated games would be a cool bonus but we've had them loads of times before and there's far less you can do with them.
  10. Blastfrog


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    I really fail to see the point in including emulated 8-bit games in the collection. Anyone can emulate it easily themselves. Someone mentioned they'd like to play it on their Switch, and sure, that'd be nice, but is it gonna kill you to play it elsewhere?

    If the 8-bit games were to get any kind of widescreen remake, I'd say leave it up to the fans, they'll do a far better job than SEGA will ever bother to.

    If they fix the bugs, add Knux for CD, and get rid of Denuvo, and give us an option to have lives instead of coins in widescreen mode, that's quite good enough for me. If they do those 4 things, I might actually pick this collection up rather than ignore it as I have thus far.
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  11. RetroJordan91


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    @Ch1pper This is exactly why I think Headcannon may be involved with at least three of the four you mentioned.. we know SEGA is not capable of working directly with RSDK itself so let them handle the simple stuff like adding the concept art and Headcannon can do the more technical stuff.. just another dream scenario
  12. Pengi


    Most casual customers, especially the kid audience, don't mess around with video game emulators on PC. Even fewer mod and hack consoles to support emulation.

    Put yourself in Sega's position. You want to sell DLC for a retro collection of Sonic games.

    What is the most obvious thing to add to a retro collection of Sonic games, something that is easy to communicate and that people will pay for? More games.

    Which vintage Sonic games are the easiest to add? The Master System and Game Gear titles and the remaining Genesis titles.

    Of those systems, which one has the largest library of Sonic games? Game Gear.

    I fully expect the Genesis versions of Sonic 3D and Sonic Spinball to be added (the base game already has their islands on the menu map), and maybe the Genesis version of Mean Bean Machine. After that, the Game Gear (and hopefully Master System) library is the easiest way to boost the number of games on the collection.

    I'm sure they'll add extra features to the Retro Engine games too, but extra features alone aren't going to entice regular customers to buy DLC for a collection of retro games.

    Extra characters, extra modes, extra missions, extra Museum stuff: they're features that customers understand. That's DLC you can sell for a contemporary game. But for a collection of retro games, any paid DLC that doesn't include more games is going to sound like a rip-off and a low value proposition for the average customer.
  13. Blastfrog


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    If they include Spinball, they'd better overclock the 68k in the emulator. That inefficient C-based engine has got to be given some more horsepower! Spinball is a lot more fun when the slowdown is eliminated.
  14. Ch1pper


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    Wait, you can do that? Could you elaborate?
  15. Blastfrog


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    Try the debug version of ReGen.
  16. Billy


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    I like this idea, but also make Fast the default option and tune it to that.
  17. DustArma


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    I feel like there's way too many expectations being thrown around and people are inevitably going to be disappointed.
  18. Chimpo


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    My expectation? A limited retail release before they pull the + version from sale and then put the vanilla version in its place so that they can continue selling us the expansion as DLC.
    Extra games are Mean Bean Machine, Sonic Blast and Sonic 2 (Game Gear).


    We're always disappointed no matter what. Let us decide how disappointed we each want to be ;)
  20. JaxTH


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    Jack shit.
    Literally what they did with Mania.