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Sonic Origins Collection - General Thread

Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by HEDGESMFG, May 27, 2021.

  1. Probably preaching to the choir here but my excitement hinges on the degree to which Headcannon (or even Evening Star) are involved in fixing all the games on the collection and whether they fixed Sonic 3's music or not.

    The idea of extra games doesn't excite me much at all though.
  2. Dark Sonic

    Dark Sonic

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    Let me play a version of Chaotix finally and I’ll be happy.

    If they do add Amy I’ll be very curious to see how they implement her. Not only that but sprites, she’d need a complete set of sprites and that just doesn’t exist in any official capacity. Tails and Knuckles could get away with sprite reuse but Amy? Not so much.

    (but yea please add in QoL fixes like reimplementing the mind boggingly unused post completion level selects, fix the sound balancing, make the S3K proto tracks not trash, stuff like that. Bonus points if they just implement S3Ks save select among all 4 games like they should’ve done in the first place)
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  3. Zephyr


    I'm only hoping for really basic things, like:
    - Knuckles in CD
    - Tails and Knuckles playable in Story Mode
    - put back the content that was removed from the mobile versions (like Level Selects for cleared save files in S1 and S2)
    - cheats available and toggleable in the menu by default, no codes
    - removing the roll lock in S1 and S2 (or at least make it toggleable)

    But even that seems like too much to hope for.

    My real "pie in the sky" hope isn't more games, or playable characters, it's fixing the fucking hitboxes.
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  4. KingOfBunnies


    Yeah, and Mania didn't get a physical release until Plus either. However what bothers me is now having to wait until whenever they plan to release Origins Plus for the update and fixes rather than it just being a plain old update which doesn't need to be marketed and have physical things produced. It can just come out when it's ready. An Origins physical release is cool, but I'd rather just the update come out than Sega trying to make a few extra bucks with a physical release and holding the update back due to that.
  5. RetroJordan91


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    I am ready for round 2 with this.. the marketing tactics are all too similar to Mania’s so a physical release is almost a guarantee at this point.

    Fingers crossed that there are plenty of more bug fixes coming as well as the ability to implement some customization to the games instead of using the cheat codes. Also Stealth has been fairly quiet so here’s hoping Headcannon are secretly involved in some way, shape, or form. My hope would be to polish up all of the games.

    My dream wish is that SEGA got Jun to touch up the actual 11/3 versions of the beta tracks but I’m not expecting that to happen.

    In regards to more games, I feel the emulation route would be the best option since completely building up games like Chaotix, 3D Blast, and Spinball from scratch in the Retro Engine would be very time consuming. And we know how SEGA is :V

    I’m eagerly looking forward to this. Here’s hoping we finally get the true vision of what Origins was supposed to be.
  6. Ch1pper


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    These are the two 'basic' things I'd like to see properly implemented/fixed. A happy bonus would be:
    - More finished-sounding versions of S3's music. The panning and instrumentation makes it pretty clear that Jun just used these as-is from an old backup.

    Even with that, I'm still going in with zero expectations so that I can be pleasantly surprised at whatever they do fix, however small.
    Because, guys, c'mon, it's Sega. It will be a few bug fixes and a new swath of features to make us forget about the rest of the bugs. :V
  7. I'm very skeptical about the inclusion of more games... SEGA adapted 1 and 2 very poorly internally, and commissioned 3&K in the cheapest way possible... I highly doubt they'd port anything else, specially if it's not a good fit for the Retro Engine (can it do 3D Blast's isometric gameplay?). Unless they decide to go with emulation, possibly hacking "improvements" on top...


    Son of an egg...

    They better fix a lot of shit now.

    And just give me ROM of Chaotix please. Stop leaving it as abandonedware. I don't even care. Spinball and 3D Blast in some form too, though I'd certainly love an option for a Saturn port of the latter. Those 3D Saturn stages have not been re-released in 27 years. And even the PC version from the 90s is kind of a lost artifact itself now.
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  9. Blue Blood

    Blue Blood

    For the record, Mania got its big patch at the same time as the DLC, but the patch wasn't a part of the DLC. That patch included things like new menus, the new Stardust Speedway boss and various bug fixes. You don't need the DLC to get the patch.

    I think that the same is likely to be the case for Origins. It makes logistical sense for everything to come at once now, rather than multiple builds being released. Origins should never have been released in the state that it was in and should have been patched much sooner. But this far down the line, it's either no patch or DLC-timed patch.
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  10. KingOfBunnies


    Right. I know I guess for marketing and synergy it makes sense to release at once. I know like Mania that I don't need the DLC to get the patch, but it just sucks it's essentially now a waiting game for when Plus comes out to also get the patch. Like I said, it makes sense, but it just sucks having to wait just that little bit longer for the fix.
  11. Laura


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    Not to be too pessimistic, but Mania Plus was honestly pretty naff. I imagine Sonic Origins Plus would be similarly naff. Maybe include one or two new playable characters. One or two new stages.

    Personally I'm not really a fan of new ROMs.
  12. RikohZX


    Unless they got M2 to handle emulated ports for the Classic stuff as a part of quelling complaints, I do not feel this is going to be quite what people want. Would Knuckles in CD and a playable Amy in all the games be cool? Sure. Would it be a ton of work for Headcannon, much less Sega who couldn't even get a Drop Dash to work properly? Mainly the Amy part but if Sega is handling this then I can't even expect Knuckles ported. More games? Forget about it, there's no way they got Retro Engine ports of other Sonic games on short notice, and I doubt they're slapping emulators on here either.

    Would it be cool to make this a definitive collection after the utter mess last year? Yeah, I wouldn't mind having Chaotix, 3D Blast with Genesis and Saturn versions, Sonic R, things from Jam, Game Gear / Master System stuff -- it really did need more meat on its bones in general. But emulation wasn't the goal of the collection, so I simply don't know what else they can add. And if the in-house team at Sega is managing it, I have no hopes at all.
  13. qwertysonic


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    As someone who doesn't buy digital games I'm hopeful for a physical release. Honestly if they add nothing more than fix all the bugs I'll buy it.
  14. KingOfBunnies


    Yeah, this for sure. They'd have to make new Special Stage sprites along with any of the other CD specific sprites for things they'd have to make. I can't see Knuckles in CD happening unless it was with the base game, which it wasn't.
  15. big smile

    big smile

    They could just reach out to one of the many fan mods that have added Knuckles in Sonic CD and commission them to do the sprite work/code. But I guess if they were going to do that, they would have done it for Origins Minus.
  16. Snowbound


    At this point I’m just going to wait and see what’s announced. I wonder when it will make the most sense for them to release Origins Plus. Vanilla Origins came out in June, Mania plus in July. I wonder if this will be a summer release
  17. charcoal


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    I'd assume it'll come out sometime near March-April.

    Anyways I wonder what new games will be included, if any. I'd love to have Sonic R but maybe that one's a little too far fetched..
  18. Battons


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    UI tweaks, more museum Knick knacks, MAYBE roms of spinball and 3d blast. Anything other than that would just be fantasy, as much as I’d love it to be more if they dropped the ball on origins the first time I doubt a 5 to 10 dollar dlc will make it that much better.
  19. The Joebro64

    The Joebro64

    I'd actually heard about Origins Plus a while ago. I hesitated to mention it on here since it's a public forum, but since it's public knowledge now I'll say what I heard: it'll be available physically for $39.99, Amy will be playable, more games will be added, and it somehow ties into Sonic Prime.

    Can't say how I know so I won't blame you if you don't believe me lol, since I'm not an insider.
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  20. Londinium


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    Just in time for the kids to get out of school

    How do you even manage to tie Sonic Origins to Sonic Prime