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Sonic Origins Collection - General Thread

Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by HEDGESMFG, May 27, 2021.

  1. Laura


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    Stop hyping up over Steam Database edits. I'm warning you from experience here. Total War Three Kingdoms hasn't had a DLC in years and has officially been abandoned. It gets Steam Database edits and people get super hyped. This time it was mod support for Microsoft Store. Lol!

    It could be something but don't hold out hope for it. It could just be something like an update for Microsoft Store. Or some hardware related update.
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  2. charcoal


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    I'm pretty confident we're gonna get an Origins expansion or update of some sort. That's just how most games work nowadays, I could be wrong but I think it'd honestly be a little stupid of SEGA to not at least put the game out physically.

    I do have to agree with @Laura that using Steam database edits as the sole basis for theories is a little silly, but I still think Origins Plus is probably gonna happen anyways.
  3. Part of Sega’s new strategy per the SegaSammy IR reports is encouraging longer sales life of titles. That’s why we’re seeing things like Frontiers getting 3 major updates over the course of this year. I’m not 100% we’ll see the same with Origins, but I wouldn’t doubt it.


    They specifically mention remakes and subscriptions when talking about the strategy, but I’m pretty sure updates would also play into it.
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  4. Chimpo


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    What exactly are you guys expecting from an Origins update that isn't patching out bugs and ironing out issues?
    I'm not asking for dream features. What realistically could they add to this collection?
  5. TheOcelot


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    If we were to get a physical release of Origins with additional content I'd bet on a release around June, similar to Mania Plus being released about a year after the original version.

    As for what additional content could be added (assuming Team Stealth are not involved - looks like they are busy working on other stuff at the moment and EveningStar are busy making their new 3D game); I couldn't see Sonic Team adding anything substantial like an Encore Mode or other playable characters such as Mighty, Ray or Amy even if they are given a decent budget. I could see them adding more missions and the original versions of S1, 2 CD, 3D Blast, Spinball (and maybe even Chaotix). Wouldn't expecting anything more than this.
  6. I have a Mega Drive with a MegaSD and a B&O CRT, I have Sonic 1 & 2 AGES, I have Switch Online, the Mega Drive collection, etc., so the standard 16-bit ROMs don’t excite me and there’re countless other ways to play them.

    In terms of games, I’d really like the Master System and Game Gear ROMs, with the ability to pick region and platform for games when available. I’d also really like Chaotix since that’s still a bit annoying to play for me.

    In regard to the presentation and extras, implement an option to toggle between the JP and the US/EU logos. I’d also like to see a bunch more missions as I found them fun.
  7. big smile

    big smile

    It’s worth remembering that Sega did a survey asking if people would like more games, characters, and concept art/animation. Of course, the outcome of the survey could be to do nothing. But updates are something that Sega has considered.

    Realistically I think they could do the following:

    1. Improve the save system so you can replay a completed save file.
    This was possible in S1/2 mobile, so the code is there.

    2. Let you use extras like elemental shields etc in a save file without having to enter cheats.
    Again this doesn’t seem like it would be too hard, because it’s just creating a UI that modifies values.

    3. More stages in 2PVS.
    Christian Whitehead said he added split-screen support for Origins. So it doesn’t seem like adding more split screen levels would be that hard to do (Of course, some levels would be impossible because they have transitions, but they could offer more than they currently have).

    I’ve had so much fun with the extra split screen in Sonic 2, and I love to be able to use it in more games (and even S2 levels like Hidden Palace).

    Bonus points if they could add Super Sonic in 2PVS which was possible via cheats in the MD orignal.

    4. Add in ROMs of other MD Sonic games (and also of S1-3&K, so they can be played in their original format).
    Again it doesn’t seem that hard to do especially as they already have an emulator for all platforms in Mega Drive Classic Collection. It would be neat if they could hire a fan developer to hack these games to optionally replace lives with the coin system, but that might be expecting too much.

    They could also add the Rom protos we have online.

    5. There are many fan mods of Knuckles in Sonic CD. They could hire one of those fans to port their mod to Origins.

    6. Add more concept documents to the museum.

    7. Add a custom mode, so you can toggle things like lives/coins, screen ratio, mirror mode etc rather than being stuck with the presets of Classic, Anniversary and Mirror. And maybe they could add Mania’s buddy mode, so you can switch your partner around.

    I think this a realistic collection of updates that they could do which would radically improve the collection without being too hard to implement.
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  8. Battons


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    I think they’d probably do some bug fixes, possibly add roms for 3D blast and spinball. I doubt we’ll ever see Chaotix unless it’s remade since we don’t even know if sega has a 32x emulator. Otherwise I’d love some more obscure concept art and more things in general.

    For dream content:
    Remember how expansive Mega collection and Jam was? I’d want that again. Give us a couple issues of IDW free to get kids hooked on it, let’s get some commercials that have never been properly presented. Let’s get that knuckles animation from frontiers. In my opinion this is what would give this collection more soul.
  9. E-122-Psi


    I feel like with the games being reprogrammable ports instead of ROMs, ideally any expansion would play mostly off of expanding how you could play the existing games in it, meaning more game changing extras. New characters with different moves, or extra modes and what not. These would likely be a lot harder and more elaborate to add but it would be the most ideal tune up for games we've played a million times already rather than just adding more of them. Like the concept art is nice as would some extra ROMs, but we can find those easily anyway.

    I agree with the above sentiment that more VS options would be nice. I know some levels, especially 3K would be hard to implement this way, though I'm sure a lot of 1 and CD's levels would be fun to race in. How about even adding a 3 or 4 player mode like Mania Plus?

    There's also ideas like Jam's difficulty modes to consider, or even an Encore Mode type option with new layouts. Just loads of new options to completely freshen up playing these games again.
  10. Snowbound


    If Headcanon’s involved then I’d like knuckles back in CD and Amy in Sonic 3 (I would like her in all the games but if that’s significantly more work I’m fine with one)

    My two dream requests from Sega:
    1. Video and development material from when Sonic 3 was going to be an isometric 3D game
    2. SegaSonic included as a playable game
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    Headcannon would be able to program Knuckles in CD himself, as he was the first person to ever get Knuckles working in Sonic 1. I believe he also did a test for the concept with the first stage many years ago. They wouldn't need to hire anyone else.

    Also, I had forgotten the survey. It was weirdly specific about features related to Origin that people would want to see more of.

    Still, I feel like the amount of time that's passed is indicating more negative news than positive for us.
  12. big smile

    big smile

    Yup Headcanon would be the best for adding features like Knuckles in Sonic CD (and more). But from posts earlier in the thread, it sounds like Headcanon is working on other projects. So I am not sure if they would be available for Origins Plus (fingers cross they are, as Headcanon is the best shot of getting a good update).
  13. Snowbound


    IF Headcanon’s involved then I don’t think the large amount of time is a bad sign. They are working on numerous collabs rn after having just gone through the ringer to work on Sonic 3 for origins. Additionally Stealth posted that he had some medical stuff to take care of and it was just the holidays in December. If we’re getting an Origins Plus I don’t think we’re getting it until Summer… and that’s okay. The thing is that right now we still don’t know anything for certain. It sucks and it’s wise to lower our expectations but I don’t think we’re doomed yet
  14. Willie


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  15. KingOfBunnies


    So uh, this is now on sale on Steam for $20. I beat it on PS5 already, but wouldn't mind it on Steam. Is it worth it for mods, or should I wait for the game to (hopefully) get patched again and then decide to pick it up?
  16. RetroJordan91


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    For what it’s worth, SteamDB is still showing some changes going on with the game’s builds so take that as you will.. but $20 is a steal for 4 solid remasters (people still argue that that’s what the price should have been but it is what it is) so I would jump on it for sure.

    Plus you always have mods to fall back on in case it never gets patched again
  17. Nik Pi

    Nik Pi

    Sonic 2: Archives
    Seven months have passed, and people are still waiting, that a collection of games of the prehistoric era, made in five minutes without any interest, will become good after all.
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  18. Dark Sonic

    Dark Sonic

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    I just played through Sonic 1 through 3 as Knuckles the other day, my consensus? It’s overall fine. Just fine. Save for the sound mixing still my favorite official way to play these games (mirror mode is fun)
  19. Iggy for Short

    Iggy for Short

    Even if they fixed some of the small things (half of which I can't remember by now), it's pretty clear that the more glaring limitations compared to the mobile releases are by design. Which really is a bummer after waiting so many years for them to escape phone hell, but... what're you gonna do.
  20. Shaddy the guy

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    Complain, evidently.