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Sonic Origins Collection - General Thread

Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by HEDGESMFG, May 27, 2021.

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    My issue with that is Sonic 1, twice by M2, has had buggy spindash implantation and they never fixed it, and the sega ages titles have had updates 1+ year after release so there's no excuse for them ignoring it.

    Sonic 3k has been in a bunch of emulated packages on pc, older consoles and even the ds, it's time they made the ultimate trilogy package and something future proof and we already have that for sonic 1 and 2.
  2. TheOcelot


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    The original versions of the classic games were fun to play back in the 90's, but it's now 30 years later so releasing a collection of rom's via emulation simply doesn't cut it anymore. These games deserve enhancements-being remade from the ground up (with 16:9 widescreen etc) to make them more appealing/fun on modern hardware.

    When you consider the acclaim Taxman's 2011 CD remaster and the subsequent mobile remasters received for how well they play and the extra features included, there's no excuse for SEGA to keep going back to lazy rom collections. They should know by now the high standards new releases of the classics need to reach. The SEGA Ages versions were solid but still felt like a step backwards from mobile remasters despite the inclusion of the drop-dash and mega-play version of Sonic 1. I've not played the releases of 1, 2 & 3K in Sonic Jam but they look more impressive than SEGA Ages because Jam included ports instead of just roms.
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  3. Laura


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    I think we also have to look at the wider gaming industry. I get that there's an appeal in having good emulations of the classic Sonic games exactly as they were. If you want that for Sonic 1 and 2, there are numerous ways to do that and the M2 Switch versions are really good.

    But even just compared to other retro remasters, Sonic can't afford to do basic emulation anymore. Look at the classic Final Fantasy remasters, which offer speed up options, encounter toggle, various cheat options, etc. I wouldn't be able to go back to a basic Final Fantasy 7 experience except for authenticity's sake after that honestly. Times have changed. The same is true for Sonic. I'm hoping Sonic Origins Collection is a retro remaster on that calibre.

    If they do deliver something along those lines, this collection will be far more valuable than something like Mega Collection.
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    The bar is set so high for this. Especially for those people who have been playing mods. I know Sonic Team sees them. You cannot possibly see things like Sonic 3 Air, Super Sonic in CD, and Knuckles in CD and just throw an emulator out there. That’s a waste of a game. I find it hard to believe it’ll be just emulation. If it is, people will continue playing those mods.
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    This is my biggest concern with M2's approach, they just make loads of little distractions, but don't refine or develop them, even between multiple releases. Stuff like render options and ring tally challenges and what not are nice but I'd rather they had focused that development time on just bugfixing Spin Dash and having a FULL Time Attack mode.

    The same issue with Sonic 2 is there ten fold. All these obtuse extras like Super Sonic mode, they're nice, but what about key extras like Tails' flying? Things that would often be the first choice for adding to Sonic 2.
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    To be fair, Super Sonic mode in M2's Sonic 2 is brilliant and probably the best addition to the game. It's a simple addition but it's an obvious user-friendly one.
  7. Blue Blood

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    Super Sonic mode unlocks once you reach the credits, right? Ring keep mode is the big accessibility enhancement in the AGES versions. Starting each act with 10 rings and losing only half when you take damage dramatically reduces the difficulty of the entire game, especially in Death Egg. Super Sonic mode is a nice bonus, and ring keep is the real game changer.

    A blanket difficulty rebalancing option like ring keep mode (but perhaps just slightly less OP) would be a great addition. Perhaps just removing lives, as in Forces and Colours Ultimate, would be a welcome change. The Classic Sonic games were always pretty easy for their day when compared to their contemporaries, but the movement and physics of Sonic are still pretty unique and those games are typically harder than a lot of games nowadays. Reduced difficulty (or options to reduce difficulty) would take nothing away from the games whilst making them more approachable. If SEGA really do want to introduce a new generation to the series, Colours Ultimate and the Classics are probably the best ones to do that. But modernising tweaks could be the difference between nice ports for the existing fans and winning over a whole new subset of players.
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    Ahh yes! Frankly I hope they do allow us the option to play each piece individually and not just the combined game. I get that S3&K is the preferred version being that since it's the complete 'true' game, but I feel that not only do both halves have a certain charm all their own as standalones but also if the idea is to appeal to casual fans in addition to diehard fans, then I think having each half available to play would be wise. Not everyone had or even played both halves back in the day, y'know? (you were considered something of a playground hero if you had both halves, and a deity if you had the entire 'trilogy').

    if I, Joe McAverageGamer, loved Sonic & Knuckles back in the day but never played Sonic 3 (and just for kicks, let's say I wasn't particularly good and always got stuck on something like Flying Battery or even Sandopolis, either act), it's gonna be a bit jarring to load up what I think is Sonic & Knuckles for old-time's sake, only to be greeted with a bunch of stuff I've never seen before. Would it be a HUGE deal? Nah. Would I be intrigued by all this new stuff? Absolutely! Because hey, I've always been curious about Sonic 3....BUT...would I also feel maybe just a tad agitated that I wasn't able to just play the game I remembered for awhile before for exploring this 'new' thing? You betcha.

    TL;DR I think including S3/S&K/S3&K instead of just S3&K could be a win win, as casual gamers and hardcore fans can play what they know. Obviously there's no satisfying everyone (and time and money of course must taken into consideration). But hell even if you think of it merely from the angle of consistency then it still makes sense; prior to the long stretch of time where we had neither half, each piece of the game was always included in these compilations, not just one version that they think people would want.

    Hey a guy can dream, yes?
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  9. Linkabel


    EXCLUSIVE: Sonic Origins "Won't Be Running on Emulation"

    This caught my attention:
    I hope they do eventually end up bringing more of Sonic's back catalogue to current consoles and PC.
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  10. raphael_fc


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    I really don't think Sonic Team is ever going to bring back obscure titles such as Knuckles Chaotix and Sonic 3D Blast. But I can see a remaster of Sonic Heroes, for example.
  11. simtek34


    Why NOT 3D Blast? It's been released many times over the past two decades, wether it be Mega Collection, Genesis Ultimate Collection, Genesis Classics, the Wii Virtual Console, and more. While it isn't the best game, SEGA hasn't been shy about it at all.
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    Would have been really cool to see SEGA work with Jon Burton to release that director’s cut of 3D Blast in an official capacity
  13. RetroJordan91


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    Can we safely say that Christian and Simon are more likely to be involved?? Or do we still need more concrete info? Because I feel as if that quote in the interview about no emulation should really lean towards them being a part of it. I would be shocked if that doesn’t end up being the case
  14. Blue Blood

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    I honestly think it's more telling that they haven't mentioned the involvement of anyone who's previously worked on Sonic, as others have pointed out repeatedly. We can only guess at this point, but surely if anyone involved with one of the most critically acclaimed Sonic games ever (and a Classic 2D one specifically) was working on this, then SEGA would want to shout about it. "Hey look some of those people that made Sonic Mania are also making this new collection of Classic Sonic games is gonna be awesome!"

    It certainly sounds to me like nobody too interesting is currently working on Origins. Or at least nobody with prior Sonic credentials. It could even be that Origins is so early in development that work has barely begun and the developer is still subject to change. The mobile versions could be used as a base for S1, S2 and SCD without the direct involvement of the original team. That was already the case for the Steam (and console?) version of SCD. So it's best not to jump the gun just yet.
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  15. Crimson Neo

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    It would be neat in this case to be a version based on Sega Saturn this time.
  16. E-122-Psi


    Actually it would be cool if the 'Director's Cut' of 3D Blast got some form of official release.

    As for some of the others, I really think a lot of it comes down to the other SEGA consoles not being as easy to emulate.
  17. Shaddy the guy

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    I'm excited to hear that it's not emulation. I don't necessarily think that means it does or doesn't involve Team Mania, but their work is almost certainly being used. I do wonder what kind of enhancements Iizuka is getting at, and what other Sonic games might be getting rereleased. His wording was pretty vague, I'm still hoping to see some collection of the post-Y2K 2D games, even if it sounds like Advance is tied up in license hell.
  18. TheOcelot


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    Yeah, this is excellent news that the collection won't be made using emulation. It may not be the biggest in terms of the number games included, but it now feels like Origins has the potential of being one of the best in terms of the quality of the new releases of 1, 2, CD & 3K. Also, I really like Iizuka's enthusiasm regarding 3&K being released again.

    I'm all for more releases of old games as long as they are also not just emulations. I find it funny that they are using the success of the movie as an excuse to rerelease old titles. Fingers crossed the movie sequel is also a success and they might rerelease even more games :V
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    I’m intrigued to find out more about this:

    Iizuka revealed that more work is going into Sonic Origins than fans might expect, when compared to past retro compilations such as Sonic Mega Collection

    There can be so many possible outcomes with this, but it can also mean absolutely nothing and it’s just a way to initiate buzz.

    I feel like the teaser at Sonic Central did a good job at generating initial buzz and SEGA is saving more big details for the first official trailer.
  20. _Sidle


    oh shit

    Is rules-lawyer the exact wording of "including 1-3K+CD" just... done, with the knowledge of that new interview now? I'd love some Sonic Championship with extra Honey if that's the case
    Could be heavily misunderstanding that, and they mean a MC+/Gems situation after Origins is seen through.

    Also incredibly happy to hear it's not mere emulation this time around. Those diabolical traps shall stay in their accursed cartridges for eternity :eng99: