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Sonic Origins Collection - General Thread

Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by HEDGESMFG, May 27, 2021.

  1. The Origin of Sonic's Penis. Coincidentally it was my birthday a couple days ago, my family surprised me by gifting me a Switch. I thought I'd buy Sonic Origins to try it out, but after everything I've heard I'm wondering, is it even worth it?
    I'll definitely be getting Sonic Mania though.
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  2. Londinium


    People actually read these? Member
    If you want a quick way to play the classics, buy it.

    If you're looking for a rich Sonic compilation that brings the history of the series together, skip Sonic Origins.


    Yes, it is. The ruins level and unused badniks match any information we've had about R2. Though given the fact that you see a large mechanism to the left of Sonic in that video clip, I wonder if the present had machines, or if that video clip was actually the Bad Future?

    Regardless, R2 is a Marble Zone like ruins now. If you look closely at the new concept art, you can see giant fans deep in the underground as well.

    I've debated starting a new thread about this topic.
  4. Josh


    If you like the original games, and want to play them on the Switch, then sure. A lot of the negativity seems pretty overblown to me. As I said last week:

    And as long as I'm digging around back there, this point keeps rattling around in my head:

    I think this is a really astute point when examining Origins' reception, too. It's been an ongoing phenomenon in the Sonic community to be flabbergasted at Sega's inability to replicate or exceed what "regular fans" can do ever since, hilariously enough, Stealth ported Sonic 1 to the GBA. So us diehards already had something better to hold Origins against.

    In addition to that, it's likely that the Retro Engine ports are under increased scrutiny because a lot of people were just put off by the mobile touch-screen controls and never played them. I ran into those same quirks nine years ago, and I went into Origins with the knowledge that they'd still be there, but I knew a lot of people who scoffed at the idea of playing a platformer with a touch screen (and that's fine, it did take a lot of getting used to).

    Still. Much as I'm enjoying Origins, MAYBE Sega should've said, "Fuck the 31st anniversary, who cares about a 31st anniversary?" and given Headcannon the time, money, and resources that they COULD have met or exceeded the quality of the fan-made projects. Maybe Sega also shouldn't have decided that Sonic Team would be able to work with development tools they had no hand in creating and had never worked with before. Y'know. Maybe.
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  5. sayonararobocop


    I really wanted to enjoy it on mobile but I couldn't! I'm just not cut out for it.
  6. I see it as this; its one thing when fans ask for more complicated things that aren't as easily solved like the 3D games are. The 2D Sonic games though are solved, the foundation for them has already been established and arguably perfected. This is why there are so many 2D fangames, because fans finally understand how these games click and function. So there's literally no reason why the official products cannot put out similar quality of products and simply don't because Sega cares more about rushing out products to turn a profit than making sure their games are at the best possible quality.

    And fine, business and all that. But then fans have a right to be upset and expect better as well, because the series has done better, and the community shows that it can do better. Sonic fans probably wouldn't be as mentally deranged as they are if it didn't constantly feel like Sega is constantly trying to exploit and shortchange them for a buck, but then turn around and talk about how much they care. Actions speak louder than words and Sega's actions have showed that they really don't care as much as they say they do.
  7. charcoal


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    They may have originally wanted to release it for the holiday but decided on a June 23rd release date instead of a holiday release along with Frontiers because they were worried Origins would overshadow Frontiers in the same way Mania did Forces. Or maybe that's just completely untrue since that is just pure speculation, but knowing SEGA I wouldn't discredit the idea.
  8. Antheraea


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    This early one in particular is still my favorite rendition of Classic Sonic.


    He's adorable!!

    Yeah, he's a cute design but can also be a little shit in some scenes, like when he decides to run at Metal Sonic at the end of Mania Adventures despite Tails knowing full well this will end badly for him.

    bog standard 3D stuff - no use wasting time, energy, and your players' processing power on something you never intend for them to see.

    Could also be worse, Metroid Prime 2's logbook scans allow you to completely rotate every enemy and scannable-plant model in the game...which allows you see that there are some models that don't have bottoms - you can see right through the model.
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  9. Xiao Hayes

    Xiao Hayes

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    I just posted about it on the "known issues" topic. They just slapped old games and new cutscenes together with no care to the point you start S3K super after getting 0 emeralds in S2 and get a "100% completed" after not playing doomsday zone.

    EDIT (better than double-posting):
    Forgot to say that, after playing this second round of every game, I'm more satisfied with the games than in the first round. It's been partially because not bothering with side stuff has given me a purer experience (I ignored even bonus stages in S3K), but also because I was now more used to the quirks of this version and felt more confident in what I was doing. To put an example, I was ok with the replaced level music this time, it didn't sound as bad or alien as it felt on my first run. The only major thing was Tails still unwantedly grabbing me in mid-air when fighting bosses, but having got used to my controller for this game also reduced the number of incidents I had with the Tails-copter command.

    I think the collection is ok; it should have been a lot better, but it's good enough for having all the games in one place with some nice extras. No need to buy it if you're not interested in mission mode or 3D islands, though.
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  10. Dark Sonic

    Dark Sonic

    Working on my art!

    There are a plethora of unused codes in S3K, including some Mania leftovers (Stealth all squirrels, Egg Reverie flight, max control, & Knuckles) but also some new ones (all badniks are penguinator, all items boxes are multi-player bananas, and a cheat to change Tails name to Miles)Mike's.

    Sega why'd you go and remove bonus content?

    And in modding progress, the Sonic CD Restored mod now works with Sonic Origins, guess it'll only be a matter of time before those other remaster remaster mods come over I suppose:
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  11. Josh


    If I'm reading the installation files right, you can't actually launch Sonic CD Restored from within Origins. Instead, you extract Sonic CD's data files from Origins, and use them to run Restored. Still awesome, though!

    As for the removed codes, I particularly love the one that makes item boxes spawn banana peels. Wonder why they removed some of the codes, but left others intact? Especially max control, having the peel-out in S3&K would be great. At least we can mod 'em back in.
  12. Is there any official update from Sega on if/when patches will be released to fix the bugs in this game?
  13. Josh


    Just the Japanese Twitter account saying there would be a patch to fix the DLC songs being mis-titled. That's all we know.
  14. MH MD

    MH MD

    I think it was supposed to be holiday of last year, and instead they actually delayed it into the 31st anniversary
    + there was no scenario that they would have released it at the same time as frontiers, i mean not even mania was released the same time as forces
  15. Shaddy the guy

    Shaddy the guy

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    The CD 'restored' guy is still pulling the "beat the game multiple times to unlock the option to not use my shitty spliced soundtrack" bullshit? WHY???
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  16. Loop


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  17. I like the idea of hybrid OST, but yeah, everyone should had the option to choose the soundtrack from start. The hybrid OST that should have been unlocked after you beat the game. I like a lot that you can customise your own OST tho', but then again, you have beat the game lol.
  18. RDNexus


    How does that "Hybrid OST" even works, to begin with?
    I've never heard it, but I can guess it's a pain to handle.
  19. AzuraRacon


    Fwiw: I do not regret buying it, though with the power of hindsight I may have waited for a price drop

    origins is good; its worst sin is that it could be better
  20. The Joebro64

    The Joebro64

    My thoughts exactly.