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Sonic Origins Collection - General Thread

Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by HEDGESMFG, May 27, 2021.

  1. There are already Origins Super Sonic sprites mod for Sonic 3 A.I.R. I think it's probably just a matter of time until somebody makes a mod convertion to A.I.R. have the new Orgins content.
  2. Londinium


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    Can't wait for all the meme mods to start popping up

    Still awaiting the triumphant return of Blue Potato The Mcdonalds
  3. MykonosFan


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    I'm with you. I was away for the weekend and some of the reactions (and comparisons to Sonic Colors Ultimate at launch) I was seeing had me nervous. I've just beaten Sonic 3 in Story mode and, yeah. Plenty of weird issues and little quirks that need addressed, but so far on the PS5 version I was braced for much worse. I've been having a great time. Haven't taken a moment to size up the gallery yet, but so far so good.
  4. I agree with you both, I have it on the Series X and its a very nice and decent collection. My only main issues with with some sound bugs and also would have liked to seen a CRT filter, but other than that its a lovely little pack.
  5. AzuraRacon


    Semi-related; heres another case where I will be a choosing beggar about the Museum

    i get that they wanted the Premium Music section to exclusively be music relating to the four games in the collection, but they really couldn’t be bothered to dig up Sonic the Hedgehog Boom or the Virtual Sonic tracks that fit the bill?

    The staff involved knew they existed; the album scans made it in.

    I assume rights issues aren’t a factor either, because the US CD soundtrack being present should mean they have access to Sega Music Group’s output
  6. RikohZX


    Yeah, that Premium Music is just kind of the ultimate cherry on top of a confusing sundae. I've heard that music a million times, you can readily find it on Youtube, and it ultimately is just yet another afterthought.
  7. big smile

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    I feel this is a case of “both can be true”. There’s many areas where Origins exceeds my wildest expectations with things like the animations, design docs in the museum and the beautiful islands. But there’s other areas where it’s bitterly disappointing (the bugs, the dreadful menus), especially when you consider the steep price tag.

    The bugs wouldn’t be so bad if Sega came out and said a patch is in the works (like they did with Colors). But instead they’ve been silent with Stealth implying that Headcanon hasn’t been lined up to fix things.

    There’s definitely a lot to be excited about in Origins, but Sega have soured it in ways that were mostly avoidable.
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    To include music in a video game is much more complicated than it sounds on a legal level. They might have the masters to those albums but if they don't outright own publishing rights for them it's a no go.
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    Where is Totinos Origins, the highly-awaited sequel to Totinos Mania?
  10. McAleeCh


    Delayed indefinitely unfortunately - though most of the games are fine, Totinos 3 & Knuckles is subject to ongoing legal disputes with the Totinos estate, surrounding the use of the Totinos theme in every track. They've mooted an alternative soundtrack as an option to get it released, but I don't know if the hardcore Totinos fans would accept it.

    One Zone in particular is subject to even more thorny legal tangles, as it turns out it's actually based on an unreleased track called "Hard Totinos" from '80s band The Totinoz, of which one of the game's composers (Todd Tino) was previously a member.
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  11. Battons


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    Yup, I gave up trying to defend it, this product is exactly what I wanted and am glad to give sega and stealth my money in show of support. It might be buggy but when have we ever had a sonic game that didn’t have stupid weird issues, mega collection had terrible emulation, jam had weird sound compression and slowdown, every backbone port is somehow worse audio wise than mega collection. Hardcore fans aside this is the single best way to play these games. Most normal people won’t know or care to install sonic 3 air or the decompiles.
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    Leaked beta footage.

    I'd be less upset if they didn't also delist the other versions, leaving the player with no other legal alternative and effectively rewriting history. S3&K is one of the best games of the 90s, right up there with Super Metroid, Super Mario World, FF6/3, and a few other greats. Releasing a version of it that kills the player more frequently and in more careless/sloppy ways (not to mention with worse music), hurts that legacy and adds to the "Sonic was never good" crowd retroactively, which is absurd.

    Again, if at least some of the unfair deaths can get patched, I'll be more willing to forgive it and move on. I don't expect a rewrite of the physics, and my disappointment with features vs AIR is irrelevant as those will be either modded in over time or don't matter to the casual future players. But the glitches and unfair deaths? The annoying new bugs? Those will annoy most players whether they knew about the OGs or not. It's just a bad look and needlessly hurts what might be my favorite game of all time.

    None of the previous mobile ports (especially Sonic 1 and 2) were even close to this broken, and the few issues Sonic CD did have on release did get patched to the point that I stopped noticing them or encountering them. I've tried, but I can't do that with this iteration of 3&K, and that's despite how much I'd want to love the new animations/improvements.

    I just want someone at SEGA to confirm they'll patch this game and try to fix something. These issues are widely known.
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  13. Would be neat to have Sonic 3: D.A. Garden Edition ported do Origins someday as well, because this is literally one of best mods I've played. Thorn did a great job porting it to Sonic 3 A.I.R. and D.A. Garden himself for making the original ROM hack in Mega Drive.
  14. ELS


    Why did they restrict who you can play as in such a weird way? Like what if I want to be Tails and have Sonic follow? Or be Sonic and Knuckles? They should have just had 2 slots and you toggle who's in them using up and down.
  15. big smile

    big smile

    Yes, so much this. It was so much fun mixing and matching characters in Mania’s buddy mode. I’m sad they didn’t allow that here.

    And even let you go all out with “odd ball” combinations like Knuckles & Knuckles (like you could in Mania) or Tails & Tails (like you could in the first release of Sonic 1 mobile). Even if these odd ball combinations have to be locked behind a sound test code, it’s a shame not to include them.
  16. Dark Sonic

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    I mean I get at least plot wise in S3K why they dont do that in some circumstances (unless the game had logic to prevent Knuckles from showing up if he was on your team) but yea it's not 1994 anymore palette and memory limitations aren't as big of a thing so they should just allow you to pick team combos.

    I was so annoyed that Mania didn't let Ray follow Mighty or vise versa in Mania mode. I can make it happen with mods, but still.
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    If the entire collection was built off the Mania engine, I'm sure it would have been easy, but since S12CD were just repackaged mobile games with tweaks, there was no way.

    I wonder how difficult it would be to port all 4 games into the base mania engine? I would assume the new pathtracer work with S3K would throw a wrench into everything, so stuff would have to be converted regardless. The dream of being able to play all these level in 4 player split screen... Similarly, I wonder how long it will take for Mighty and Ray mods to show up.
  18. Battons


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    I don’t disagree, I’d hope in almost 20 years since the “dark ages” began they would have learned their lesson, and this clearly rushed game could lead to very bad things down the line.
    I apologize if it seems like I’m excusing all of these problems existing or ignoring them, they just don’t personally hinder my experience. I love weird console ports from the 90s and this just remind me of that, oddities that make playing these games just that much different.
    I hope for your and everyone else’s enjoyment they do some touch up here.
  19. Harmony Friends

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    I still need to fix some shit about the original Totino's Mania mod but after that I'll make Totino's Origins for you for the low, low cost of a liveable salary and good health insurance
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    Oh, story mode even saves the last checkpoint you were at and returns you there with all your rings when you continue after quitting partway through a level. That's neat, they didn't have to do that.
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