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Sonic Origins Collection - General Thread

Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by HEDGESMFG, May 27, 2021.

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    So drx has posted on Twitter saying he'd be happy to collaborate to allow the more complete music from the 1103 prototype to be recorded for inclusion in Origins if SEGA were up for it. It'd be good if this could somehow be fed back to the internal Origins team at SEGA, as I can't imagine they wouldn't want to use more complete versions of the music tracks if they were aware of their existence. Does anyone know if there's someone at or connected to SEGA who'd be able to bring this to their attention?
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  4. Josh Cristan

    Josh Cristan

    Agreed. From the start I could see Origins for what it was - not a "love letter to the fans" as some naively see it, but an insult "No new stuffs for you, Classic fans! Here's the games you've played 1000s of times, we know you're gonna buy them again. Suckers!".

    New experiences would've been wonderful! Story mode could've been a maniafied 1-3k with new routes and curveballs. As it is, all story mode does is just save you from getting up and switching carts (with an admittedly nice cartoon). Sadly, the reason Sega know they can get away with giving us the bare minimum is because we the fans tolerate it. Hell, if Sega released a Sonic game which consisted solely of him frantically masturbating in a field, it would still have an army of rabid defenders.
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  5. Flare


    With all the above said…

    I’m kinda saddened to see folk on Twitter pile on some design choices as glitches even though you can replicate them in other versions. A certain spring in Spring Yard comes to mind…

    or imply Sega are the only ones that would do this to the fans… Nintendo are just as bad if not worse when it comes to re-releasing their classic Games and I’ve already seen ‘Sega does what Nintendont’ replies to Sega tweets.
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    While everyone is just talking about everything negative I'm just happy I got to hear an even older recording of the Genesis soundtrack. We also now know that somewhere out there is an even older Sonic 3 prototype taunting us... Who knows what secrets it holds. Could even have some of the Knuckles stages
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    Been playing the game these last days, and it just makes me sad, for all the care given by those who cares squandered by the overall lack of polish and bugs.

    This for me is basically what breaks the camel back.

    It's clear that any success that Sega has is just a fluke and the result of the developers damage control the incompetency of the decision making folks.
    Requiring a chart to buy a product? Not even a rookie mistake, no business man is worth their salt if they remind the customer whatsoever that they are opening their wallet strings.

    Since these are folks that can only understand simple labels, I'll translate it, your "optics" hit a new low.

    I will no longer buy any product associated with Sega, at most I will wait they hit the digital clearance basket at like 5€ - 10€, which is not hard as they reach that easily as trash on dumpsters.
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    Of course. The reason I brought it up is because I feel like SEGA's far more willing to listen to the people they work with, rather than the consumer, and if he couldn't make a dent, the general public certainly won't. In fact, you even quoted the second paragraph of my post but completely ignored it. I said that in my opinion (completely subjective, I hope that I'm wrong about it) that public demand won't make a significant difference.
    Don't insult my intelligence.
    And in no way did I say Stealth "somehow didn't notice". I feel that you didn't thoroughly read my post or consider my points and you're just attacking me in bad faith.

    I think this is a misconception. SEGA stated that Jun made new arrangements using old hardware, based on the original demo tapes. This music isn't from a prototype build, it was made just this year (or possibly last year) but no sooner. That being said, I'd love to have more builds of Sonic 3A from even earlier, but we'll have to wait for them to surface (if they ever do).

    I can imagine them ignoring it. They'd be throwing out Jun's work if they used the proto music (which is what they should've done in the first place). I doubt they were unaware, Stealth/Tax/Etc. probably would have informed them of its existence, and they chose to do new arrangements for whatever reason.
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  9. Josh Cristan

    Josh Cristan

    Sega isn't safe with its own IPs. Remember the wave of euphoria at the Mania reveal the second it was revealed that Whitehead/Headcannon were involved? Says it all! Streets of Rage 4 too was a masterpiece, and I dread to think how it would've turned out had Sega made it themselves.
  10. Mastered Realm

    Mastered Realm

    This is true. I think Origins was Sega Japan's chance to prove they're good developers. It ended up being a fail, though.
    Evening Star does it better. Hedcannon, Dotemu, and even M2 do too. It's a shame.
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  11. Dark Sonic

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    Yea SoR 4 was great.

    Been playing more Origins. Just beat Sonic 2 mirror mode as Tails last night (I could've sworn the mobile port enabled Super Tails but maybe not? I don't play as Tails much). But I find it funny I'm currently in 1st for a fair amount of times on the Switch, at least in mirror mode in Sonic 2 and 3K. Also one thing I didn't realize initially, you can play levels directly from the leaderboard menu. Useful feature.

    Also coins seem to max out at 999. And also, missed opportunity in Story Mode. Your score should've carried over from game to game and that should've been on the leaderboards too. I would've had like 3 million points that's kinda neat to achieve organically
  12. I think you make far too much out of it. Its a nice collection and other than a few sound bugs, I've not major issues. One got a collection of the early Sonic games, nothing more, nothing less. Its no Sonic Jam, but its still nice enough.
  13. Mana


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    Apparently getting all the emeralds in story mode, which I did, doesn't carry over into your saves in the other games. Well S3 because the rest don't have their save functions from the retro remakes.

    That's an oversight IMO.
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  14. astroblema


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    It's a secret!
    I don't think it's an oversight, because story mode disables the menus in purpose.
  15. Overlord


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    As the aforementioned moderator: thanks for putting words in my mouth there. I'm not saying it's anyone's fault, I'm saying doing it wasn't a good idea.
  16. Mana


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    I mean they didn't keep the save features for 1 and 2, which Android has had since 2013, so I'm not sure. They just didn't bother or care.
  17. saxman


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    I don't think this is correct. When you compare Ice Cap and Launch Base between 1103 and Origins, they're practically the same. The fact that the FM voices match is the biggest evidence as far as I'm concerned, because I doubt those tapes used any of that.

    If demo tapes were used, I don't know on which tracks. But those aforementioned tracks sound very authentic.
  18. Vanishing Vision

    Vanishing Vision

    I just want SOMETHING to be done with scoring in a new classic Sonic game. People seem to regard the Switch Ages ports as weaker, but I love them for the ring chain ranking and especially the fantastic Mega Play version of Sonic 1.
  19. Blastfrog


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    You have a point there, but ICZ1 has percussion in Origins while the 1103 proto lacks them. It wouldn't make sense for them to remove the percussion and make the song less complete in a later build (though possibly it was a creative decision, albeit an odd one if that's the case.) It's also possible that he referenced the 1103 tracks, though why he'd screw up the other tracks so badly, I don't know.

    Man, the mysteries of S3's music just keep piling up.

    EDIT: Nope, I'm wrong, there is no more percussion in ICZ1 in the Origins version than there is in the 1103 build.
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  20. jubbalub


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    The biggest kicker for me is the super theme. If Jun really did recreate all of these tracks why would he go out of his way to make the new super theme sounds so distinctly different in style from the others?