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Sonic Origins Collection - General Thread

Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by HEDGESMFG, May 27, 2021.

  1. rockyandyipper


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    I just read Stealth's tweets about Origins. I have to say, I swear Sega does not care about the quality of their games, they only care about profit. Obviously a company is supposed to care about money, it helps them stay afloat after all. But it seems that Sega deliberately tries to get a game released as fast as possible, all while stressing out developers. What Sega did to origins is not only bad for the devs, but also harms Sonic's image even more.
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  2. Laura


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    To be clear, I do enjoy this collection a great deal. I've been playing Story Mode and am on 3K. The glitches are really annoying and I don't like some of the collection's design decisions, but I've been having a lot of fun with this game.

    Also I think we need some balance on the SEGA bashing. The glitches and sound mixing is awful. No questions asked. But the islands are great, the main menu and cutscene music is awesome, and the missions are brilliant. I'm really impressed with the mission mode. It's far better than what is usually in these collections. A step up from Generations too.

    On balance I'm enjoying Origins a lot.
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  3. The islands looks great, but not sure if Hedgehog Engine 2 was necessary for that. Would rather the whole thing be in Retro Engine.
  4. RDNexus


    I guess Denuvo hasn't been broken yet, right?
    I wonder if anyone's wanting to try to rip the islands or edit the camera system...
  5. Chimes


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    idk but someone already has
  6. Josh Cristan

    Josh Cristan

    Someone wants to tell them that the getting of money is a byproduct of putting out quality stuffs.
  7. RikohZX


    If Sega knew that, maybe most of Sonic Team wouldn't have been relocated or quit.
  8. LockOnRommy11


    Different version though! :shobon:
  9. MontiP


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    I believe that rather than "balance on the SEGA bashing", it is best to instead separate the Sega devs with the Sega higher-ups, much like with Nintendo in the present. And maybe not involve Sega of America and Europe into this.

    Speaking of which, and derailing the topic for a bit, is Sega of America truly in charge of the Sonic brand now, as I seem to have heard? Or was that just a bunch of fluff?
  10. Actually it has been broken already lmao
  11. Laura


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    Sure but this is the problem right? People have a very simplistic view on these things. The monolith SEGA is to blame for the collection even though the missions were made in house by SEGA. The islands are poorly optimised but they are are good touch. I like the Museum. We just don't really know who was responsible for what. It probably is the higher ups. I'll always take the opportunity to bash senior leadership. Lol. But we don't know much about it and it's kind of become Stealth good and SEGA bad. When not that straightforward. SEGA did some good work on Origins.
  12. synchronizer


    Did someone say something about Dust Hill’s title card being in the museum? What is that about?
  13. Although I just lurk most of the time, I had to post to say that I received an email from SEGA today with the subject “Oops, We Made A Mistake!”.

    Something to do with SEGA Europe’s store I think but I couldn’t help but laugh at how fitting it was given the current situation.
  14. Overlord


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    I just read through Stealth's tweets.... hoo boy.

    I'll be stunned if Sega ever contracts Headcannon for any other project. Evening Star, sure, but not Headcannon.
  15. Dark Sonic

    Dark Sonic

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    Well I thought that too after he came out against the DRM when Mania came out but he got this chance so idk, hard to say. This one was more direct though so... hmm.

    Anyways mission mode is a blast. My only complaint is I wish they put a bit more effort in making the missions feel more organic (i.e. less gray boxes). But they're very fun. Also I've purchased everything in the museum at this point, I have a few pieces that need to be unlocked doing certain action but yea, there's really no need to farm coins after story mode and by the end of mission mode I'll have prob like 999 coins lol
  16. RikohZX


    I knew it had to work because Origins is on the modern systems and all, but I scaled the game up to 4K on my PC. Can't be borderless windowed fullscreen, it refuses to go above 1080p on that one and thus has to be proper fullscreen, but all the assets do scale at 4K properly.

    Really doesn't like the bilinear removal, though; instead of pixel shimmering it just turns it into blatant lines across the screen where things distort when they pass.
  17. Starduster


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    Not that I think Stealth doesn’t care about his future with the Sonic franchise, but I believe he cares far more passionately about making sure each release he puts out for it is as good as it can reasonably be.
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  18. nesboy43


    I think he wasn't paid much with Mania, and it was most likely the case with this game too. Meanwhile his reputation looked bad as people assumed Headcannon was to blame.

    Most likely he doesn't want to work with Sega again based on what I'm seeing. Sounds like a bad situation.
  19. LukyHRE


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    At this rate, even I would think twice working with SEGA, even if it means working on one of my favorite franchises. He still got work even after he opened his mind about the Denuvo situation with Mania. He and his team will be fine.

    I'm honestly glad he was honest, it's like he gave validation to the perfectionist crowd here complaining about the game. I understand that the game is enjoyable for many; but many of us know that it could have been WAY better :) Stealth confirmed that.
  20. MrMechanic


    I wouldn't want to presume 'What Sega will do' in terms of the fallout of those tweets but...

    Origins, for at least the majority of people is a good compilation, there's little 'wrong' with it outside of the PC issues which I imagine are already on the 'to patch priority' list. Other than the soundtrack, there's nothing major that most people outside of enthusiasts are complaining about.

    But the problem, now that we enthusiasts are playing it and... let's use the N word... Nitpicking, a lot of stuff. Both stuff which matters and a lot which doesn't. It's all slowly adding up and if his company was getting the blame, it's better to nip that right away for your longer reputation.

    Remember the fallout from Boom, almost everybody wanted their blood and they went total radio silence for years.

    It wasn't until you had a few more level headed people asking some serious questions about, why would Sega commission a game using that engine on a console not designed or supported for it, and stuff leaked and was later confirmed that Boom wasn't originally designed for the Wii U did suddenly a lot of the public mood change.

    Yeah they still have a lot of answer for and hold their hands up over, but their reputation is still all but destroyed despite some good projects in the years since. And part of that reputation hit was the silence.

    So I'm not surprised he has spoked out to protect his reputation, but I do wonder if there was a need to. Unless he's absolutely done.