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Sonic Origins Collection - General Thread

Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by HEDGESMFG, May 27, 2021.

  1. Snowbound


    Pier Pressure is 4.99 on Steam. Sonic Mania is on sale for 4.99 with the encore dlc priced at 2.49. If anyone hasn’t gotten pier pressure it is very cheap and it DIRECTLY supports Headcanon. If anyone has friends who hasn’t gotten Mania, gift or recommend Mania to em now. Let’s send Sega a message that we WANT to buy products made by Headcanon and co... but they have to be finished products w/out denuvo
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  2. PicklePower


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    This doesn't work.
  3. LucasMadword


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    Buying Pier Pressure does, your money in theory goes directly to Headcannon (and well, Valve too I guess).
  4. ELS


    What is the exact fps this is meant to run at? I know 60 but it's rarely just 60. Give me the nerdy 59.whatever it is. I'm using Special K to get the best framepacing.
  5. Josh Cristan

    Josh Cristan

    To be fair though, if you're not happy you don't have to accept shit. Maybe Sega should have to accept that people are no longer going to buy sub-standard stuff. The power is with us, the consumers if we take it.
  6. MontiP


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    Does Sonic Team have anything to do with Origins? I may be wrong, but the fact that Stealth straight up defended Izuka (the current head of ST) may imply they can't be the ones to blame as well.
  7. Mana


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    Like I mentioned earlier when I said "we have to accept" I meant it as "this is the objective reality"

    I checked the top 5 best selling games of 2021 (CoD Vanguard, CoD Black Ops, Madden 22. Pokemon BDSP, Battlefield 22) and out of of those the only one (Madden 22) that didn't have a day one patch to fix things that were broken in the game. And even then ALL of them received patches down the line to fix and repair jank that was still present months later.

    I know it stinks for us who got the game day one and have to deal with the game not being at it's best yet but I fully expect them to make things right in the future. They have a track record of doing so after all.
  8. D.A. Garden

    D.A. Garden

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    So, that's Sonic Origins pretty much 100% completed for me now.

    I completed story mode yesterday and bought some stuff with the coins I had accumulated, before shutting the game off for the day.
    Today, I completed all of the missions, which basically threw coins at me, and none of them were particularly hard (apart from the last Tails Extreme Mission in Sonic 3 (and Knuckles) with the balloons. It was only hard for being janky as hell). I then bought the rest of the stuff I was missing, completing the Museum 100%.

    I'm a bit annoyed, really. I bought the game for the missions and the extras... and there aren't many. 15 janky missions for each of the four games, a mostly mislabelled sound test, and some development images that I've seen many of before. There's a few surprises in there, but not many. It wasn't bad, but definitely not worth the price point.

    It's also nowhere near close to being the "Definitive way to play the Classics", either. So many issues that weren't even there before (on the mobile versions) for Sonic 1, CD and 2. And Sonic 3 (and Knuckles) feels like a rushed job, with issues all over the place that range from minimal to flat out game breaking. I documented many of them in the issues thread from my initial playthrough.

    I guess I really am going back to my phone and Sonic 3 A.I.R. at this point.



    It's an incomplete, broken product and less than what was promised/advertised (a working port of the fantastic mobile remasters).

    They literally cut out existing content and broke some of these games in bad ways while removing several older more stable options, while charging double what people expected for this.

    I tolerated a lot before release and defended it because I expected a solid quality product, but this is too much and is a far cry from that. I can even somewhat understand a large AAA port being released, but stealth's team could've handled the entire collection in record time even with crunch if SEGA had the foresight to let them do it. Instead, they passed an unfamiliar engine over to Sonic Team's overworked interns and made them rush it out before it was ready.

    On paper it's a great collection, but it needs serious support/fixing on a level I genuinely don't trust SEGA to give right now. If they do it? Great. I bought it and can't refund it, but I'm now suggesting others 'not' buy it at full price until it's fixed. I don't give 50 rings if people call me a shill for my previous support or a hypocrite for flipping, I recognize a new set of problems and am changing my position until SEGA owns up and starts patching this properly.

    I'm glad you can enjoy it, but a lot of players this collection was aimed at will not be happy and they deserve some kind of response that this stuff will get fixed
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  10. Pie Eyed Piper

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    This is what I was getting at before. However, my suggestion is not to do this in order to try to teach SEGA some kind of a lesson. It comes across as an "I'll make my ex jealous" kind of a move while absolutely not being over said ex. Like PicklePower said, that doesn't work. I would prefer that the support was genuine. Don't lead Headcannon on like that.;)

    It's a real shame that Origins turned out to be this way, but I'm not surprised about any of it. The moment Stealth said that he was only contracted to do Sonic 3, we saw how the game handled character select UI in Sonic 1, and just knowing Sonic Team, I figured it was kind of a lost cause. Even the low quality music issue I saw coming, just not in the way that it came (save for the new Super music. I didn't expect it to exist but I totally expected how it'd sound). I'm hardly ever surprised that Sonic Team continues to screw the pooch, but they certainly do their darndest to show you a way that you haven't seen before.

    I feel bad for those in the fandom and everyone over at SoA, and more than just because of Origins. It feels like for a long time, the professional western side of Sonic brand has had to grin and bear the direct output from SEGA, while trying to put a positive spin on things. It's one thing when you're just trying to market a Sonic Team game that's middling in execution or worse, but it's another when a big part of your community was directly involved, and yet your work largely gets overshadowed by poor or uncaring executive decisions. It's deflating. Perhaps turning Sonic into a multimedia icon wasn't such a bad decision, seeing as the comics and the movies seemed to be handled with a lot of passion (in so much as they are allowed to get away with), but it doesn't quite hit the same as a video game that knocks it out of the park. That's all people wanted. And for games that have been re-released dozens of times, this one should have been hitting the ball off of a tee.


    I am glad that Stealth has stood up for himself and his team, honestly, because if you don't no one else will, and it's easy for the little guy to get thrown under the bus. Could it have been worded better? Possibly, but we also live in an age were people (namely on Twitter) will go out of their way to interpret the most benign thing ever said as unfavorably as possible. Big media's also going to be looking for any controversy that's going to bring them clicks (and they did!). I feel like no matter what he would've said, the end result would have been the same, it's just fortunate it came out as professionally and respectfully as it did.
  11. charcoal


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    I don't understand the people saying this collection is a buggy, unfinished mess.
    I bought it on steam and beat all four games in one sitting and it worked perfectly fine. It was just the classics but they looked and ran better. The cutscenes were gorgeous and the dropdash was a game changer for CD in particular. Though Sonic 3 felt like the most polished out of the bunch to me, with custom dropdash animations, touched up cutscenes and overall just feeling better to play. The mission modes and museum were welcome additions that just felt good to have. Although, the museum content was mostly stuff I've already seen before, but I can definitely see it being very interesting for a kid playing these games for the first time. No MJ music was a shame, but honestly? Playing the game with the worse music wasn't nearly as bad as I thought it'd be. It didn't really impede on my experience nearly as much as I thought it would. The super theme was a welcome addition even if it did sound a tiny bit out of place.

    What're you guys complaining about? From my perspective, Origins is the definitive way to play these games and I'll definitely be using this collection for any future playthroughs of the classics.
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  12. Dark Sonic

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    I mean even the guy who made the collection said it, there were cut corners, crunch, and the final product should've been better. Yea it's ok but there are some weird quirks and bugs in this
  13. Zephyr


    I'm enjoying the collection well enough, myself, but come on. There's an entire thread dedicated to documenting issues at the top of the same page of the same sub-forum as this thread.
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  14. MontiP


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    Again, I'm out of the loop if Sonic Team was the main developer of this or some unspecified internal team at Sega (as it was mentioned in interviews). Was Sonic Team involved in this?
  15. Naean


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    Sonic Team's logo is presented upon game boot-up, for whatever that's worth.
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  16. MontiP


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    Oh. Well, then again, I haven't bought this collection yet, so there's that.
  17. MH MD

    MH MD

    They were involved yes, they are even listed in the credits of the collection


    Iizuka at the end of the day, is not really a developer or a director anymore, he is the head of Sonic Team, so he can be responsible for the decisions of the games that get made or greenlit, but don't really work on games directly, not to my knowledge at least
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  18. astroblema


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    Is it a moral issue to keep buying/playing Origins? I played it literally all day yesterday, but after what Stealth said I feel kinda guilty playing it and trying to buy it for others
  19. The credits is a big list of Japanese people, so I’m imagining it was indeed Sonic Team. I didn’t recognize many names outside of the big ones (Hoshino, Iizuka, Nakamura) who were in management roles/special thanks though.

    It explains the “Sandpolis” misspelling though, being that サンド/sando on its own = sand. Not an excuse, but an easy mistake for a Japanese speaker to make.

    Nah, these games are still dope and I had fun getting the platinum trophy (though the Rhinobot one seemed to be a bit glitched). It’s a testament to how good the games inherently are that even with all these glitches and issues, they’re still a blast to play. I like the mission mode, cutscenes, and museum as well, which were the only reasons I bought the game considering Sonic 1 Forever, Sonic 2 Absolute, and 3 AIR exist.
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  20. Starduster


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    I think that’s being melodramatic. You’ve already got the game, there’s nothing that changes by not playing it.

    At any rate, if we’re to get patches, I hope Headcannon is given access to the other games too so they can clean those up if they’re willing to do so. They’re probably also the best bet for Knuckles in CD as DLC and Amy in all other games.
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