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Sonic Origins Collection - General Thread

Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by HEDGESMFG, May 27, 2021.

  1. Xilla


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    Best theme for S3K's Super/Hyper for me is Cinossu's Pocket Adventure Special Stage remix :P

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  2. Haha this would be fun but I really hope Drop-Dash is just added to every title by default. It's the only thing that makes me kinda prefer the M2 ports on Switch, because drop-dashing is just... so fun!
  3. The Joebro64

    The Joebro64

    The PC music is garbage and I will die on this hill. ;)
  4. If you mean the way the music sounds in the Sonic & Knuckles PC Collection, then I agree. If you also mean proto Genesis tracks, well, I cannot agree there.
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  5. The Other RaFaél

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    I feel like I'm in a small minority of people (if not the only person) who just doesn't buy that unused track as a Super theme — at least not without a few adjustments to the key and the tempo. Maybe I need to go on YT and see/hear it in action? What I'm picturing in my head just seems off.

    Back in the day I recall that song often being (falsely) labeled as a credits or ending theme of some sort, and honestly that makes the most sense to me to this day. Like maybe for an epilogue scene or something. I don't know, I just can think of several scenarios where that track could've fit, and the way it sounds now just doesn't quite hit as a Super theme to me. But as I said, with some adjustments I could buy it a lot better. *shrug*

    Now that that I think of it, that would actually be a fun little remix experiment for me; to tweak to make it sound more Super-y.
  6. Flygon


    The PC version music sounds a lot better - especially the volume levels of the instruments, especially the Drums - when listened to through an SC-55. I get the impression that was possibly the target synth for the tracks, instead of the soundfont that comes with Windows.

    If I had to guess, that might have been the synth they were actually targeting against. Given how cheap it was, and very very popular with composers at the time.

    Hell, I'd be willing to bet the .mid files were what they originally used as reference for porting to the Mega Drive.
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  7. Laura


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    Yeah I think the MIDI tracks are given a bit of an unfair rep honestly.
  8. Plorpus


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    Yeah i‘m with you on that. It makes way more sense as, for example, a scrapped ending Theme instead of the medley they ended up using, similar to how S3’s ending was an original song too. But while there’s no proof of that, it makes way more sense than being a super theme.
  9. TheOcelot


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    Game Informer interview with Iizuka. He said the following regarding Origins:

    So this is definitive confirmation that all 4 games will have 16:9 widescreen and will have features which the SEGA Ages releases (of Sonic 1 & 2) don't have.
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  10. Chibisteven


    I thought that too until I looked at some track melodies (mainly Marble Garden's). It's more SC-88 actually. It's pretty close to the SC-55 in some ways and the SC-88 has it's own SC-55 mode with some differences.

    The MIDIs could of originally been made with the SC-55 and they updated them for the SC-88 when doing the PC port. At least that what it seems to me.
  11. Well now that is some mighty fine news. No reason to worry about it being an emulated mess anymore.
  12. Metalwario64


    I always got the feeling it was for a scrapped multiplayer stage. I think it retroactively WORKS for the Super form (especially cleaned up fan made versions), but I do feel like if that was the original intent, it would have been included in the final release.
  13. Xiao Hayes

    Xiao Hayes

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    I've just listened to it, and there are many things it could be, but a theme for Super Sonic isn't one of those options. It's a bit not enough for credits, but it could have fitted an ending cutscene; it could have been for some screen in competition mode, but I don't think it would have been for a level; my favourite choice would be a theme for a bonus stage, as it sounds to me somewhat like something in between the gumball machine and the slot machines bonus levels. The right option will probably be the ending cutscene, though, as it also reminds me of the ending jingle from Sonic 3D.
  14. RetroJordan91


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    Thank you very much for this! I’m happy that Iizuka-san gave us definitive confirmation of native widescreen.. this makes me breathe a small sigh of relief, but at the same time, I will still be cautious until I see that Christian Whitehead and/or Headcannon logo pop up on my screen when seeing the first official trailer.

    Still a good start.. eagerly anticipating more future news :)
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  15. Dek Rollins

    Dek Rollins

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    Fun little interview, but the only thing he confirmed that we didn't know already is that these will have more extra features than Ages did aside from the widescreen format. We still don't know who is making the collection and whether or not the Taxman remakes are being used.
  16. Laura


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    I think it's likely they are using the Taxman versions of Sonic 1, 2, CD. The big question is who is behind Sonic 3? It would be really cool if Whitehead made it.
  17. RetroJordan91


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    That would be the most logical decision wouldn’t it? I mean their proof of concept is right there so just finish working on that and add the QOL improvements
  18. Starduster


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    I don’t think we can completely rule out emulation. Mario 64 and Sunshine as they appear in 3D All-Stars have been shown to be emulated games with code and asset injection to give those games the spitshine they have.

    Now of course Iizuka has said they’re not emulations, but that could be either something lost in translation one way or the other, or saying the titles aren’t emulated as a simplification of what they are (because I’d wager that most casual gamers may not be clued up on terms like code injection).

    Now, of course what I’m saying is contradicting the letter of what has been said, but I, like others, find it odd that the Retro engine remakes haven’t been referenced with regards to this collection, nor the people behind them, and the M2 versions are looking less likely now.

    What I’m saying is we *could* be looking at a Mega Man Legacy Collection fiasco, with gussied up ROMs being marketed as running in a new engine.
  19. E-122-Psi


    I mean SEGA AGES is basically authorised ROM hacking, so the interview might imply they are expanding off of their ideas.

    Iizuka said they'll be 'modernising' the games a little more than previous releases, but didn't necessarily say they wouldn't use emulation in any way as the base.
  20. Yeah, it could end up meaning that they've created a means of emulating the games in widescreen that also enables extra flourishes, but it'd be so wonderful if we could just take the man's word for now instead of flinging around the same tired negativity. (Not that your post was negative Starduster, I'm just sayin'.)