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Sonic Origins Collection - General Thread

Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by HEDGESMFG, May 27, 2021.

  1. RDNexus


    My brother intends to get the PC version.
    Not sure if he'll get it on day 1 or later.
  2. Blue Blood

    Blue Blood

    Origins is the first game that I've ever digitally pre-ordered. I've never seen the point in digitally pre-ordering, or even in paying for any kind of game pre-orders upfront. The only reason that I'm making an exception for Origins is because of SEGA's bullshit pre-order bonuses holding back content that I actually want (Mirror Mode being unlocked from the start) and because it's not getting a physical release.
  3. BlueSkiesAM2


    I’m getting PS4 first for trophy support, then Switch down the road when it’s on sale. My Switch also has a problem where it crashes when docked (it’s been like that since day 1) and I’d prefer to play on my monitor for the first playthrough in order to appreciate the animations.

    In the event of a physical release, I’d probably get that for Switch since I prefer the cases and my PlayStation collection is disproportionately big.

    But before my other post gets buried -
    To someone with digital preorder experience, let us know if the game unlocks at midnight! I haven’t preordered yet so I don’t have a countdown or whatever appears on the preload.
  4. Knucklez


    I love 2B 'n' ass. Member
    $40+ for digital only... I'll wait for a physical release. And as frowned upon as it is, I'll snatch a cracked PC version for free for the time being. Sorry. When I pay for a game I want full control and ownership of my copy. That's why I don't do steam anymore. DRM and online connectivity can kiss my ass.

    If they do a physical release, I'll get it for PS4 and Switch, 2 copies for each.
  5. RetroJordan91


    The REAL Blue Sphere Guy Member
    So it appears that the trophy list has been revealed for the PS4/PS5 versions of Origins. I never had an XBox or any of its successors but I want to say the achievements list would be the same (?)

    There are 36 trophies in total and all of them seem fairly easy to get. Since I got the PS4 version I’m excited to 100% this
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  6. astroblema


    my name means "star wound" Member
    It's a secret!
    Switch for playing on the train, lunch break at work, and the other 90% of the time; and PC for the avalanche of mods.
  7. JaxTH


    Pudding Deity Oldbie
    Los Angeles
    Jack shit.
    Not even anything for doing any kind of Special Stage.

    They boil down to "Watch the intros to the games and beat them", "Get 10 S ranks in each game's mission mode", and defeat a certain amount of a certain enemy in each game as well as 200 enemies overall".

    Pretty easy if you just want the achievements.
  8. Hydr0city


    > Kamikazee Member
    I'm buying the game on Switch just because I've really been digging the Pro Controller I've bought lately, and it's not too bad for Classic Sonic, so I said what the hell. It's kind of my "platformer" system anyway, compared to my PS4/PC.

    Down the road I'll double dip on the PC version, but I'll wait until there's a sale or something to snag it. Not that I mind the price point all too much, but it'd probably be easier to just wait for that point.
  9. Naean


    Naean H.F. (Nez Man) Member
    United Kingdom
    2D. Sonic Fan Game
    Yeah, the Trophies / Achievements are very vanilla and feel like quite quick afterthoughts.

    Particularly disappointing to me is the presence of a silver one for Super Sonic transformation while not also having a gold one for a Hyper Sonic transformation. :(
  10. Laura


    Brightened Eyes Member
    I don't think it'll be worth buying for mods until a year or so after release. From what I understand it'll be harder to mod than he decomps but obviously much more accessible.
  11. I picked it up on Switch, but then instantly got remorse on the idea of no achievements (shock horror nintendo platform).

    I do wonder if they'll put the achievements in a submenu in the game, like in the gallery or what not. It's usually the thing to be done and then other platforms just hook their achievements into those events.
  12. sulphurmarketing


    That is quite a short and easy list of trophies/achievements. It looks like SEGA is aiming for the general audience.

    "Start Sonic the Hedgehog"
    "Use an air bubble"
    "Time travel in Sonic CD"
    "Clear a Mission"
    "Fly as Tails"
    "Play Mirror Mode"

    These are all incredibly mundane. The hardest trophy/achievement seems to be to simply complete all games. I suppose clearing all missions on S-Rank, Mirror Mode, and Boss Rush should still be fun.
  13. McAleeCh


    Gosh, what an uninspiring list of Achievements - no imagination put into those whatsoever. Even just off the top of my head, there's a few really obvious ones that they've not done, such as:
    • Hidden Palace - Find the secret Zone in Sonic 2.
    • Save the Planet - Find and destroy all Transporters and Holograms in Sonic CD.
    • Conquer Time - Collect all the Time Stones in Sonic CD.
    • Lock-On Technology - Beat Sonic 1 or Sonic 2 with Knuckles.
    • Hyper-Hyper - Collect all the Super Emeralds in Sonic 3 & Knuckles.
    • Perfectly Played - Achieve a Perfect Bonus in any Zone or Special Stage.
    ...It's much of a muchness for me, mind, since unless the Achievement list is also integrated into the game itself I'll be playing it on the one platform which doesn't have any native support for them anyway. Just frustrating that they seem like an afterthought, especially when the previous releases of these remakes had some that were a lot more interesting.
  14. Ashura96


    The mobile ports of 1/2/CD has some of these exact achievements.
  15. TheOcelot


    Scooty Puff Jr sucks! Member
    Yay, we're finally getting a Platinum PSN trophy for a 2d Sonic game (even Mania didn't have one). About time, lol.

    I'd imagine the "get 10 S-ranks in Missions for each game" will be trickiest trophies.

    The "Movie Maniac: Unlock 6 movie collection items with Coins" is probably referring to unlocking all six Mania Adventures shorts.
  16. JaxTH


    Pudding Deity Oldbie
    Los Angeles
    Jack shit.
    So, Sonic Origins has separate trophy lists for PS4 and PS5, so I assume if you get the Platinum trophy on PS4 that you can then import your save to the PS5 version and auto-unlock the trophies in the PS5 version.
  17. RDNexus


    Funny thing... Just days before Origins gets released, a video appeared on my YouTube feed.
    @Josh's The Geek Critique's video about Sonic JAM, which he called "The Original Origins".
    I could say that I kinda agree with him, given how I'd have liked to see a sort of Sonic World feature.
    But the 3D islands menu is also cool, and it's something I've wanted to see happen for ages ^^"
    Also, we don't know all that the game has to offer, so there might be some surprises in store for us.
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  18. RetroJordan91


    The REAL Blue Sphere Guy Member
    That video is a fantastic watch and it’s funny because Origins is considered the modern day Sonic Jam so it makes a lot of sense to call it that

    But on a serious note, I hope you are right in regards to surprises.. who knows what sort of Easter Eggs Headcannon included in the 3&K remaster so that’s something I’ll definitely keep an eye on.

    With everything we have seen, this has the potential to be the best collection of all time so let’s hope the execution sticks the landing.
  19. Yash


    CHOCOLATE! Member
    I will say as much as I've wanted to see a 3D museum like what Jam had, a huge part of the appeal for Jam was seeing Sonic running in 3D on Saturn hardware. It wouldn't have that same novelty today, so I can see why Sega never bothered doing something like that again. I like the islands concept they're doing with this game, at least - as slick as Mega Collection's presentation was, it was still just a series of menus.
  20. Nik Pi

    Nik Pi

    Sonic 2: Archives
    I 23.06.22 at 00:02 search for new S3 music rips:

    Seriously, it's will be first, what I will do in that morning...
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