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Sonic Origins Collection - General Thread

Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by HEDGESMFG, May 27, 2021.

  1. LucasMadword


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    My biggest fault with Sonic Origins right now isn't the lack of Knuckles in Sonic CD, or the lack of the Megadrive Sonic 3 songs, or the multitude of issues. It's the lack of macOS version! How am I supposed to play my Sonic the Hedgehog video games, SEGA, if you don't give me a copy for macOS? I'd have even taken a PSVita version. Damn, it's like they don't even want my money! :V
  2. Hydr0city


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    Well, good to hear they finally got sick of dangling that one over people's heads, lmfao. I'm okay with the proto tracks, but I will miss Launch Base and Ice Cap. It is what it is though - mods exist, and plus I'm excited to see how those proto tracks come out. Neat!

    Not worried about Jun's involvement. Sonic 4 was pretty bad, but he's done good stuff on 3D Blast, so I'm willing to just blame the instrumentation. He's done more good than bad, so I'm willing to be optimistic.
  3. I don't mean it quite like that, but I would like to see more people buy it. I think they feel the value proposition is lacking. And I think a $45 collection probably should have been able to create some sprites for Knuckles in CD, and maybe even secure the rights to some songs (though maybe that's an entirely untenable situation)
    But I'm still incredibly hyped and can't wait.
  4. I just hope now we can have the entire soundtrack on Spotify, with composer's credits...
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  5. DefinitiveDubs


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    One interesting part of this is Katie is referring to the proto tracks as "the originals", which seems to confirm that the proto tracks were made first, with MJ's music intended to replace it.
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  6. raphael_fc


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    I will sure miss Ice Cap, but I guess I'm the only one here that really doesn't like Launch Base at all.
  7. Is there any chance that there may have been a clearer definition of rights specifically for Ice Cap Zone given that it originated from The Jetzons and that Sega could have secured the rights?
    (This is delusional I know)
  8. Starduster


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    I mean, to be fair, a lot of work has clearly gone into bringing this collection together, particular in the interstitial presentation. New models, animations and music have been created from scratch for the menu, of course there’s the whole Sonic 3 remaster (which seems to be going above and beyond the scope of any of the previous remasters) and mission mode (which looks to be unique and high effort in spite of the disappointing new graphics made for it.

    I expect many won’t feel these things justify a $45 price tag but I do think it’s important to remember them regardless.
  9. AzuraRacon


    I absolutely believe the general reaction to the prototype of “wait this actually kinda slaps/doesn’t suck on genesis hardware” played a part
  10. MykonosFan


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  11. Snub-n0zeMunkey


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    Does this mean that all of Sonic 3's tracks are getting replaced or just select ones? I'm guessing Angel Island and HydroCity will probably be fine since they were in Mania.

    I never really cared for Marble Garden, Carnival Night or Launch Base's tracks but it's a shame that Ice Cap is getting replaced :(
  12. Harmony Friends

    Harmony Friends

    it's the whole gang Oldbie
    Marble Garden will be untouched, just for the record. That isn't one of MJ's team's songs, was intact in the S&K PC collection, appeared in Generations, etc.

    The songs that won't appear are the latter 3 zones of Sonic 3, competition menu, and the S3-only versions of Knuckles' theme and the miniboss.
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  13. Oh I totally agree.
  14. RikohZX


    I mean who else to remaster tracks they may have had a direct hand in for all we know. But at the same time he's also been the one that handled the Sonic 4 soundtrack and has changed his music style quite a bit in nearly 30 years since 1994. So how these tracks get remixed is up in the air, they could be fuller than the prototype tracks, duller, or even sound more like something out of 3D Blast rather than 3&K.

    If he's using the originals/his old recordings to try to capture them I don't expect significant changes to the cores of the prototype tracks, but I do expect this to be our new fourth mix of the Prototype / S&K Collection after the PC, Complete, Prototype and now this.
  15. Jason


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    That's like saying Sweet Sweet Sweet by Dreams Come True isn't a Sonic song. It's been a part of the series for decades. If it's removed, it's a lesser version.

    The whole S3K situation is a monkey's paw. We got an official release after a decade, with widescreen, new spritework, and animated cutscenes. We had to trade it for the beta tracks. I just hope these tracks don't become the main representation for the game. Kind of like how everyone points to the 2011 SADX port for Adventure at large.
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  16. foXcollr


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    Hm. So she says Jun is adapting the "original" music, which she's already established means the Genesis versions in this context. This is a bit vague and leaves it kind of open ended, so honestly idk what to expect.

    Also just to taper the excitement, it isn't explicitly implied that Katie is referring to the proto tracks as the "originals". When she says "adapting the originals" she could easily just mean he is adapting the style and feel of the Genesis tracks, which she refers to as the "original sounds" in the first sentence. idk if I believe she's making the crazy unprecedented statement we think she is.
  17. corneliab


    I don't know if comparing SADX, a port that's busted all over, to what's shaping up to be an otherwise great remaster of S3&K is all that fair just because some songs are getting replaced (and because they seemingly HAVE to be).
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  18. biggestsonicfan


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    Refusing to believe "the originals" refers to the proto music and not the final ost released. I feel our privlaged information is twisting her words.
  19. LockOnRommy11


    I wouldn’t read into this tweet like it was written by a lawyer. It’s clearly stating that the original problematic final release tracks are being replaced by the prototype tracks, the use of the word “original” twice is just an oversight.

    I bought my Analogue Mega SG recently and am having a blast playing S3&K in the best quality possible, so I’m happy in any event :thumbsup: I’m just glad this issue is finally being acknowledged and bypassed, as sad as it is.
  20. nineko


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    One interesting side effect of this is that they'll have to edit the staff roll to remove the names of Buxer and friends. Unless they forgot.
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