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Sonic Origins Collection - General Thread

Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by HEDGESMFG, May 27, 2021.

  1. Shaddy the guy

    Shaddy the guy

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    Invasive online-only DRM is a cancer on an already-corrupt and disgusting industry, I don't blame anyone who forgoes buying a game because of it. Hell, you might as well pirate it just to show how fucking worthless it is. All it really seems to do is make modding the games a pain.
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  2. Hydr0city


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    Denuvo for Mania only lasted a week before getting cracked anyway, lmao. I definitely wasn't super affected by it (I only bought Mania on PC due to it being the only platform I could buy it on at launch), but yeah, it really only has a negative impact on the legitimate buyer with some of the stuff I've heard has happened to people. Nothing major, but even minor stuff is like "well why is this even here, then".

    One day SEGA Europe will learn. Maybe they're still paranoid about the Episode 2 incident, somehow :V


    I hate Denuvo and skipped Mania PC deliberately because of it until it was removed.

    Paradoxically, though, I missed out on several fun mods that only worked before Mania-Plus came out. So it was a lose-lose situation for people like me either way.

    I just hope people convince them to get rid of it as soon as possible.
  4. Laura


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    From what I understand, most game sales and gaming happens in the first week. So from a business perspective, having DRM that takes a week to be cracked is worth it.

    I hate DRM of course. But people saying it gets cracked in a week so it's not worth it aren't engaging with that point.

    What annoys me about Denuvo is that it slows down my rubbish laptop. Can't they just have Denuvo for the first month and then get rid of it. Would be a reasonable compromise.

    SMH my head.
  5. foXcollr


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    I'm in the camp that doesn't think "well the issues only happen to some people" makes DRM worth it. Developers put a lot of time and effort into making sure games are optimized for PC and run well on many different systems within their spec requirements. SoE adding Denuvo to everything is counterintuitive in almost every way imaginable. I would feel insulted if I worked on a game, only to have reviewers add a "but Denuvo sucks, minus points" footnote at the end of an otherwise glowing review, and then to find out later that piracy of the game is just as high as ever.
  6. Mastered Realm

    Mastered Realm

    Denuvo will still be included on next SEGA releases because it delays piracy by a week at least and isn't noticeable for 80% of the players who buy the game.
    Now, I won't buy it on PC since my laptop is on that nasty 20% range affected and I'm very sensitive to small stutters, so I'll get it on Switch.
  7. KingOfBunnies


    Not entirely true. There are games with Denuvo that get cracked within 24 hours of their release. I think DMC5 was one of those, if I remember right. Denuvo barely works because it gets cracked super quickly.
  8. Snowbound


    When people are saying denuvo can get cracked what does that mean? That there’s a mod that disables denuvo?
  9. JaxTH


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    Jack shit.
    It means that you hack the game to take it out, basically.
  10. RikohZX


    Denuvo basically is built into the executable as a legitimacy-checker, attempting to keep tabs on the program so no abnormalities interfere with it, externally or internally, while also making sure that whoever is running it is legit doing so, even if it requires online checks every so often. "Cracked" usually means someone's managed to pop open the .exe and peel out or disable the Denuvo with variable quality on the job, or they use external .dll and other types of files to hijack the .exe in a way that Denuvo can't detect, all but nullifying it.

    There's entire teams and communities that dedicated themselves to killing Denuvo on games, some for personal profit, some for bragging rights, and some because they hate DRM just that much.
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  11. Ashura96


    Now that we are discussing Denuvo again, the Epic Games page for Origins does not make any mention of Denuvo being present. Sure would be interesting if we have one PC version with and one without.
  12. Mastered Realm

    Mastered Realm

    That's not it. Taking it out would basically need a full disassembly of the executable. What crackers do is they run the game and analyze what checks Denuvo is making. They then code additional software to return them as true, so the software can continue running. That means that pirated Denuvo games run with the same performance as the legit ones, checks are still being made, they are just being validated by the pirate code.

    You know a big chunk of the Denuvo pricing is based on how many units are legitimately activated, right? That's a good measure of how secure the tech is and how difficult it is to remove. There have been only three cases of Denuvo games being available on launch day: FF XV , DMC V and Rage 2. And in all cases Denuvo wasn't cracked at all, it was absent from the executables because there were DUMB people in both Capcom and Square.

    The Origins Version of FFXV was first uploaded without Denuvo, so crackers just used that. The steam version of DMC5 and Rage 2 had a denuvo-free executable laying around, just unused. You just had to rename a few files to get it working. The hackers didn't crack those at all.

    You can read more here if you want.
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  13. Hydra Spectre

    Hydra Spectre

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    The DRM problems from Resident Evil Village were because of Capcom's own DRM that was already there alongside Denuvo.
    Capcom patched out the in-house DRM but kept Denuvo.

    Anyways, I hope the Japanese commercials and such would get optional subtitles now since I always found it weird that Sonic Jam had them in raw Japanese even in the US and Japanese releases.
    I hate to say it, but it feels half-assed with how everything in the collection has been translated to English except for those commercials which are left unsubtitled.
  14. Hydr0city


    > Kamikazee Member
    What console(s) are you guys getting Origins on, if at all? I was debating on buying on PS4, because that's a platform I play a lot on (and I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Dualshock 4 for most games, that dpad is wonderful), but I ended up going for Switch just because I figured the portability would be nice, and I don't mind Joycon dpads too much for platformers. Plus, unlike most games this likely won't be one where graphics are going to get impacted enough for me to want to buy the PS4 version instead, because it's just the 4 Sonic games. I've seen them in worse quality. :V

    Might double dip down the line if I've got money and/or it's on sale on PS4.
  15. Starduster


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    I've already got it pre-ordered on Steam but I could go for a Switch version. Hopefully the PC version is easily moddable because I think it'll be weird going back to playing a Sonic 3 which doesn't have Marble Garden at sunset. That mod just seems so right to me and I think gives Marble Garden more visual identity.
  16. RetroJordan91


    The REAL Blue Sphere Guy Member
    I’m double dipping as well solely to support the fans who were brought on for this project… I’m in the same boat in terms of having one version for portability (Switch) and having one version to play at home when I’m not watching my daughter :V (PS4)

    I’m also heavily leaning towards using those 100 free coins from the preorder immediately on some museum unlockable(s) so that way I can start from scratch when going into Story Mode or Anniversary mode etc.

    We are 17 days away guys :thumbsup:
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  17. BlueSkiesAM2


    PS4 for trophies and Switch for portability. I don’t care for the PC version since the decomps exist, and I only play those since widescreen versions aren’t elsewhere.
  18. TheOcelot


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    Triple dipping; Switch, Series S & PS5. So hyped to play Origins on PS5. It's been 17 years since 3K was last released on a PlayStation console. I've waited long enough!
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  19. NoNameAtAll


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    Switch is probably all I can really get it for, besides PC. Maybe PC down the line though. We'll see.
  20. Glaber


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    The epsiode 2 incident, was that when the beta leaked out by accident? There is no way Denuvo would have protected against that.