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Sonic Origins Collection - General Thread

Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by HEDGESMFG, May 27, 2021.

  1. Mastered Realm

    Mastered Realm

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    I don't get what you mean. They could have used the sonic 3 jingles for sonic and tails and the sonic & knuckles ones for knuckles.

    The fact they chose to use Sonic 3 title screen and SK jingles strikes me as odd.
  2. foXcollr


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  3. Chaos Rush

    Chaos Rush

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    I don’t mind the usage of both S3 and S&K title themes because then it means they both get their time to shine. The Adventure and Advance games had their own Invincibility theme separate from the title theme so I don’t see it as an issue. (Also who knows, what if they use the S3 theme for Super forms)
  4. RetroJordan91


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    I just rewatched bits and pieces of the stream and noticed a couple of things:

    - Did anyone else also notice that in the glowing spheres bonus stage, the full HUD is shown on the top left corner as opposed to just the RINGS counter like it was in the original?

    - Another thing I noticed is that on the save select for Sonic 3&K, since they were playing anniversary mode, it was using the Sonic 3 style save file display (not showing the lives or continues); nice little callback to the vanilla S3 ;)

    - Also someone on YouTube brought up that the “Timer Bug” in Sonic CD is still present in this version of the game.
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  5. Mastered Realm

    Mastered Realm

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    I've compiled all relevant screencaps I could in this twitter thread.

    Summarizing the most relevant stuff:

    • Museum Island is Flickies Island from Sonic 3D

    • Sonic CD's Island is HUGE

    • Carnival Night, Ice Cap and Launch Base not shown (despite the 80% of the chat messages just being requests to see them)

    • The museum is divided into three Sections: Illustrations/Movies/Music, each section with a normal collection and a premium collection

    • 55 Illustrations in the Normal Collection

    • 105 (or close to that) Illustrations in the Premium Collection (we only got to see the thumbnails of 90 of them in the live stream)

    • 18 Movies in the Normal collection 10 of which were made exclusively for this collection:
    - Sonic Origins Intro
    - Sonic Origins Outo
    - Sonic 1 Intro
    - Sonic 1 Outro
    - Sonic CD Intro (Different from the FMV)
    - Sonic CD Outro (Different from the FMV)
    - Sonic 2 Intro
    - Sonic 2 Outro
    - Sonic 3 Intro
    - Sonic 3 Outro


    • 250+ Songs in the Normal Collection! Since they were numbered sequentially, Sonic 1 goes from 1 to 19, Sonic goes from 20 to ???, Chaotix starts at 211 etc.

    • Music in the collection (S1, S2, even the Chaotix track they shown) went through the mastering process (Equalizer, volume normalization, compression etc) but are still Genesis recordings. So it's the old stuff we have, just made louder and slightly brighter.

    • Since the collection is so big we can filter them by game (S1, S2, S3...) or purpose (Menus, Stages, Jingles)

    • NO SONGS FROM THE PREMIUM COLLECTION WERE REVEALED IN THE LIVESTREAM (!!!) Since all the juicier Illustrations were in the premium collection I'm VERY EXCITED about what we'll get in here, holy crap.

    Ah I've ripped the menu theme (still has SFX but we can listen to it in its entirety)!
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  6. charcoal


    I find it funny how big they made the CD island to accommodate the opening movie. They didn't really even need to make an island considering the entire game takes place on little planet.
  7. Harper


    I was hoping Sonic CD would fix the time needed to time travel. The 2011 version extended the time needed and it breaks most intended time travel areas. This seems to be based off of the mobile version, which is a middle ground between the CD and Steam versions. That being said, Origins still looks fantastic! The gallery is exactly what I've been hoping for, having the manuals, Sega Harmony cover art, etc. The quality of life fixes to 3's opening as well as some of Sonic's sprites are great as well. Looking forward to this when it releases!
  8. Mastered Realm

    Mastered Realm

    A green crystal Member
    I think the development team also had Sonic 4 storyline in mind, since it was connected to Sonic CD. According to Ian Flynn:

    "My understanding is yes, Never Lake is on an island now and it has to be the same island from Sonic 4. Keep in mind that Episode 1 and Episode 2 do take place on the same land mass. The maps are interconnected, kind of vaguely, and it's not perfectly defined. It's not like it's rendered in a realistic fashion, where the zone placement is, but it's all reasonably within the same area. I think Sylvania Castle is right there on the cusp of Never Lake. So it should be all part of the same geography, in theory."
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  9. charcoal


    That's actually really cool. I didn't think of sonic 4, I didn't expect them to even acknowledge the game.


  11. Xeeynamo


    Not sure if it was mentioned, but in the Sonic 3 cutscene intro they also added stars behind Super Sonic and even some sand being lifted when Sonic passed by the beach. If this level of details has been added to this Sonic 3 port, I cannot imagine how many surprises we will see through the entire rest of the game! s3.jpg
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  12. kyasarintsu


    The options were Anniversary Mode, Classic Mode, Boss Rush, Mirror Mode, and Blue Spheres.
    After selecting Mirror Mode, they're given the option to start the game from the title or continue where they left off.
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  13. MykonosFan


    MODE CHANGE. Moderator
    Can't lie, this Famitsu stream of Origins really won me over. It's not the "chuck every game in and call it a day" collection I may have dreamed of, but it seems like there's a lot of care put in around the edges. Looking forward to the 23rd now.
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  14. SystemsReady


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    trying to not fall asleep while writing Selenium tests

    I could probably play S3&K blindfolded at this point so even little touches like this get me very hype! It's basically pretty close to the perfect Sonic game for me so seeing additional attentions to detail pushes it closer and closer to that ideal.
  15. RikohZX


    It kinda creates this interesting thing where I could get a ROM-pure version of S3&K via Angel Island Revisited now, or play a remastered version that looks to be trying to be a bit of Complete and a bit of new technical stuff under the Retro Engine. So instead of "which version is better", each get their own unique tinge of style to them. And that's real cool to me.
  16. Mastered Realm

    Mastered Realm

    A green crystal Member
    Me too. If we consider they only revealed half of the content (just the normal collection) for the music section and half of the content of the movie section(again just the normal set, not the premium set), this is simply the biggest sonic art collection ever published.

    If the collections are roughly the same size we're potentially talking 400 songs, 40 movies and 180 illustrations (this last one already confirmed by the livestream interface)
  17. TheOcelot


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    Stealth said this on twitter:

    "We had been given an extremely early peek at Origins and it's so cool to see that they took my suggestions for island placement and the nature of the Sonic CD landmass on the world map (among a few other things)"

    I think the placement of each island is fine. CD's larger landmass does make sense, although it looks a bit odd being so big compared to the others.
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  18. McAleeCh


    Love pretty much everything I'm seeing here. Great to see Sonic 2 has split-screen after all, complete with the expanded stage selection from the mobile version. I assume it'll work the same as that version in that stages with a variable water height just have the water removed in multiplayer. I've not played it since 2013 - was Hidden Palace unlockable in multiplayer if you'd beaten it in single player, or am I misremembering? I'm guessing SEGA have put together some of the VS. mode menu themselves, as Tails has the same weird alignment issue as he does on Origins' character select screens, which looks a little sloppy - he's always squashed up against the far left rather than centered correctly for some reason.

    Sonic 3 & Knuckles looks sweet so far - loving the extra details added to the intro etc. Feels very sloppy that it uses the Sonic 3 title theme but the Sonic & Knuckles jingles though - I'm guessing this was SEGA's call as I can't see Stealth/Headcannon going for such a mish-mash otherwise. Hopefully it's just some mistake with SEGA's implementation of the game into Origins and can be fixed before release.

    The menus look charming, Boss Rush/Missions look interesting and the Museum looks pretty packed with content. Was hoping they'd show whether you can do Time Attack on individual Acts directly from the screen showing your best times - it's been widely assumed this will be the case, but I don't believe it's actually been confirmed.

    Finally - a shame they didn't (or couldn't) port the accurate fades from the new Sonic 3 & Knuckles remake back into the older games. Makes me wish Headcannon had been hired to do more work on this than just the Sonic 3 & Knuckles remake, as I'm sure they'd have made sure that little touches like this and the HUD placement were consistent across all games.

    All in all, looking forward to the launch, but hoping a few presentational aspects can be tidied up, whether pre or post launch.
  19. Hydra Spectre

    Hydra Spectre

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    Considering the entirety of Mania Adventures is there, what are the odds that an upscale of the OVA would be included in the Museum?
  20. Sai Start Marker

    Sai Start Marker

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    Tyson Hesse did mention on this very forum that they were trying to rescan the film negatives for both the Sonic CD animations (clearly didn't end up happening for this one) and the OVA, so it's definitely possible that it may be lurking in the Premium Video Museum. However, for me personally, if it's at the expense of having nice upscales of all the Japanese commercials from Sonic Jam, it can wait. Also, I'd prefer an OVA Blu-ray if at all possible...

    As Mastered Realm mentioned, the most exciting unknown part about Origins is now those Premium Video and Sound Museums. I wonder if they'll include things like the Sonic & Knuckles arrangement album, Sonic the Hedgehog Remix album, and other Sonic CD remixes from that period...
    It makes sense, given that the packaging is available in the Premium Image Museum.

    Possibly some new remixes made especially for the collection, ala Gems Collection? I'm not expecting too much, but the potential is very exciting!
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