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Sonic Origins Collection - General Thread

Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by HEDGESMFG, May 27, 2021.

  1. Sai Start Marker

    Sai Start Marker

    Born in 1947 but made for the 90's Oldbie
    Good stream. It was sort of embarrassing having people harass them about Sonic 3 in the chat, but oh well.

    I've broken down everything in the museum by copiously pausing, if anyone is interested. I'll stick it behind spoiler tags if people want to go in unblemished:

    Regular Museum

    No. 1 - No. 6 are Origins renders.
    No. 7 - No. 14 are high res box art of Sonic 1, CD, 2, 3, Knuckles, Spinball, 3D and Chaotix. Regional variations are accessible when you select each game.
    No. 15 - No. 29 are presumably full manual scans of every game in every single regional variation.
    No. 30 - No. 39 are Akira Watanabe illustrations of Sonic, Tails and Knuckles.
    No. 40 - No. 49 are recent SOA social media illustrations made for events/holidays etc.
    No. 50 - 55 are IDW covers for the 30th Anniversary comic.

    "Premium Museum"

    No. 1 - No. 12 are Harmony covers.
    No. 13 - No. 21 are calendar illustrations from Jam/Screensaver.
    No. 22 and 23 are those really early Sonic, pre-Sonic 2 illustrations. Hopefully the description has more info on where those are from. Another calendar, I think?
    No. 24 - No. 26 are apparently 1994 European style guide illustrations.
    No. 27 - No. 34 are localized illustrations.
    No. 35 - No. 37 are Sonic Drift illustrations.
    No. 38 - 40 is more localized stuff.
    No. 41 is the Tails Sky Patrol box art.
    No. 42 is interesting! Not sure what that is. Looks like a bunch of character illustrations. Intriguing.
    No. 43 - No. 48 are contemporary Pre-SA CD packaging. Including that hideous German Euro Rave CD.
    No. 49 - 52 is Sonic 1 level concept art.
    No. 53 - No. 55 is Sonic 2 level concept art.
    No. 56 - No. 60 look like various Ohshima/Yasuhara sketches posted on Twitter over the years. May be some interesting new stuff in there or stuff we had in a super low res.
    No. 61 is the classic Sonic/Madonna/Bee Eggman nightmare concept art by Ohshima.
    No. 62 is the Sonic stand made for the Tokyo Toy Show 1990.
    No. 63 is a bunch of early Sonic sketches. Some seen, some new?
    No. 64 is the Pajama Eggman illustration, with some unseen sketches?
    No. 65 is the Wolf, the Bird, and the Rabbit respectively.
    No. 66 looks like a bunch of entirely new Sonic 1 (?) concept art.
    No. 67 appears to be concept art for the whole Nicky comic series.
    No. 68 is the Band? A NEW illustration of the band?
    No. 69 - No. 70 looks like unidentified concept art.
    No. 71 - No. 73 is the classic 1994 Sonic style guide.
    No. 74 looks like a style guide for Super Sonic.
    No. 75 - No. 76 is a style guide for Tails.
    No. 77 - No. 79 is a style guide for Knuckles.
    No. 80 - No. 82 are style guides and sketches for Amy.
    No. 84 - No. 87 are style guides and sketches for Eggman.
    No. 88 looks like a style guide for the Sonic CD opening?
    No. 89 is an Amy Rose colour reference guide?
    No. 90 looks like a sketch and notes for Metal Sonic.
    No. 91 is Sonic CD opening stuff.
    No. 92 - No. 95 look like Sonic CD design docs.

    It goes up to 100, but that's as far as they scroll down. How exciting!
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  2. Naean


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    There are a couple of detail inconsistencies pointed out by @TomGyroid on Twitter which are a tad annoying / disappointing.

    Overall, I'm still very excited for Sonic Origins, but it's a shame that these inconsistent aesthetic / presentation aspects exist within the same collection, particularly when they could cause confusion when it comes to Sonic sprite differences.
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  3. Dark Sonic

    Dark Sonic

    Working on my art!
    That may have been a premonition holy shit
  4. _Sidle


    A couple of the pics in the imagesets of 42-49 are "newer" (6 years or less) Classic art pieces from Twitter, among various places.
    I know I've seen those Valentines Sonic and Amy pics in 49 somewhere on the Japanese side physically in photos, can't remember where.
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
  5. Childish


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    So should we through you into a lake and see if you drown? If ya live you're a witch therefore it's undeniably the proto tracks.

    Of course if you do live we will burn you anyway. Buuuut we'll know what the deal is a good 20 days early so I think it's a worthy sacrifice.
  6. Dark Sonic

    Dark Sonic

    Working on my art!
    Good ol witch trials. If you're not guilty you die. If you are... you also die
  7. foXcollr


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    So most of this museum stuff isn't new at all? Other than that image of Sonic's band?

    A bit disappointing :/ excited to watch the footage later though, the Sonic 1 intro sounds nice
  8. Sai Start Marker

    Sai Start Marker

    Born in 1947 but made for the 90's Oldbie
    I'd say about 15% to 20% of it is stuff we've never seen before. Given how much stuff we have from previous sources/collections, that's a decent amount in my mind.
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  9. Peri


    You can get an idea of what the story cutscenes will be based on the museum thumbnails. Spoilered for anyone who wants to keep them a surprise:

    1. game intro (cool scenes from all games in collage)
    2. ???
    3. S1 intro, sonic discovers the badniks
    4. S1 end cutscene
    5. SCD intro. Amy tarot reading!!!!
    6. SCD outro (?). sonic takes off in the Tornado, setting up S2
    7. original SCD intro
    8. original SCD outro
    9. S2 intro, Tails
    10. death egg crashing into angel island, S2 outro
    11. S3 intro, eggman fools knuckles
    12. S3 outro, eggman has to float home on a rexon
    and from there its the Mania Adventures!
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  10. TheOcelot


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    I'm so looking forward to playing 3K to see all the little changes Stealth and his team have made.

    In the AI intro cutscene in the new version of 3K; after sending Sonic flying Knuckles now moves his arms "getting ready to punch sequence" before he steals the emeralds, whereas in the original version he just stands still for two seconds before stealing the emeralds. Tails arrival is also different. In the original version he flies down from above. In the new version he appears from the left.

    I love little changes like this.
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  11. Elratauru


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    Flicky's Island looking good indeed! I love how it's all plasticky like the original game too.
  12. SystemsReady


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    Sonic 3 title screen, but s&K Knuckles theme.... interesting choices.

    The mystery deepens.

    - Hoping for Sonic & Tails Mode and Knux & Tails mode to be unlockable in Sonic 1, not to mention the 7th Emeralds and Super bonuses. I'm sure they're in the game's debug modes at worst.

    - Not sure how the save feature works for anything aside from Sonic 3&K. Does CD even have the old menu anywhere? What about music changes? Imagine if Origins just dropped the US OST entirely.

    - CD Intro upscale looks fantastic. I've played around with upscaling a lot, but I couldn't do better myself! And the lyrics are back... at least we know one rights issue was resolved.

    - S3 Remake looks great. AIR has spoiled me badly, but then again you can tell Headcannon is already doing a lot of little quality of life changes. Honestly, once you add drop dash this is already pretty definitive. Just give me Max control sonic and flight cancel for Tails somehow (probably via mods, but eh.) and I won't even care what they do with the music.

    - Love seeing Flicky Island on the map, still wish they'd just let us emulate 3D Blast, Spinball, and Chaotix, but oh well.
  14. RetroJordan91


    The REAL Blue Sphere Guy Member
    -Easy guess would be a toggle option for the interchangeable jingles in S3 and S&K where applicable (title screen, 1-up, invincibility, Knuckles?, MiniBoss?).. the MJ music is still a mystery but with attention being drawn further away from that, I still stand by the beta tracks being included.

    - As far as save slots, the Sonic 2 screenshot of its character select seems to imply that you get one save slot per character option (1 for Sonic alone, Tails alone, Knuckles alone, Sonic & Tails, and Tails & Knuckles). I hope the same can be done for Sonic 1 at least, since CD won’t have Knuckles and also the Sonic & Tails combo was never implemented for that game.

    - It would be stupid to not include the US OST for CD after having it in the original 2011 release. I’m sure it’s in there though

    - Definitely agree that the 3&K remake looks fantastic and I’ll also be looking out for the tiny little QOL changes that Stealth added here (the changes to the intro cutscene were a very nice touch)
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    Ugh... the museum gallery shows cover art for Spinball, 3D Blast, and Chaotix too. No other extra games, just those 3.

    Stop teasing me so much, guys.
  16. Starduster


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    Art...always art...
    Perhaps it's the case that CD's (and hopefully 3&K's) soundtracks can be toggled (along with other options) in an as yet unseen one-stop options menu?
  17. RikohZX


    Just seeing the title screen for 3 having waving water instead of palette-changing pixels throws me off. Ya crazy buggers really want to show you love this game.
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  18. Xilla


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    Calling it, S3&K Super Sonic theme will be the Sonic 3 invincibility music :V
  19. Yash


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    Wouldn't be shocked if they're either secret unlockables or come out later as DLC.

    Chaotix would be a great candidate for a Retro Engine revamp, but I really don't know what you'd do to spruce up Spinball or 3D Blast or if it'd even be worthwhile. Standard ROM dumps would be enough for those games, IMO. Maybe work with Jon Burton on including the Director's Cut for 3D Blast or try to include the Saturn version or something.
  20. Ashura96


    Spinball could use 60fps and the "correct" options menu bgm.