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Sonic Origins Collection - General Thread

Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by HEDGESMFG, May 27, 2021.

  1. Starduster


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    Art...always art...
    Honestly I really wanna see the Metal Knuckles concept art from Sonic R, and just previously unseen concept art in general. Super duper intrigued about that kind of stuff.
  2. RetroJordan91


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    I think I read somewhere that the exclusive development stuff we could unlock in the museum would be primarily from the 4 games in the collection.. but honestly what are the chances that we haven’t seen this stuff already? I’d be surprised if every single one of the unlockable museum goodies is something extremely rare and unseen before
  3. Harper


    I'm hoping we see level concept art for Sonic 3. We barely have anything aside from the stuff we saw on the MTV special and a handful of other images.
    Two of them being reused concept art from Sonic 2.
    Rocktherocks3.webp.png Sonic3_ConceptArt_1.png Metropolis_conceptalt.jpg
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  4. The Joebro64

    The Joebro64

    I just want R2.
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  5. I too want R2... and more concept art if not work-in-progress maps of all the zones cut from S2. I'm not expecting such treasures to be included in the museum, but it would be oh so awesome if they were.
  6. Snowbound


    Ohshima showed off some previously unseen Sonic concept art in a recent interview ( I’m hoping that there’s more from Ohshima’s vaults in Origins

    See the thread “Naoto Ohshima, Twin Star, Wonder Hedgehog, 1990 Tokyo Toy Show, and other goodness” for more info on the new concept art
  7. I'm pretty sure "never before seen" was heavily advertised.
  8. Zycor


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    Beats me.
    I legitimately think either A) SEGA came to an agreement or otherwise with the Michael Jackson estate (I get it, but at the same time... I bet Michael's other catalogue items are far more valuable. It's possible SEGA has just kept silent on the matter to not draw attention to it hence not re-releasing it but keeping the originals on Steam for sale) or B) SEGA will have swapped with the proto music, which, I wouldn't be mad about personally but it would be kind of strange. The music situation has been all over the place. Sonic 3 had tracks that didn't play in Sonic and Knuckles and vice versa despite most of the tracks being present in both (in terms of the alternate tracks) or C) SEGA just didn't have any confidence in Sonic 3 due to their marketing practices forcing the game to be split into two which hampered over all sales figures and thus SEGA just doesn't regard Sonic 3 all that much... well, of all the Sonic 3 zones, aren't Marble Garden, Carnival Night, Ice Cap, and Launch Base the only ones that have had no appearances outside of Sonic Generations using Big Arm (which is a stretch)? I don't know which songs have never been remixed in official games outside of Angel Island and Hydrocity.

    Considering SEGA and the whole Sonic CD lyrical tracks for the Japanese/European sound track never got added to the mobile port, and considering this isn't SEGA's first rodeo with music licensing issues/disputes. See also Sonic Rush. There was also the oddity of Sonic Spinball having a version with the Sonic 1/Sonic 2 theme and then it was different in later releases and we still don't know what that was all about either. Also, Crazy Taxi probably counts.

    Who knows. I'll be content if it's just the prototype tracks, and if not, there's always modding/Sonic 3 AIR.
  9. Yash


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    Marble Garden is selectable level music in Generations iirc, making Carnival Night, Ice Cap and Launch Base conspicuously absent once again.
  10. And we already know IceCap is in the collection. They've sorted out something.
  11. Mastered Realm

    Mastered Realm

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    Which IceCap... PC or Genesis? That's the 1 million dollar question.
  12. SEGACast


    There's a third option I haven't been seeing many people talk about, and that's the possibility that SEGA will have brand new tracks made to replace those that might cause legal issues.

    This isn't as likely as having the PC/Prototype tracks though. In fact, it's even less likely. Most people find the original music nostalgic, and quite a few of us have grown fond of the PC/Prototype music ever since Sonic Month 2019 happened.

    It's just hard to imagine music other than those two. Talk about hard times...

    At the same time, however, how likely is it that SEGA would use the PC/Prototype tracks? Have they acknowledged the existence of prototypes like Simon Wai much?

    We don't know how difficult it would be for SEGA to get permission to use these tracks, either. I don't think we even know who made them.

    Although, it would most certainly be easier than trying to get permission from Moonwalker Man...or his estate.

    Unless you guys know how to rent a time machine, of course.
  13. RikohZX


    I wouldn't be opposed to new songs or facsimiles of prototype or MJ tracks if, say, Tee Lopes had done them. Or just straight up got the chance to re-arrange the prototype songs into something more fresh and complete.

    But that's a lot of effort for something that won't make much sense to bother with, so that's a pipe dream.
  14. SEGA themselves? Not much.
    When it comes to Taxman, Headcannon and the other parties involved in the Retro Engine products, though, they reference the prototypes a fair bit.

    They put a recreation of a lost room into Marble Zone, they used prototype assets to add in hidden features, the entire existence of Hidden Palace in Sonic 2’s remaster can be traced back to the prototypes… it’s a list that’s somewhat long.

    This use of prototype assets hasn’t yet extended to music, but it’s always a possibility.
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  15. jbr


    Inb4 Ice Cap is now using a rendition of Billie Jean instead
  16. I think the easiest option for the S3 music debacle would be for the Classic Mode to use the original unaltered MJ tracks, and the Anniversary to use the Beta tracks redone from the ground up. This would skirt the legal issue by using the MJ tracks in an completly unaltered state, and have the beta tracks sub in the anniversary version with the remastered tracks.

    Obviously we will wait and see, but to me this is the safest and easiest option to please both camps.
  17. jbr


    Perhaps, but - at a risk of re-opening a can of worms - isn't the whole thing about Sega being allowed to use the music unaltered just our speculation anyway? It may be correct, but I don't think we actually know if that's how it works, and if it does, what constitutes "unaltered". Would a PCM render of the original Megadrive track count as an alteration? We don't really know anything about the issue, except that it's a "legal issue".
  18. Iggy for Short

    Iggy for Short

    Yeah, even if that theory is correct, it's always been based on the existing re-releases only being emulation of the original Genesis ROM. I'm pretty sure it's been established that Classic Mode is still running the Retro Engine, so that would fall outside of the supposed loophole.
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  19. Mastered Realm

    Mastered Realm

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    It's certainly possible, I noted a few posts ago we had new tracks for Icecap and Carnival Night in LEGO Dimensions:
    About your question:
    They did include Hidden Palace in Sonic 2. It was only possible because of the extreme interest the Wai proto received.
  20. astroblema


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    It's a secret!
    I think SEGA would use the 2p tracks for the questionable songs (Azure Lake for Ice Cap, Balloon Park for Carnval Night, Chrome Gadget or Desert Palace for Launch Base) before creating brand new songs.