Sonic Origins Collection Announced, Releasing June 23rd, 2022

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    While I'm nowhere near as unhappy as shilz about it - I'm very excited about Origins - I do agree there are some quirks of the Taxman versions which bother me a little. The S1 special stages being one, as shilz said (example: on the MD version you can simply not touch the controls in the first special stage and you end up in the emerald chamber). Another gripe is in SYZ1 where you can get stuck under the bumpers for absolutely ages, it's almost impossible to get out. And, did they fix the weird glitch in Labyrinth where you can jump really high if you're near the top of the water?

    Anyway they're not a huge deal, but my personal ideal-world wishlist would include getting those issues ironed out, because they are noticable for me at least.

    EDIT: I just checked, the Labyrinth Zone bug is still there. It's a shame because it's a very obvious one.
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    I don't get all the DLC hate. If you think the premium edition is worth $45, buy the premium edition. If you think the base game is worth $40, buy the base game. People in this thread literally arguing that it should just be $45 and you shouldn't get the choice. I don't give a shit about the island camera, why should I be forced to pay for it when it could be optional?

    They've definitely provided an interesting set of features. I'm not sure it's worth the price when all of them were re-released only eight years ago on literally the newest console I own, so I'd be spending AA game money on "extra missions and a mirror mode". Probably gonna wait for the price to drop.
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    The mobile versions haven't been touched by the actual developers for years. SEGA themselves have only updated them to use their shitty "SEGA Forever" packaging and to include necessary compatability updates. It's a bit overzealous to expect that the games themselves have been updated at all recently. But there is a possibly that the Origins versions have received minor updates to address bugs and other issues present. No guarantee, but I wouldn't be surprised to see a few issues addressed.
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    I’ve never played any of the newer editions and never got Mega Collection (only Gems). Just have my old Genesis games. So this looks great but I’m not interested in digital. I’m sure they’ll make a physical version later on with all the extra content like Mania.

    They should have included Spinball. It is an original Genesis/Megadrive game even though it’s more of a spin-off (no pun intended). Unless it’s gonna be a hidden bonus.
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    Mainly because the features seem tacky but most of all, it's just really confusing looking. Why does a compilation of 4 games from the early 90s have a multi tiered DLC model? Like I bet people wouldn't care so much if it was just the Standard and Deluxe version, but here it's like "Here's this weird split, and this weird split, and this weird split, and you get this with this but not with this but you do with that at least on Thursdays"

    I'm probably getting the Digital Deluxe version for the Switch, I'll hold off on the PC version until the mods are flowing freely, but for that I might just get the standard.
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  6. OK so a day after reveal, the hype is still going strong for this collection and I have already pre-ordered the digital deluxe edition for PS4 (I really hope the Switch version becomes available soon as well so that I can have these games on the go)

    At the moment, there are only four things that I am still curious about that haven’t officially been addressed by SEGA (and I hope they do soon):

    1) Can we play the games in widescreen with finite lives and game overs?? Perhaps after clearing the anniversary mode stuff and beating all the missions? The option to toggle would be welcome and I’m certain Stealth would implement something like that.

    2) What is the status of the opening and ending vocals for Sonic CD’s Japanese OST? With the animations being remastered for this collection and SEGA releasing the soundtrack with untouched vocals back in 2012, will they finally be able to use them?

    3) Which OST will we get in Sonic 3&K? The MJ tracks, the prototype tracks, will we be able to toggle both? This is a big one for most fans in terms of preserving the game in its original form.

    4) Did SEGA give Stealth and his team freedom to implement the features he envisioned for Sonic 3? Back in 2015, he went over a couple of ideas that he would have loved to include in a remastered 3&K. Now that it’s happening, I’m curious as to which ideas got the green light, if any.

    All in all, Origins is a great collection to look forward to and the potential is there to be the #1 Sonic compilation of all time. Fingers crossed
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    SEGA Jp is doing a live-stream on 28th April next week talking about about Origins and other stuff. Unlikely they'll reveal anything new about Origins, but you never know.
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    Question. I've heard that the mobile version of the CD remake had more bugfixes than the Steam version. Does anyone know if they fixed of these issues?

    If not, I pray they're fixed this time, because they rendered time travel so much more glitchy and annoying. It almost made me wonder if the beta testers were even aware that there was a time travel mechanic.
  9. E-122-Psi


    Wow so they're actually going for a full on NES Remix type concept here?

    Okay suddenly the DLC content seems way more worth the extra cost (I wasn't complaining about the DLC beforehand but it did seem kind of esoteric to bother paying for beforehand, kind of like giving you the whole of Sonic Jam but making you pay extra for the manual scans and FMVs, they're nice I guess but you pay for the game anyway).
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    For me, Origins is a mix of sheer delight and disappointment.

    The animations, missions, and 3D maps are amazing and completely exceed my expectations. These are things you always secretly wanted but knew would never happen. So to have them is just mind-blowing.

    The big disappointment is the seeming lack of split-screen for all levels. I appreciate that these games were made in the older Retro Engine which didn’t have split-screen. However, I’m sure many know the childhood pain of being excited to play Sonic with a sibling only to be disappointed by how sucky it was to play as Tails and how limited the split-screen in 2/3 was. It’s annoying that we’ve finally got the tech to make it happen but it’s not being used. It’s too bad Sega couldn’t have done a kick starter or something to fund its addition. As Sonic 3 is made in the newer Retro Engine, I'm hoping that it might be possible to play the S3K levels in split-screen.

    The lack of Knuckles in Sonic CD is also a disappointment. I wasn’t actually expecting this but the trailer implied Knuckles was playable in everything and got my hopes up. There is a fan hack version of Knuckles in Sonic CD Remastered so it’s too bad Sega couldn’t have reached out to the fan to get that code in Origins but I guess these things are never as straightforward as they seem.

    The digital deluxe/preorder stuff feels grubby, just because the extras are weak. Sega has a Mega Drive emulator for all platforms so I think they could have thrown in Roms of old MD games to pad out the deluxe version and then maybe some beta roms/fan hacks as a preorder bonus. Sega has so much back content that it feels like offering weighty up-sells shouldn’t be so hard.

    But overall this is an awesome package and, one day on my mind is still blown by all the additions.
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    The PC version of CD is like that because it was ported by another studio to consoles, and then that console port was ported AGAIN to PC, instead of natively running the code like the Retro Engine was designed for - with the added restriction that consoles used to charge developers hefty fees to issue patches, versus the free-for-all of mobile platforms. Considering Taxman mentioned every existing* remaster getting an update to RSDKv5, he'd surely use the codebase as he last touched it as a starting point for the deliverable.

    *one interesting note - no current word on whether S3K uses that for consistency/starting with the 20th anniversary pitch, or HCGE/Methyl to allow Stealth and his team an opportunity to flex their engine tech in another commercial product.
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    I admit I'm disappointed that no ports have really tried to capitalise on that, given split screen is likely MUCH easier to do than on the original Mega Drive hardware, and split screen expansion was actually a function that they originally wanted to do more with (see beta Sonic 2 or even the concept notes for Sonic 1). It's early days I guess but I at least hope if we get the remake Sonic 2 then we get the same expanded VS mode with split screen function.
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    That surprisingly wasn't even in my head... until now :(
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    I've noticed that people are pretty upset about Denuvo and DLC, and there are some people that think that this will end up being a total disappointment.

    Ports of Sonic the Hedgehog games are nothing new, and re-releases have happened many times over the years.

    We should try to have more faith in SEGA, though. This is their 31st Anniversary celebration and I seem to recall that they revealed Origins sometime last year, during their 30th anniversary celebration. This isn't going to be the same deal as the Sonic the Hedgehog Genesis port that they did for their 15th anniversary. From what I've read we have Stealth working on this project as well, which is already going to make it a better release than most.

    I don't believe we've seen everything there is to know about Sonic Origins yet, there very well could be some secrets that are for us to find out once the game releases.

    SEGA is well aware of what their community wants and I doubt they're going to ignore our suggestions and feedback. We still have until June though, which is almost two months away. Many things could change from now, so we shouldn't jump to conclusions until we know more/the game releases. It could be great for all we know, or it could be bad, but it's not up to us to decide whether it's going to be that way until we reach that point.
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  15. Blue Spikeball

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    Yeah, but how much of these issues were the port's fault, and how much came from the original remaster? The TaxStealth remakes and games are known for being quite glitchy.
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    I do agree with this.
  17. The Joebro64

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    Did they confirm that Classic Mode is going to be available for Sonic CD? I don't think Sega's ever emulated the Sega CD so I have to wonder if they're just going to have the remaster available and nothing more.
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    I did also point out earlier that depending on what update you played of the mobile ports, it actually was somewhat of a different experience. There were bugs and issues fixed between the original release and the SEGA Forever versions. Things like the Mecha Sonic fight having it's playfield altered was changed *back* to the original. So, there's no reason we shouldn't expect changes from either the original mobile releases or the SEGA Forever releases, especially seeming as some development aspects, like the engine being based off Mania, they would have had to go back in and change things.

    I would note above. The original versions were glitchy, but (ignoring the terrible ads shoved into the SEGA Forever versions), they had quite a few improvements. We can assume since the games are now based off of Mania's codebase, it will be more stable. And we can also assume as since the game bases already existed (minus S3K), there must have been development time put into polish.
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    The classic modes seem to just be the remasters running in 4:3 and with the original lives system. I'd be very surprised if they threw together a Sega CD emulator just to give people the option of playing an inferior version of the game.
  20. Blue Spikeball

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    Accurate ports have been a selling point of compilations and releases like these for a long time. With the remastered mode plus an emulator-based classic mode they would be offering both options. Besides, Sega has been known to license emulators when the need arises. The wouldn't need to "throw it together".

    And I think "inferior version" is debatable. Both the original and the remake had their own advantages and issues, at least from my experience with the Steam version.
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