Sonic Origins Collection Announced for 2022

Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by HEDGESMFG, May 27, 2021.

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    Already posted. On the subject of that though, we still don't know what versions we'll be seeing of any of the games included. We're assuming Christian Whitehead and Head Cannon versions of S1, S2 and SCD, but we don't know that for sure. And even if they are those versions, we don't yet know if they'll be exactly as we've already seen or if they'll be updated in some way. On top of that, S3K is a total mystery. Will it be a rom with filters and stretched pixels that technically make the game widescreen? Will it be the remaster that Tax' and Stealth pitched years ago? Will it be another, separate remastered version? I'm keen to learn more.

    I would love to see S1, S2, S3K and SCD all updated to feature the same menus and features, so that they all fit together nicely in one collection. Spindash and drop dash, Knuckles and Tails, time trials and whatever else implemented into all of the games. That would be delightful.
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    And as others have noted, "original gameplay" shows for the Taxman port footage of the other games too. Until we get confirmation that Evening Star or someone involved with those ports is onboard, it implies to me that these may be entirely new ports altogether in-house at Sega, especially since there was no Whitehead or Stealth imagery in the entire thing. That or it was just a really sloppily put together set of footage to announce it and little else.
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    It feels like a huge time waste to make new base versions when the mobile remakes are there already, top notch and functional.
  5. That would be the most backwards decision ever by SEGA lol.. they seriously think they can do better??
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    This is a company that forced interns to use Sonic Advance code to remake Sonic 1 without help from the original devs at Dimps on an anniversary, and despite 15 years since then at best you get a new creative head in Nagoshi and different staff working on things while Sega is still as clueless as usual. We also know that up until the actual mobile ports, Stealth had a history in trying to promote ports beyond the GBA version of 1 and got ignored as Sega did it themselves with the somewhat-sloppy Classics Collection on DS.

    I wouldn't be surprised whatsoever if they re-ported these games themselves or hire some group like Digital Eclipse to do it like the Mega Man Legacy Collection stuff. I would love for them to be full if not enhanced versions of the Taxman ports and all, but Sega loves to do things their own way.
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    I hope they provide something that the fans haven't already, besides the games being available on consoles. And if they don't, then whatever.

    It's neat to have the best versions of these games in one convenient package, just not particularly excited about it.
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    My guess is it'll be running on a modified emulator like the M2 "ports".
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    I really, really hope not. Not when the Retro Engine remakes are right there. I just hacked my Switch today, bought Sonic 3&K and installed Sonic 3 A.I.R on my Switch. Bloody fantastic experience. I'll buy Origins twice if they do something similar.
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    Damn so considering this is SEGA that we're talking about it seems like the most likely conclusion.
  11. Perhaps I'd buy into this emulation excuse if CD wasn't included, but as it stands Sonic 1, 2, and CD all exist in the Retro engine that Sega owns, with work having been initiated for 3 long ago. It remains to be seen if the creators of the engine are involved in this, but I find it incredibly unlikely that the engine would not be used. I see people pointing to the Switch ports of 1 and 2, but those were effectively downgrade versions of the ports built for the 3DS and thus not a multi-console release like this collection will be.
  12. I wouldn’t be surprised if they were that incompetent and just took a crack at it themselves.. I’m sure there are some very talented people working there but Christian and Simon are the 2D Sonic aficionados and they deserve to work that magic one more time
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    could someone point out the path in question? Last I knew there is one at the bottom Tails can use.


    The path at the bottom of DEZ1 that leads to a bottomless pit has been revamped in Sonic 3 AIR to make the big gap in the wall filled with a more complete pathway. As it was in the vanilla game, if you somehow get in there as Sonic, you die at the end of the path (in the put) since there's no spring to push you back upwards. You needed Tails flight ability (Or Knuckles Glide/climb with level select) to get through it at all. Now, it's more accessible in AIR.

    AIR also makes a few other neat changes like a new starting path for Knuckles at the beginning of Angel Island zone (one which Tails can also reach), and some path changes in Launch Base Zone 2 (including a route that makes it possible to never touch the water).

    Sonic 1 and 2 also have a number of new pathways themselves for Tails/Knuckles to explore. 2-3 new branching paths in Hill Top 1, an entire new hidden section near the end of Chemical Plant 2 (based on the path you could already use to avoid the water, but branching even higher than that, requiring Tails or Knuckles), and pathway changes in Marble Zone 3, and smaller changes in Spring Yard Zone and Star Light Zone.

    All of these make the maps closer in style and feel to full Sonic 3 style maps that encourage exploration without interfering with the original level design. The team just looked at the existing layouts and filled in bigs gaps of space with extras. it's pretty great, and I'd really like to see those changes preserved in a collection that's put together with Sonic 3.

    Knuckles also works surprisingly well in Sonic CD as it is without any major map changes. His exploration style fits the game's more chaoti(x?) maps quite perfectly. Just porting him directly into the game with no further changes would be a welcome addition without us needing to mod him back in.

    Also, PLEASE give me an option to change US/JP Soundtrack in CD at will? Pretty please? Like a menu option?
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    If it's tax/stealth, that's already in the game, so hopefully you'll be good there. It'd be a crime to only release it with one.
  17. Harper


    I saw some translations going around for the Japanese announcement tweet saying that it includes more games, I don't know how accurate the translations are though. The machine translation Twitter provides states "A large collection of titles from the Mega Drive era, including 1, 2, 3, S&K, and CD" while I've seen other people translate it as "Sonic Origins will be a compilation of 1, 2, 3, S&K, CD, and many more titles from the Mega Drive era." I looked over the original teaser trailer again and it never specifically states that the listed games are the only games in Origins. I'm hoping this means we actually get more games included in the collection.
    Here's a link to the Japanese tweet if anyone wants to take a crack at translating it:
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    Doesn't seem to mention "many more titles", no. Just mentions "1,2,3 and even Sonic and Knuckles and Sonic CD".
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    I'll have my translator friend look.
  20. Laura


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    I think it's really gross if they use the Retro Engine Remakes of Sonic 1, 2, and CD after not hiring Team Mania.
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