Sonic Origins Collection Announced for 2022

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  1. It is funky for sure, but it sounds like a typical theme for a clown, and clowns are creepy.
  2. Chibisteven


    I feel clowns do get a bad rep for stuff but the music actually is pretty good in my honest opinion. Yes, clowns can be creepy and movies like "It" don't help much either. Then again the music sounds like circus music which is fitting enough for a carnival level.
  3. I detest clowns due to a traumatic experience, but still manage to enjoy some depictions of them like with It and Killer Klowns from Outer Space. I never said the creepy vibe made it a bad song though, just that I've come to prefer the in-house music over it. Mystic Cave in S2 is creepy as hell, but possibly one of Masa's best compositions. All of the MJ/Buxer tracks fit their respective zones, with Carnival Night arguably fitting the best. It does happen to be my least favourite theme in the game though, regardless of which version, but I'd never call any of the Genesis-era music bad.
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    It's just a play on the classic circus/carnival tune, which I don't think inherently sounds creepy in and of itself. I know I thought it was annoying when I first played the game, but not creepy. Maybe Act 2 when the lights go out it was a little creepy, but that's the environment more than the music by itself.

    I didn't realize The Show Must Go On is a "creepy" song. :V
  5. Harper


    I like the unknown song from the prototype aka the Super/Hyper theme. Whenever I play 3 AIR I usually use the release songs whenever I can, but for the Super/Hyper music I use the proto theme.
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    Is there any way of knowing what the original purpose of that track? What will they ise it for in origins? I would love it if they used it as a super theme but I would prefer the level track speeding up like the speed shoes.
  7. Xilla


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    I always felt it was an unused ending theme of some kind.
  8. Idk the unused theme never felt like an ending theme to me.. it’s more plausible as a Super Sonic theme and I agree that it should be implemented in Origins instead of the damn invincibility loop
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    Still, if anyone from Sega is reading this (and I'm sure they are), let me just say this: add all the customisations you want, but please, always give the option to use the S&K invincibility music for the super forms.
  10. Aww, that one sucked :D
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    You do remember that's essentially the default, right? What they need to include is the option for Sonic 3 music everywhere.

    Granted both of the invincibility jingles are too short for Super music, but I digress.

    Actually, what they should do is write some brand-new Mania-esque Super jingles. I never really cared for Sonic 2's jingle either, but Mania's was the first to feel appropriately powerful (if that makes any sense) for a Super jingle.
  12. I would rather have S&K invincibility as "Super Theme" than Sonic 3 because... man, that one is annoying as fuck.
  13. Blue Blood

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    The SK theme is better, but both are way too short and repetitive. Super music is enough to sap the fun out of any Sonic game that has it; if you can play most of any level in Super form, doing so just shouldn't change the music. Only Generations got it right.
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  14. Laura


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    I think there should be an option in the menu to disable it. I think there is a nice novelty in having the super music, but yeah, it gets really tiring.
  15. Starduster


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    Honestly, I’d love to see Mighty and Ray added to this. I love playing Mighty in Mania. I don’t care if he doesn’t reinvent how you play the game, or if he wouldn’t add anything to any of the classics. He’s just a really cool character and I think Mania expressed his personality really well.

    Also I just don’t want him and Ray to fade back into obscurity. I want SEGA to keep putting them into things (and hopefully allow them to finally be fully integrated into the modern continuity if and when this idea of the “classic world” being its own separate thing goes away).
  16. BlackHole


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    Indeed. I think, if the game detects your copy of Sonic Mania, you should get some small bonuses.

    Sonic Mania: Sonic gets the Drop-Dash option in his games.
    Sonic Mania Plus: Mighty and Ray are unlocked for the games.

    They can even have a Lock-On Technology callback, make a 'cartridge' of Sonic Mania/Sonic Mania Plus that has the lock-on slot. Make a Tower of Power with Sonic the Hedgehog 3 & Knuckles!
  17. TheOcelot


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    It was kind of a dumb decision making the invincibility music the same as the super music in S3 and S&K and the music is too repetitive. Even Tee's super theme for Mania gets annoying all too quickly. They should probably stop making super themes and just speed-up the normal zone music. When playing Mania I disable the super music using the cheat-code.
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    I think speeding it up would be tiresome and jarring too. This is a more general comment I’d apply to the series as a whole, but I’d use a dynamic soundtrack and add in some additional guitar, bass and percussion to a stage theme when Sonic goes super. Same philosophy as Yoshi percussion used in the Mario games, and an evolution of the boost games applying filters and modifying percussion on certain tracks when boosting.
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  19. DigitalDuck


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    Bonus points for actually working too. I wouldn't mind playing Sonic 3 & Knuckles & Mighty & Ray. S3KMR?

  20. nineko


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    Yes, but since everyone is suggesting more and more exotic options, I was just posting a reminder that while more options are always good to have, I hope that they won't get rid of the default. I like the default.