Sonic Origins Collection Announced for 2022

Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by HEDGESMFG, May 27, 2021.

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  1. Laura


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    I don't think they announced it too early. It's just a compilation of Sonic 1, 2, 3K, CD in widescreen. Pretty self-explanatory for most customers. I'm looking forward to it in the same way I did for the Final Fantasy remasters. I just love compilations of old games.

    For most people that's all it is.
  2. TheOcelot


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    Would be neat if they implement a system similar to Sonic Classic Heroes where you play with all 3 characters (S, T & Knux) together and can switch between them.
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  3. SyntaxTsu


    Now this is something I want to see. I can already think of a lineup, too. Green Hill, Spring Yard, Star Light, Emerald Hill, Chemical Plant (minus water ala 2013), Aquatic Ruin, Casino Night, Hill Top (minus rumbling ground ala 2013), Mystic Cave, Oil Ocean, Palmtree Panic Present, Collision Chaos Present, Wacky Workbench Present, Stardust Speedway Present, Hydrocity (minus Act 1’s beginning palette change and Act 2’s crushing wall), Marble Garden (minus rumbling ground), Carnival Night, Ice Cap (minus snowboarding), Mushroom Hill (Minus the beginning section of Act 2 and the palette changes) and Flying Battery.
  4. DigitalDuck


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    They could hire me to do it for them, I'm not that expensive.
  5. Xiao Hayes

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    Ok, what we know:
    - The compilation is named Sonic Origins.
    - It includes the 5 standard classic titles (1, 2, CD, 3, K).
    - What we see in the footage isn't necessarily what we'll see when it's released.
    - We do see footage from S3K (as evidenced by Hyper Sonic) but not separate footage for S3 and SK.
    - We've been told 3K will also be widescreen, so that game will have a new feature and at least another game will be like that too.

    And what we don't know:
    - Which version will be chosen for each game in this release, and in which state (new, vanilla, with added features, emulation/port/remaster/remake).
    - If any other game will be added to the collection. This not only means other titles, but also locked on or not game counterparts.
    - If any other special feature will be added, either in-game (i.e. drop dash) or as part of the compilation menu (i.e. artwork gallery).

    Now, if you ask me, I like how it sounds, but I have little to say beyond that until we get additional info. I'll do my guesses, though:
    - The name implies anything beyond the 16-bit era won't be included, specially considering the good times were already gone by the time the 32X released.
    - Sonic 3D won't be here either, it's less standard than Chaotix and a game developed by a third party. SegaSonic Arcade ruled out for similar reasons to those two titles (isometric in a different hardware).
    - 8-bit games ruled out too, they're not timeless like the 16-bit titles, and they're only worth for nostalgic people like some of us.
    - Spinball and Mean Bean Machine? No, not at all. They came from SatAM. Puyo Puyo is already in Mania too, and Spinball would need a remaster that would get it rid of that shitty engine and its "archieness" to be a good enough release.
    - If a new remaster/remake happens, it will be S3K. Extra difficulty for Spinball to be here since I doubt they'll do more than one new remake.
    - However, the Retro S3K remaster is possible if what TaxStealth had already made is now in Sega's hands, whether they take part in finishing it or not. That might be good or bad news but it's a possibility.
    - If they stick to the already made remasters and finish the half-made one, the collection will have only four games, but the most meaningful ones.

    That's all. Very predictable predictions.
  6. Hanging Waters

    Hanging Waters

    I'd be down for a museum a la Mega Collection (Plus). It probably won't hold my attention for that long, but as a kid I remember going into the museum and just looking at all the videos from games I never got to play yet (like the Sonic Heroes intro), reading through the digital samples of old comics, looking at the concept art, and just generally falling in love with the world of Sonic. I know it isn't quite as applicable now that most American kids have super easy access to the internet, and Sonic wikis have come a long way in documenting the history, but I'm sure they could find some fun way to make the museum more interactive, make it something you can't get anywhere online or in any previous compilations. Maybe take Gems Collection's museum a step further and have unlockable music that you can actually select in-game. I don't even really like museums, especially museums like the kind we saw in Generations, but I think having some cool stuff to unlock that you can actually apply in-game would be cool.

    As for extra modes, just give me anything. Any new way to play through these games is welcomed, even if it's just an aesthetic change or the ability to play as Tails and Knuckles in every game. If these ALL end up being Star engine ports (since the 3&K engine is seemingly unconfirmed), I think there's a greater chance that we see new content across all 5 games. But I may be getting my hopes up with anything beyond widescreen ports, and maybe a few quality of life changes. Anything new is welcome.

    (especially Mighty and Ray playable in all 5 games please please please please please please please)
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  7. Sid Starkiller

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    Ray I'd be down for, but you don't really get much use out of Mighty without alternate paths that require his Hammer Drop. Even in Mania I always felt like there wasn't much point in playing as Mighty unless you're in Encore Mode. Yeah, they could add paths specifically for Mighty, but I'm not expecting them to put that level of effort into this.
  8. SyntaxTsu


    God yeah, Mighty was such missed potential.

    Anyways, to be absolutely frank, what I want the most from this is a Nintendo Switch release. I personally play Sonic Mania a lot on the Switch a lot so having it on the switch would be very nice for me.
  9. XCubed


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    Left to right you say? That would break the universe :V
  10. I don't think we should assume, just because a proof of concept was made, that SEGA was given the source files for that, and if they were, that SEGA was able find other programmers qualified to work with an engine that's not mainstream. I guess it's a possibility, but I wouldn't bet on it... If Taxman/Stealth aren't involved, I don't think SEGA will use their engine.
  11. I’m not counting on any more information for Origins being revealed either on the upcoming SEGA stream or at E3.. which makes me wonder when exactly will we get more info? Based on SEGA’s unusual patterns of promotion, I wouldn’t be surprised if we don’t find out anything else until maybe the fall or winter (that would be a very painful wait)

    My main question for now is whether or not this will have any involvement from fans (according to Zippo) or if this will be done in-house
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  12. Xiao Hayes

    Xiao Hayes

    My name's Martin Member
    Sega could have bought it and put someone to work on it, which is why I said it could be good or bad news. They already own the source code for Mania, so they would mostly only buy the remaining assets, since special stages are already made, along with AIZ, HCZ, FBZ and LRZ.
  13. SyntaxTsu


    Also, alongside this, multiple assets related to MGZ, CNZ, ICZ, LBZ, MHZ, SOZ and DEZSK also exist. The only zone that really doesn’t have anything is SSZSK.

    I don’t want to guess how this will end up, though. Perhaps we will get a remake. Perhaps a stretched ROM emulation. Perhaps a port of Sonic & Knuckles Collection. It’s still all up in the air, and I’d say too early to guess.
  14. qwertysonic


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    No, Sega only licensed the retroengine. They don't own it.


    Well, if this collection ends up being a flop in terms of features, at least the mod scene has now given us every major function from S3&K in a version of each game, now including Super Sonic (And Tails, and soon to be Knuckles too) in Sonic CD.

    Sadly, given how much it basically breaks the game, I doubt we'd ever see anything like this in the official port, but who the heck knows at this point?
  16. _Sidle



    Mighty is actually my most used character out of the five in Mania, funnily enough. :V
    • Hammer Drop lets you both zoom down to the ground incredibly quickly, and cuts your inertia to a much more reactable speed-- if not outright halting you. Very useful for not overshooting platforms in tight scenarios! It uniquely tears through foes instead of Badnik Bouncing [even through things such as all Orbinaut shields, those normally indestructible plants in Stardust Speedway, + those bumper dudes in Mirage Saloon], creates a shockwave on the ground that works like the InstaShield, and shakes down Monitors suspended in the air.
    • Passively, in animations where he's curled up into his shell [jumping, crouching, charging spindash, rolling], he deflects most projectiles you think to throw at him. If you moving slowly or get stopped by something spiky, you get to pop away in whatever direction you hold in a last ditch chance to save yourself. At high speeds, you can skim off large rows of spikes as many times at you want!
    Though since the level design and pacing in Mania is so finely tuned to the flow of the moment, you very rarely get thrown into situation where using Mighty's abilities can compliment that flow well. I'd actually wager he'd feel more useful in these earlier games due to them having a lot LESS flow. Those tricky blocky jumps and those constantly appearing spikes and chandler presses in Marble? Those ever-present spears and morning stars in Labyrinth? The notorious Unholy Trinity in Metropolis? It would be absolutely cathartic romping through with the crimson wrecking ball!

    Would be incredibly cool if the SegaSonic duo were put in Origins as extra unlockables, but I doubt we're getting anything more than what the Retro Engine versions had included.
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  17. Billy


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    Do you have a source for this? Not trying to be accusatory, just genuinely curious.
  18. Overlord


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  19. BlackHole


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    Could that be why they don't rerelease them, then? Because they'd have to keep licencing the Taxman ports, rather than just slap a ROM in an emulator?


    Could also be a factor in why Mania 2 isn't happening either.
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