Sonic Origins Collection Announced for 2022, Releasing June 23rd, 2022

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  1. There is a screenshot from the Asia SEGA Origins site that shows/confirms there will be some form of Time Attack.. I agree that it would be fairly odd to not include this mode since it was a fixture in the original mobile remasters and Mania.

    I too am also pondering on whether or not to jump into Sonic 3 RSDK right away but the Story Mode with new animations is very tempting to get into on Day 1 so I’m likely leaning toward the latter as well
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  2. McAleeCh


    Ah, I see what you mean - thanks for the heads-up. It does look like the game at least records your best times per Act on the "My Data" screen - hopefully it functions like a proper Time Attack mode and lets you jump straight into an Act you've already completed to try and beat your best time. If so, that's actually a cool way of doing it, as it means you'll be able to access stages from all four games from the same menu rather than going to a dedicated Time Attack mode on each game's individual menu screen. Fingers crossed!

    On an unrelated note - I'm sort of hoping that the game will give you the option to use the traditional lives system in Anniversary mode once you've unlocked everything the coins can unlock. Not a dealbreaker if they don't, as they do at least have the secondary use of being spendable to retry Special Stages, but it'd be a nice option to have once the coins' main use has been expended.
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  3. Londinium


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    I kind of hope they give us the ability to use Hyper Sonic in previous games, but that doesn't seem likely.
  4. TheOcelot


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    I've played S1&2 in mirror mode on the SEGA Mega Drive Collection and it's fun. The real challenge comes in the special stages. So easy to get caught out in S1's, taking the wrong exit. As for S2 thankfully the mobile remaster makes it much easier to collect rings and Tails reacts more quickly to Sonic's movement so shouldn't be too tricky.

    Yeah, my assumption is Story mode will follow the canonical playthrough; Sonic alone in S1 & CD, then S&T in S2 & 3K.

    As for time-attack I see no reason why they wouldn't add this to 3K.
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  5. Hanging Waters

    Hanging Waters

    Oh I'm easily starting with Story Mode. It just seems like such a fun new way to get us to play all the games in sequence for once. Then there's also plenty of build-up for when you finally get to 3K.
  6. Snowbound


    I hope the coins are also in story mode. I also plan to start with story mode so I hope I’d be able to start unlocking museum pieces during that play through.
  7. There is one thing I am curious about with Story Mode - and that’s if Tails will join your Story Mode save file after the end of Metallic Madness 3…

    EDIT: I also wonder if Tails won’t be able to go to 3K Death Egg in Sonic & Tails mode this time around, considering that he needs to have the Tornado on hand to catch Sonic after the Death Egg blows up…
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  8. Mastered Realm

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    Story mode is "Sonic only" for all games. It's been confirmed already.
  9. So Tails won't be following him in Sonic 2 or Sonic 3K, correct?
    If so, that does make me wonder how they will implement the whole Sonic/Tails dynamic in the cutscenes, considering that'll be the only place where it can really happen.
  10. Mastered Realm

    Mastered Realm

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    Yep. Tails won't be following Sonic. And yeah I don't think they change the in-game cutscenes. Tails will probably appear on the plane as he does normally, just like he does if you play as "Sonic alone" in Sonic 2.
  11. Xilla


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    For a true story mode though, it needs to end with a Knuckles S3&K playthrough! :V
  12. I missed this detail, where was it confirmed?
  13. Mastered Realm

    Mastered Realm

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    It was noted by some news articles, but you can get the info on the official site too:

  14. Crimson Neo

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    Well, I guess then Sonic won't be able to acess Tails' exclusive path in Sonic 3 & Knuckles stages.
  15. Dark Sonic

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    Well it says play as Sonic. Doesn't say anything about Tails tagging along or otherwise (which I still doubt even if it would make more sense story wise)
  16. _oliver


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    It's not a deal breaker, but its still lame.
    Tails tagging along makes sense for the games' stories and is just adorable, I see no reason to cut it out.
    Just disappointing.
  17. Yea, its not going to make or break the game at all, but Tails following behind Sonic in the 2D games is such an iconic part of his character. I can't even remember the last time I played Sonic 2 or Sonic 3 with just Sonic only. Even in Sonic Advance, one of the first things I did was use the cheat code to get Tails to follow Sonic.

    Its gonna be weird playing these games and not have him with you....


    I'm not jumping to any conclusions on that until Release. You're still playing as sonic whether or not tails follows you so that statement is too vague to be sure, and we don't know how the mode's save progress feature will work either, or how/if any abilities will translate between the 4 games.

    Perhaps it will be a gradual "unlock" type system where with each game you "unlock" new abilities and can re-use/tweak/enable them all once your save file is complete. (Super Peel Out, Drop Dash, Insta Shield, Super Sonic, Hyper Sonic, Tails Follow/Flight, ect. ect.)
  19. Londinium


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    IF I can't do Tails abuse in the story mode, the game turns into absolute rubbish, instant 0/10 for me, Sonic Origins can crash and burn. Absolutely barbaric.

    On a serious note, it will be an absolute shame if Tails doesn't tag along for the story. It was cute seeing the AI desperately try to keep up with the player, now story mode might possibly cut out one of the best parts of Classic Sonic: Watching the AI do dumb shit in the background.

    Though I'm not ruling out the possibility he will still appear, considering 2/4 games don't even feature Tails, and that this is SONIC Origins, there's a possibility the people making the site simply decided to omit Tails from the description.
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  20. shilz


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    Whatever I don't lose interest in.
    Wonder if they're gonna take out Debug Mode or just ignore Coin monitors if it's used