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Sonic Music Megathread of all things Juicing and Jamming

Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by Kyro, Jan 11, 2023.

  1. Battons


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    I'm always impressed not only by how many genres of music Sonic has dabbled in but how well it's executed each time. Ohtani in particular does such an amazing job at anything he puts his mind to. Because of this series I've been exposed to so many different genres I never would've given a fair shake otherwise. If it wasn't for Sonic, I most likely wouldn't have taken so many music courses in college! I hope that all of the various composers over the years take great pride in what they have accomplished, they've touched so many lives, their music has and always will be fondly remembered decades from now.
    On a side note, I hope one day Mr. Ohtani can call in Naganuma for another collaboration/Sonic Rush style of soundtrack as Naga-hop is a genre that really needs some more tracks.
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    I'm not sure if this is the appropriate thread for this, but in the recently found proto of Shadow The Hedgehog there were a couple of early songs that were either different or just not present in the final version. The one that caught my eye specifically was "Broken" by Sins Of a Divine Mother

    I'm pretty sure that it already was somewhat common knowledge that this song was originally planned to be used for one of the endings before being replaced by Chosen One by A2 (Pretty much the same band that made Broken minus the singer) and it being in the proto obviously confirms it. Thing is, this is not the only song that you see being claimed to have once been planned for the game. According to several places on the internet (Wikis, articles, forums, Youtube), All of Me (Another song by Sins Of a Divine Mother) and Who I Am (By Magna-Fi, who also did All Hail shadow) were planned to be part of the game, but from what I've been able to find there are absolutely 0 sources out there to back this up. The Shadow The Hedgehog development page on this site's wiki mentions that Who I Am was planned to be used in the game but it has no source for it, and All Of Me is not mentioned at all. Is there some other info that I'm missing or is there really no source for this out there?
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    The way this can be said without being the most pessimistic person or trying to be smart...
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    I do remember finding out about that one Sonic CD beta that discovered around 2019 and how there were some different variations of existing tracks on there, such as a CD audio quality version of "Palmtree Panic Past".

    It makes me wonder what we could've gotten if the rest of the "Past" tracks had managed to come out in this quality and then were presented in the final release of the game, because this track alone is too good. But I understand that there were memory space limitations, etc.