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Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by SeanieB, Jan 5, 2009.

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  1. SeanieB


    Chief Server Monkey Administrator
    San Diego, CA
    Fixing Sonic Retro
    Sonic Music Archive has been deleted from its' home on a server hosted by a guy named Peter O'Hanlon, otherwise known to the Sonic community as "SonicKid". He has his own reasons, and I will leave him alone personally, but for now, the archive has been destroyed and he was not nice enough to give us some time to back it up.

    This deeply saddens me and I'm personally still in shock, it hasn't hit me completely yet so I'm gonna write this while I still have a grasp on what's happened.

    I tried, and I took the generosity of someone who had an out of control swing switch mindset, which resulted in 5 weeks and 30 GB of destroyed work and wasted bandwidth.

    I apologize to anyone who uploaded to the archive for not, and I thank you for your help and generosity.

    but for now, I don't think this project will continue. especially since I still need to find hosting for the large amount of data the archive needs.

    To Peter, if he ever reads this note: I will not be speaking with you and I will not keep you from speaking to me if you want too. but I'm sure you will not as you hate the sonic community so much. This could have been so much fun for everyone, and I'm pretty sure it would have made you seem like a pretty cool guy for being this generous, but you chose to destroy hard work of people without provocation.

    The original Sonic Music Archive post is quoted below for archival purposes.

    it was fun, guys.

    The SonMA forum is currently up. Come join there for more info. Click. NOTE: This thread will no longer be revised except for replies and large announcements.

    Sonic Music Archive now has a Shoutcast based audio stream that streams the MP3 content on the archive, which is nearly 1,500 MP3s on shuffle and repeat and that runs 24/7!

    Come take a listen and enjoy the easiest way for your Sonic music fix, no rooting through the directory structure we have right now.

    Note: The Retro OSV collection is being moved and remirrored to Sonic Archive.

    Another note to the hackers and there are many here on Retro, I am going to hold custom music to be or that is used in your hacks, GYM/VGM or MP3s, whatever, leave a response if you have something here to add!

    Thanks so much for putting this up on the front page, Slingerland, Thanks to that I'm getting a lot more albums coming in!

    Hey all,

    I've seen several pages stuffed into the side of less than awesome Sonic sites, collecting the music for the games, but generally unorganized, without album art/information or any real discussion of it at all.

    Thus I came up with the idea to start a Sonic music archive, the go to place for Sonic tunes.

    The point of the site is to offer a resource of Sonic music, remixes, OST albums, MIDI's and VGM music. Anyone will be allowed to contribute and there will be a general community feel, a forum and et cetera

    In the mean time, the site needs to come together, and I will be needing some help, which will be deeply appreciated.

    I need assistance with the following, if you can volunteer your time in the following areas:

    * Submitting any and all remix albums, VGM, MIDI or OST albums you have. PM me and I will let you know if I have what you are offering already.(this can start now)

    * The CMS that the site runs on will be sort of a macrowiki, with categories and info like track titles, descriptions etc, I need people to volunteer to contribute to keeping the info correct, organized and up to date. (this will come later) PM and let me know (Wiki editor somewhere preferred)

    * I need someone to help me with the design of both the forum and the CMS. (this needs to start soon)

    * Any ideas you can contribute, these are fine to go on in the discussion thread below

    I'll be working together with Retro a lot, let's make another great resource in the Sonic Scene.

    Current served project size: 27.02 GB

    Albums Contributed

    Yoshi 15

    Sonic Riders Zero Gravity

    My contributions

    Sonic CD US/Eu/Beta
    Sonic R OST
    NiGHTS Into Dreams (MP3)
    Sonic Unleashed OST (Japanese)

    Comma Doo

    Sonic Heroes OST
    Sonic Adventure "songs with attitude" "Remix CD"


    Sonic Riders
    Shadow The Hedgehog
    Sonic And The Secret Rings

    and the rest of his ADX collection

    All below are VGZ format:
    Doctor Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine 8Bit
    Sonic Chaos
    Sonic Drift
    Sonic Drift II
    Sonic Spinball 8Bit
    Sonic Spinball

    End of VGZ

    Sonic Team Unplugged (2004)
    Sonic The Fighters (OST)
    Sonic The Hedgehog "Eurobeat"
    Sonic The Hedgehog (Xbox LIVE Demo) (XMA)
    "SUPERSONIC H.W.A" (Single/EP)
    Super Sonic Dance Attack
    Tails Adventure (game rip?)
    The Very Best of SEGA
    Sonic Team Power Play


    The Sonic Adventure Bday pack CD
    his GC titles in the quote above


    [Knuckles Chaotix] Bad rip - needs to be redone.... Anyone have a good copy of Chaotix in MP3? if not I might do this one myself... [See Vrantheo]
    SegaSonic The Hedgehog
    Shadow the Hedgehog
    Sonic Advance
    Sonic Advance 2
    Sonic Advence 3
    Sonic Adventure
    Sonic and the Secret Rings
    Sonic Battle
    Sonic Mega Collection Plus
    Sonic Riders/Zero Gravity
    Sonic Rush and Rush Adventure
    Sonic Underground
    Sonic The Fighters
    Sonic Next-Gen/360
    Sonic Shuffle
    Sonic Rivals 1/2

    Neko Kit Su

    Sonic Adventure 2 OST
    Crush 40's album


    Sonic 3D Blast Saturn/PC (FLAC)
    (VGM formats)
    Sonic 1
    Sonic 1 (SMS)
    Sonic 2
    Sonic 2 (SMS)
    Sonic 3 and Sonic and Knuckles [the folder has the music from Sonic 3 & Knuckles and also has Sonic 3 version of various themes]
    Sonic 3D Blast (MD)

    ScarredSun/Sonic Retro

    Club Saturn
    Club Sega
    Club Sega 2
    Sonic Adventure Remix
    Sonic Compilation
    Sonic Jam
    Sonic Rush E3 Version
    Sonic the Hedgehog (2006) OST
    Sonic the Hedgehog Vocal Tracks
    True Blue Bonus Tracks
    Virtual Sonic

    and the rest of the Sonic Retro OSV collection

    Sonikku Forever

    Sonic's Schoolhouse
    Sonic Fishing (Mobile)
    Sonic at the Olympics (Mobile)
    Sonic 2 Dash (Mobile)
    Sonic Jump 2 (Mobile)
    Sonic Hopping (Mobile)
    Sonic Darts (Mobile)
    Sonic The Hedgehog (Mobile)
    Unknown Sonic Rivals Flash game.

    and the rest of his various tidbits


    SoniNeko's music (his hack)
    the SMS/GG tracks


    Sonic CD USA/Japan/Eu soundtracks (FLAC)


    Christmas NiGHTS
    Sonic CD PAST (FLAC)
    Sonic Adventure 2 Multi-Dimensional (FLAC)
    Sonic Adventure 2 (Original Soundtrack) (FLAC)
    Sonic Adventure (Digi-log conversion) (FLAC)
    Sonic NEXT Soundtrack (FLAC)
    True Blue Best of Sonic the Hedgehog (FLAC)
    Complete Trinity Sonic Heroes Soundtrack (FLAC)
    Sonic and the Secret Rings Soundtrack (FLAC)
    Sonic Boom (FLAC)
    Triple Threat Vocal Album (FLAC)
    NiGHTS (PS2) (ADX)
    NiGHTS "Perfect Collection"
    Sonic R (Saturn) (FLAC)
    Sonic Arcade (FLAC)

    NiGHTS Journey Of Dreams (FLAC)

    Better Sonic CD Past rip in FLAC
    Better Knuckles Chaotix rip

    [Quoted from below post, to bring this to the top, This version will be consistently updated as time goes in unlike the post later in the thread]
  2. SeanieB


    Chief Server Monkey Administrator
    San Diego, CA
    Fixing Sonic Retro
    I'd rather take copies from the community at large instead of taking it off another site, that's kinda lame, I wanna be able to give people credit, not a buncha credit to If someone there wants to submit something they can, but I don't rip them off.
  3. Jayextee


    Monochrome Cat Game Guy™ Member
    Atro City
    Oerg fails at comprehension, again.

    I see it this way; as well as being a simple resource for OSTs and remix albums et cetera, this could be a great resource in other ways.

    Think about it, someone releases a new hack with fuckawesome music, and you want the VGMs, all looped and tagged properly; OH! Sonic Archive. Just one potential use for the site you may not have thought of.

    Personally, I'd love somewhere to upload my Sonic remixes personally -- they're not good enough for OCRemix, and yet some people still like them. I look forward to this place becoming a reality, could be a great thing.
  4. No, just wanted to point out something like this has already been done.
  5. SeanieB


    Chief Server Monkey Administrator
    San Diego, CA
    Fixing Sonic Retro
    Once again, another small section of a website, vastly neglected/incomplete. To find something now I have to search like 6 other websites, which is what I am trying to end by having a single resource for everything!
  6. JDAdams


    Just make sure you include They Call Me Sonic - "With incredible speeds I'm moving my feets" indeed :v:
  7. Tweaker


    As I said in IRC, I'm definitely loving this idea. Even though I always wanted Retro to be one of the best Sonic music archives as a sort of personal project, having an entire community dedicated to the discussion and archival of Sonic music is absolutely fantastic. I know tons of websites have had music sections before, but I think this has potential to be something more; something that separates it from every other generic Sonic fansite with various Sonic OSTs laying on an FTP.

    You definitely have my support. I'll be sure to contribute all the random bits and bops I've accumulated over the years—it should add up to be a sizable collection. :v:
  8. LordOfSquad


    bobs over baghdad Member
    Winnipeg, MB
    making cool music no one gives a shit about
    A lot of the OSTs and albums you might be looking for are already on Sonic Retro, ready for download. The music section in the wiki is pretty comprehensive.
  9. NickW


    I'm assuming you also want the original music files too (ADX for example)? Because I have a bunch of those sitting on my harddrive.
  10. Sik


    Sik is pronounced as "seek", not as "sick". Tech Member
    being an asshole =P
    But SonicStuff hasn't been updated in years, and is pretty much outdated everywhere.

    Actually I'm surprised it's still up =P
  11. Cooljerk


    NotEqual Tech, Inc - VR & Game Dev Oldbie
    I've been going to Shadow of a Hedgehog for years for my sonic music. He used to have an excellent collection but recently (within the last year and a half) he lost everything and had to start from scratch.

    A suggestion - we should put the genesis music in GYM format as that'd be technically more accurate than anything else. Also, if we do go with the GYM format, then Project 2612 is already a fantastic resource and I'm sure they wouldn't mind if we mirrored some of their sonic rips.
  12. Adamis


    Gimme waffles! Oldbie
    Lammy and "Fafnir"
    This is an awesome idea.I'd be glad to contribute, if I can.
    I can do some little artworks if you want (like, for example, Sonic with a walkman, Knuckles on a disc, etc)

    I also have lots of Sonic music on my computer. The Genesis games, Sonic Jam (very hard to find in mp3), all OST from the next gen games (SA1 to Unleashed), "Project Chaos", "Hedgehog Heaven", "Sonic the hedgehog remix", "Sonic Boom", Sonic X, Satam, Sonic X-treme, True Blue, Sonic Team Powerplay, Sonic Team Unplugged 2004, Sonic 10th anniversary, Megadriver, Chistmas Chaos (promo)...
  13. JDAdams


    I've ripped some of my CD games to MP3, so I have Sonic CD (EU), Sonic Jam (wav files), Sonic R, the SA birthday pack CD, as well as various tracks from SADX/SA2B recorded from my Gamecube. I have most of the GCN games (SADX, SA2B, SH, StH, SR, SMC, SGC-JP) available as well and can dump/extract anything on them digitally if required - I've spent many a happy evening recently getting to grips with hacking my Wii. It may be easier to get rips from the PC games though if anyone has them. On a related note, has anyone dumped the ROMs/images from SMC/SGC to check for any differences? I dumped the versions of Zelda II from both the Gamecube Collector's Edition and Wii Virtual Console the other day, and both are different to any known dumps, maybe the Sonic ROMs are similar?
  14. NickW


    For Sonic Heroes, Shadow, and Sonic Gems Collection, I would focus on getting the music from the PS2/Xbox versions since the musis is lower quality (32hz vs 48hz) in the Gamecube/PC versions. BTW, I have those so you don't have to bother downloading them.

    I think only Sonic 1 is different, since it fixes the spike bug (although I'm sure some people will try to argue that it was intentional).

    EDIT: 666th post, I'm so evil :v:
  15. muteKi


    Fuck it Member
    In the PC version too? I figured that was why I heard a significant drop in quality from an mp3 set of the OST, but I don't see why they'd do that if they could fit everything fine on a PS2 disc. :S
  16. JDAdams


    This thread says so:

    Well that sucks - the PC version is on CD-ROM not DVD-ROM though so you can see the problem. So that version looks best but the XBox version sounds better. Obvious question - can you copy the ADX files from the XBox version and have them work with the PC version?
  17. muteKi


    Fuck it Member
    I don't see why not. I'm getting the PS2 version just to see for that very reason!
  18. SeanieB


    Chief Server Monkey Administrator
    San Diego, CA
    Fixing Sonic Retro
    Yeah, I'll have original files as well as audiorips, different people just will want to stick them in a media player, but others want more accuracy, etc.

    I'll let you know about the art, I have a few good ideas...

    Can you please find somewhere to upload those albums, or find some way to transfer them to me? I'd appreciate Sonic Jam, Sonic the hedgehog Remix, the Sonic X music, Satam, definately Xtreme, and everything after that I don't have, except for Christmas Chaos

    Once again, I don't have the uploader set up yet, so you're going to have to find some file hosting in the mean time, but this just makes the collection at launch even better! I have the SA birthday pack remix CD, I need the other one, I can get those GC games from you over time unless you already have them uploaded somewhere

    Thanks for all your support! keep it coming!


    With the following submissions in mind, I will have the following albums already encoded and ready to go:

    Sonic CD US/Eu/Beta
    (My CD)
    Sonic R OST
    (My CD)
    Sonic Heroes OST
    (Donated by Comma_doo)
    Sonic Adventure "songs with attitude" "Remix CD"

    Neet to aquire from someone here: already called for:
    The Sonic Adventure Bday pack CD
    his GC titles in the quote above

    Adamis if they can

    Sonic Jam
    SA1's complete OST
    Sonic The HEdgehog Remix
    Sonic X OST (japan or US? I heard that the music is very different)
    Sonic X-treme
    True Blue
    Sonic Team Powerplay ( I have an incomplete copy I downloaded a while ago)
    Sonic Team "Unplugged"
    Sonic 10th Anniversary

    I dunno if the birthday pack includes this, but the "songs with attitude" album is supposed to include a second CD with vocal renditions. Anyone have it?

    Check the top post for further albums acquired/needed as time goes on.
  19. Tweaker


    GYM is a horribly inaccurate, badly structured file format. It never did anything but the most basic audio logging from most emulators, and its quality left much to be desired.

    VGM, however, is a significant improvement over GYM in terms of quality for Genesis music. It supports looping, DAC, has much more accurate emulation via the Gens core when using in_vgm, et al. It's a far superior format in every way. In fact, Project 2612 is a VGM archive, not a GYM archive. How did that slip past you? =P

    However, despite my ramblings, I think it'd be productive to host both GYM and VGM rips of Genesis Sonic music, if only for archival purposes. After all, what else would you expect from the go-to Sonic music archive? :v:
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