Sonic Month 2019: Sonic CD

Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by drx, Oct 26, 2019.

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    Looking at the photos if the actual CDs posted by drx, I wonder if they wrote "CĐ" in that way for a reason (other than them being Japanese not familiar with the latin alphabet).
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    That is a good point. How many prototype cartridges have "ROM" written on them?
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    Sorry for the False hope posted earlier guys. But yeah Just as we all kinda knew deep down.
    And yeah as someone was saying its just a Its just a bad glitch that looks like it could have been what we wanted, but isn't.

    I just want to take the time to fully explain whats happening with it.
    When using the hex to load Good future, its also loading the Object layouts from Past, and even has the P icon in the bottom left corner of the screen. Anyways, enemy locations shared between past and Good future don't look scrambled.
    While enemies that don't exist in good future locations are Scrambled and using incorrect Sprite data.

    The Blue guy walking there is just the Blue Beetle like Badnik using the jumping waterfall scorpion graphics.
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  4. Azookara


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    Don't know if the board is gonna keep the timestamp, but if it doesn't it's 12:35.

    When Sonic hits the monitor, I noticed that the floating platforms the player falls down to aren't moving for a few seconds. Is that a quirk of the game or is that what the clock monitor does? If so, then I don't know if that's ever been discovered or not. Just wanted to point it out.
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  5. Sonic Hachelle-Bee

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    You are right. Cycling palettes are stopped too.
  6. RyogaMasaki


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    That's new to me. The clock box has been there forever, of course, but I don't think we previously noticed any effects.
  7. f2bnp


    This is a thing of beauty, thank you so much drx and team!
  8. Cooljerk


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    The clock stopping animations and palette rotations is something it did in other prototypes prior to this release as well.
  9. Dark Sonic

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    What is with Sonic games and having scrapped clock items (mainly Sonic CD and Sonic Adventure)
  10. ICEknight


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    So I'm guessing the platforms just have an extra "time stop" flag which they just didn't bother adding to the enemies?

    ...And if those platforms are direct object ports, perhaps said flag could be a leftover from a different Sonic 1 branch?
  11. Black Squirrel

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    Exciting news on the 0.51 ("621") prototype!

    Sonic the Hedgehog CD (prototype; 1993-06-21)/Comparisons

    it's more stable than 510, less table than 712. Who'd have thought?

    I'm almost certain it's playable from beginning to end, though you have to be careful in Metallic Madness 2 to avoid getting stuck. The developers do appear to have taken steps to let you bypass the unfinshed bits - Stardust Speedway and Metallic Madness are practically empty in places, but there are enough springs and boosters to let you get around.

    We really need some maps though.
  12. JoseTB


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    Likely just to tell it apart from the letter "O" and the number "0", so it doesn't read "CO-SONIC" or "SEGA CO". Though if that's the case it's amusing that they would mark the D, and not the arguably more important 0s in the version number. But I guess that part is less ambiguous since it's clearly labeled as a version number.
  13. JoseTB


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    These look a lot more like mockups than actually implemented and running in a build, don't they? I mean it can't be ruled out for certain, because we still have a large gap between December 92 and May 93, but I wouldn't hold my breath.
  14. Chainspike


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    I was thinking the same thing at first as well. Then, someone mentioned that the the 2nd image is seemingly cropped from an image of a curved screen CRT. Refresh rate bands are also visible. Either this is an extremely good mockup, this mockup was being shown on a television, or it actually was something playable.
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  15. Vangar


    The bottom one may be a mockup, or a mockup taken on a screen, but i'd guess the top one was in some kind of playable or demo state. It looks like a bunch of mess, but here's a photoshop I made to explain what is going on - It looks like it's using the megaCD scaling to have height in a special stage - Sonic is on the top layer and more of the level is shown below. The red circular areas may have been springs to push you up onto the next layer - like an enhanced version of the S1 stage.


    Once you realize this the screenshot becomes a whole lot more interesting and real. Like they knew they wanted to show off the new scaling technology and were trying this before settling on the one we ha
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  16. 19XX


    Holy cow! Thanks, drx!
    I was eager to see this day. The purported CD Sonic 5XX is in between those protos.
    I always wanted to hear the past tracks as CD audio. I wonder why they made them PCM in the end.

    I love Sonic CD, but the end product is so unpolished. I would like to backport some content from the protos to make a polished Sonic CD hack.
  17. FollOw


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    I was wondering when this would finally surface. Thank you DRX!!! Will be checking out tonight!!!
  18. Blue Spikeball

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    Well, people have already ported the CDDA past tune and the level-specific flowers to the Steam version at the very least.
  19. Andrew75


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    Heya! i think that special stage greyout is almost almost correct , the little nib on the bottom left is part of the background.

    Also Nat The Porcupine over on Hidden Palace Discord discovered how to get the strange item that Evilhamwizard discovered.
    Here's what he had to say about it:

    See, at first I tried to just insert some hex code directly into the mmd in spots where I knew it wouldn't bother anything. The conditions for debug placement are never actually referenced by the sonic object, so I had to have Sonic's object pointer point to an unused segment of code where I could overwrite said unused code with my own to test the conditions before having it jump back to the sonic object to resume execution as normal. I had to change another routine to essentially assume we always have debug mode enabled too by disabling the check for the flag with a few NOP instructions. Everything was going great. I double checked my code, inserted it as hex, loaded the cue aaaand... it crashed. After that, I checked my code for a third time to see if I had messed up somewhere but nope, it was 100% correct. It then occurred to me that there maybe a checksum or something similar to detect corrupt data on the disc when loading a file, so I decided to reapply the changes to a save state. Luckily, it didn't crash, but it did for some reason garble the level data. Luckily, dying & respawning fixed it, so I resaved that state & it was good to go.

    Me, MasterEmerald, and Nat all believe that the object was overlaid on the log. when the Thing is first spawned it spins back and forth depending on which side you are touching. it seems to push you away and spin only once, once the object stops spinning it cant be triggered again. the final position of the Spinning device is kinda random, maybe related to Sonic's momentum.
    We don't actually know where the object was to be placed, since it can only be placed by debug mode.

    Also this really interesting video that Nat had made and was uploaded by PixoPoxo
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  20. Jenuall


    Wow, just catching up on all this now - seems so amazing to be gettinga new batch of prototypes for Sonic CD!

    Still no R2 though :(