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    Dat art. MarkeyJester does it again!
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    Quoted the video as a courtesy for anyone who leapt right to the last page.

    My initial reaction was something like "FUCK, I'm MOIST AT THIS!" and hasn't changed after a few dozen views. So much original content, both in art and other assets (newly coded-badniks, for example). Far from being a 'megamix', this is actually providing me with something I crave more than a grown man should; an all-new Sonic adventure on the (kinda) original hardware. You've truly got a great team here on Megamix. My only feedback? Keep doing what you're doing, guys. I don't care how long it takes you, see this thing through and you'll have a very happy community right here - and this place ain't exactly small. ;)

    I love you guys.
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    I have to say, I'm really glad you changed those item boxes. It was kinda annoying everything else looked amazing, yet you were using a shruken version of the S3 boxes. :U

    Everything looks amazing though!
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    They do. Technically a building should scroll its width when Sonic moves a building's length (in actual dimensions, not pixels) in the foreground.
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    I'm loving that balloon mechanic so much, don't know why... I felt like I've gotten mindblown over a simple yet fun looking gimmick.

    The whole presentation of the video feels incredibly different and fresh as hell from what I last seen, and of course it's hard to even point out something I'd like to see "fixed" (either my poor standards strike again or this is beyond orgasmic). Keep capping that level of quality guys.
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    Absolutely brilliant Team Megamix! I've been following this project since it first began and with each release it just keeps getting better! This truly does look like an unreleased Sonic title from BITD. The only nit-pick I have is when Sonic rides the balloons. I think it's awesome you guys used the unused "victory" sprite from S1, but IMHO, it looks too static. Perhaps animating Sonic's feet and free arm similar to the S3&K "hang" sprite used in Flying Battery? Anywho, keep up the great work guys!
  7. Falk


    Essentially I think it looks a little off because his center of gravity isn't directly below the balloons. It's fine for horizontal movement, but when moving downwards I agree it looks a little too static.
  8. This. Is. Fantastic. I have little more to add than anyone else has already contributed. The game's already surpassed any kind of quality of Sega's official ones by my standards. Sonic 4, whilst being official, is nothing near what this shows and often I question if it's a good of bad thing whether that the fan's have surpassed the creators at their own games...

    Keep it up! Loving what I've seen and I know there's more to be seen in the future! :D
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    The music, the artwork, the gimmicks, the general feel. Just all so tear jerkingly fantastic!

    The b-b-boss time thing is hideously uncool though, please consider getting the fuck rid of it!
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    I disagree - it's so silly that it's hideously awesome.

    Also, correct me if I'm wrong - but there's an option for this in the menus, isn't there? I don't remember, but still.
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    My only problem with that thing is that it has a severe tendency to cause sprite overflow since it's almost as wide as the screen =/
  12. I'm not that technically minded, but I think the overall balance is nearly there. There could be a bit of confusion between foreground and background if the colour pallete's too similar, but other Sonic games have done alright and this is little to no different.

    I'd like to add that the fact you managed to incorporate, and pull off in that video, a series of tricks such as the peel out -> baloons -> Ring dash -> Homing attack was absolutely amazing. It's moments like that, are fantastic cosmetically and can be brilliant when implemented into game-play well. Well done.
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    I dig what's there in that video. The small handful of things that bugged me were related to the balloon gimmick. His pose does not fit it well enough, and the set that brought sonic downwards slowly (one balloon) looked a little odd with the other balloon cords floating up without any real way to be doing so. Other than that, I personally cannot wait for this hack, it is of course the hack that got me into ROM hacking in the first place.
  14. ICEknight


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    Perhaps using an edit of this unused Sonic Crackers sprite would work better?

    That level looks pretty cool... it just seems to finish a bit too early?
  15. I'd recomend this too, perhaps with some other frames to show his legs and spare hand swaying a bit as he moves.

    Oh, but they did state it's only an early version of the layout - it'll be longer when completed.
  16. Robjoe


    In an (admittedly late) attempt to quell the speculation regarding Sonic's sprite for holding onto the balloons, I want to point out that the sprite seen in the video is placeholder. It is our intent to have a new, more fitting sprite—possibly with an extra frame or two for animation purposes—for Sonic, though none of us have got around to making it yet. The balloon object itself also isn't entirely finalized, but as you can see it's at least completely functional and still quite nice at the current moment.

    The deal there is that none of the original creators even make the official Sonic games anymore. At this point, there isn't much separating us and the people behind the more recent official releases, as both of us are independent of the original teams' visions and ideas. The big differences are that the teams working for Sega are getting paid, and one of us seems to care more about quality and authenticity than the other, if the release of Sonic 4 is any indication....

    Rest assured, there is an option in the preferences menu (that I think existed as far back as 4.0b) to turn the "B-B-BOSS TIME!" text and sound effects off if you wish.

    Thanks a lot! That was my doing, from a level layout standpoint. :)

    It's a bit short, but that's because I was under a certain deadline while making it. Not to worry: I'll definitely expand upon it by the time the game is in the hands of the public.

    Though the length is perfect for a teaser trailer, isn't it? ;)
  17. MarkeyJester


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    I would like to point out that the balloon grabbing sprite was only temporary, I needed a sprite to use when making the balloon and that was the only one that fit, I'm sure that our sprite artists will come up with something more fitting in due time.
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    I think it would be awesome if you kept that baloon grabbing sprite. This hack is looking pretty sweet though. Keep up the good work.
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    This project looks absolutely fantastic so far y'all; I can't wait until the final product's done. Also, sorry if this was already answered, but I'm curious as to whether Knuckles will receive any updates/changes as far as his Super Form, or any alternate attacks. It seemed a bit strange that he didn't seem to have any editing done.
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    Knuckles and Tails were among the things that were incomplete when the previous "release" was made. Technically, you weren't even supposed to be able to access them so easily- they're supposed to (and will) be unlockables. Though, it would be terribly inconsistent not to update them, and it was always our intent. Tails has received a small bit of work already, and Knuckles is still in "plans have been made and are being revised" phase. There are a ton of things we have done and will be doing to the overall game; takes a lot of time