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Sonic Megamix

Discussion in 'Engineering & Reverse Engineering' started by Stealth, Jan 27, 2012.

  1. Stealth


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    Since I'm expecting some awkward, annoying, or outright bad things to happen based on the events of today, I'm going to attempt to put it to rest right now.

    As some of you may know (and I know that there are now significantly more of you that do than used to), I was co-founder and one of the project leads for Sonic Megamix. This has not changed, although as of about a week ago, I have been left in sole charge of the project due to Tweaker's abrupt leaving. We were told that we may not see him again, but we weren't told why, although we now have a better idea

    I am posting today to say that, despite speculation that I have seen trying to kick up to the contrary, Megamix has not been and will not be cancelled

    Progress has been made slowly since the last public "release", and even still over the last week. No member has presently expressed any desire to abandon the project, all meaning that we still have an in-tact team that is willing to push forward

    Sonic Megamix is very much a team project- all of Team Megamix have made significant contributions to its development. We are all proud of what we have done with it, and we, more than anyone, deserve to see it completed and enjoyed by its fans

    As for concern I had seen arise before, my leadership is absolutely nothing new, nor was it the first time it came up. I have had as strong of an influence on this project since the beginning of "Team Megamix" as I do today, and my intent has always been that the finished product be both enjoyable and as near to professional quality as possible. The rest of the team will work with me, and I with them, to make sure that happens

    I should note that this is a statement, not an opening to debate. Given the volatile nature of the situation, I feel it in the best interest of the project and our team members to have made it as soon as possible. The project, in general, is obviously open for public discussion by nature, but please consider this specific matter closed

    Further updates will come at our discretion. Excitement is understandable and appreciated, but please bear with us while we continue our work. Sonic Megamix will be released once it's complete, and that will take however long it takes, dependent on the work left and our other responsibilities. We can't say when that is, but we can say that we'll make it worth the wait
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    Good to hear, Stealth. I've had people bombarding me with IMs all night asking if what happened meant "FUCK YOU IT'S CANCELED" was a permanent thing now.

    I'm still pulling for Team Megamix and hope the final result of all your labors is nothing short of exceptional.
  3. Wow. I honestly thought MegaMix was dead for a while. That title screen's freaking beautiful. Did you change how the menus work from the last version, or are they the same?

    I'm kind of curious, did you change any level artwork since the last release? I loved the original artwork for the first zone, and the screenshots of the newer Starry Night Zone.
  4. Guess Who

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    Glad to see this matter handled appropriately before someone got banned for making a tasteless "IS MEGAMIX CANCELLED LOL" joke. Best of luck to you and the rest of the team in getting this done; it's a magnificent project that deserves every bit of the considerable praise it has received over the years.
  5. Stealth


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    Thanks for the compliments! It's good to know some people haven't given up on us :P

    Better menus are actually currently in-progress. Assuming nothing goes wrong with this, I think the people looking for interesting presentation should be pretty pleased

    A few levels have already been overhauled in the graphics department at this point. Some are still WiP, with Starry Night Zone probably still being the most complete, but MarkeyJester has been doing a great job with them so far. With the exception of the unfortunate amount of time that's passed since SNZ was shown off, the visuals shouldn't feel stale, at the very least :P
  6. corneliab


    This is all great to hear! Really looking forward to seeing this thing once it's done.
  7. Mike Arcade

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    You guys just keep up the good work on Megamix, I'm glad to see that work is still being continued!
  8. jasonchrist


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    The game that got me into Sonic again, big time. Nice to see it's still going!
  9. The Game Collector

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    I actually like the fact that the game is seeing some major overhauls since its last incarnation. It really makes them seem like two separate games altogether, just as the last release had quite a few level layout changes from the final Genesis rom.

    This also gets me to wondering... has anyone ever hacked a hack? If Megamix ends up being so good that it becomes THE Sonic game to play (well the demo kind of already is), I wonder if we could expect people to do such things. What your team has done is figured out how to turn a Genesis rom into a Sega CD game and with that information available to everybody we could start to see longer hacks with more content. Maybe Psi will grab the rom and replace the 5 characters with 5 of his choosing one day.
  10. Mike Arcade

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    Seems redundent to me, but I do agree that Megamix will end up like it's own seperate game when it finally comes out.
  11. Aquaslash


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    Ignoring all the principles behind hacking another hack, and the fact that it'll likely earn you a ban; it'd be easier to work with games that have actual documentation behind them, as opposed to having to figure out everything from scratch.
  12. E-122-Psi


    Like the title screen.

    Nice to know it's still being worked on, and it was already rather complete looking as it was. :D

    A heh. Anyone give me a clue how to hack Megamix and perhaps. Otherwise don't count on it. :v:
  13. Xeric


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    It does bring up a point though. I'd love to see some of the character hacks you've created in Megamix, especially Amy. The game would be less of a "sausage fest" then and it'd create another style of gameplay.

    I'm glad this hasn't been cancelled though. Megamix is what got me into hacking.
  14. Stealth


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    I'd stick with "don't count on it". Let's let Megamix be Megamix for a while before we even begin to consider modding it, maybe? :P
  15. Jayextee


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    I'm sorry to hear about all that's happened. Hope this goes well for all involved, and if it's any consolation I don't think Starry Night Zone (the art or that amazing music) will get stale at any point soon. Knowing that MarkeyJester is on the team fills me with confidence.

    You too, Stealth. I know we had words a few years ago, but I respect you. :)
  16. bolt7


    I'm glad to hear that this project is continued and it was told before some tasteless joke or meme was started. good luck to you guys.
  17. Arique


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    That title screen looks friggin incredible. :thumbsup: Consider me excited for this "Reboot" of the original hack.

    BTW, is there anyway we can keep this as a Genesis game instead of a Sega CD game? I really want to be able to play it on the Genesis emulator that is currently on my Homebrew'd Wii since the emulator doesn't have Sega CD support yet.
  18. bolt7


    I don't think this is a reboot thread so much to say as its a "were not dead its still going" thread. Don't know if Stealth has any plans to bump the original thread for updates or not.

    And since this isn't a reboot they probably will stick to SEGA-CD format. Shame no Wii emulators haven't been fully completed yet to handle SEGA-CD formats.
  19. Stealth


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    Yeah, this is definitely a CD game from here on out. We've already settled in firmly with the platform- no good turning back now :P

    Used SegaCD/MegaCD systems seem to turn up on ebay frequently enough, but they can get pricey. You might want to consider checking out pawn shops, flea markets, swap-meets, etc. A few years ago I caught a SegaCD at a swap-meet for $15, so maybe you'll luck out

    As for the thread, we may just end up using this one
  20. MathUser


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    Glad to see the hack is still going. Keep up the good work.