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Sonic Megamix

Discussion in 'Engineering & Reverse Engineering' started by Stealth, Feb 20, 2009.

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  1. Chaos Knux

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    If you went Super via a S monitor, get an another one. Otherwise store some shields before transforming. I think it gives Mighty the powers of all the shields at once or something.
  2. muteKi


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    As a fan of arcade sticks due to the fact that they allow me to use my fingers instead of just two thumbs to press buttons I have to respectfully disagree -- at least for the Genesis.
  3. PC2


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    When Mighty goes super from an S monitor, he automatically gets all the shields, you just can't see them. Try different button/directional combinations while jumping to use them. For specific directions, check out the Sonic the Hedgehog Megamix wiki.
  4. Well, I just tried it out, and it works great! Thanks a lot. :)
  5. DividedXZero


    Sorry if this is in the wrong place, but I've searched the forums looking for an answer to this.
    Megamix is for Sega CD, but how do I use the save feature for this game. I'm not talking about save states, just the game save feature in general.
    BTW: I'm using Kega Fusion.

    formatted ram, created brm, loaded cart, loaded megamix, but I cant seem to save my game progress...
    Any help would be greatly appreciated.


    (again sorry if this is in incorrect location)
  6. Andlabs


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    Saving is done automatically, at the end of each act. Just use Continue at the title screen when you want to continue.
  7. Mr. Mash

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    From the title screen, go to options and select the character you last played as (make sure the first time you play is in save mode) then when the title screen re-loads, scroll down to "continue". This works in both Kega Fusion and Picodrive for psp for me.
  8. DividedXZero


    Well thank you, I had tried this before but once I shut down and booted it up the next day I had to start over. Oh well, hopefully I'll get it sorted out soon.


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    I play in real Hardware, in fact I recorded this video where it shows how I play Sonic Megamix on my Mega CD.

    It's Sonic Megamix USA version, and my Mega CD is an European PAL Mega CD 2, but working on a PAL Mega Drive 2 modified to run like a Genesis. Anyways, It's like I've been playing USA Megamix on a Genesis 2 with a Sega CD 2.

    The game doesn't save the game, It doesn't create a save file in Mega CD's internal memory. And if you choose "continue" on the menu screen, it always plays Sunny Shores Act 1

    I've also made a custom cover and back cover for Megamix, for my personal use. Here it is, in case you want to use one (and beacuse there is no official one). It has the correct size to print it and use in a double CD case, like the PAL Mega CD game cases.


    Note: Sorry about the pic size
  10. DividedXZero


    Well I just beat it w/ shadow, didnt get all the emeralds though, lol.
    A few things. Loved the level designs, fast paced full of traps...personally better than most sonic games I've played. What you guys did with star light zone IMO is the way it should have been done. And I came a cross a most wonderful surprise too! Metallic Base Zone act 2 plays Naruto's elevator stage theme from Cosmic Carnage! I had to do a double take with my ear for I thought it deceived me. I personal favorite though I've never been able to get my hands on a copy of it.. =(
  11. mdawgmike


    Wow! Nice work on the cover. It makes the game just that much more complete. long as this is bumped. I'm sure the Megamix team is already aware of this, but when playing on the hardware the game consistently crashes at a certain point for me. It's when I'm playing as Knuckles in Dark Fortress Zone, act 2. Right when I leap down to the outside area (blue background) my Genesis resets every time. Going through this part on an Emulator works fine.

    Any workarounds to this that anybody knows of? There is only one way to go at the start of the stage...and I think debugging around the trouble-spot wouldn't let me save the game right? I was hoping to finish the game with all five characters with all 6 emeralds. I'm at 4/5 :(.

    I have version 4.0b burned to a CD, which I play on my North American Genesis Model 2 and Sega CD Model 2. I've burned it the slowest my burner allows me to (8x) to minimize any possibility of errors. Everything else seems fine except the one part of the game.
  12. Eduardo Knuckles

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    Ok, I agree that my first favorite hack is Sonic 2 Delta, but this hack wins everything I ever seen in my whole life. Sonic Megamix is a example from that a simple and organized work can result in something definitely awesome, pretty and absolutely perfect. I have to admit my passion for this hack. The work made on this is absolutely impressive!

    This hack is a example of knowledge, and is a great example for the hacking beginners that wants something to get like mirror for make a great job.
  13. Glisp


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    None at the moment I'm afraid.
    Thought I'd mention this about Super Mighty also:

    You can combine the powers of the Lightning Shield or Water Shield. (not both though unfortunately.) With the Fire Shield's ability. Pressing forward/up combines the Lightning and Fire Shield abilities. Pressing Forward/Down combines the Water Shield and Fire Shield abilities. (this one may make you die if you use it incorrectly. Particularly near any of the Knuckles only entrances in the first stage of version 4 as Super Mighty. It's pretty fun to bounce around like a Basket ball though.)
  14. Pretty serious glitch I noticed with Sonic Megamix. I need to check if the version I have is old, because if it is, these glitches may not even apply, but...

    In Misty Maze Act 4 (in Extra Mode), I've noticed that the water glitches out at times. As such, it becomes impossible to finish the level. You may want to look at this, or, if it turns out to be unfixable, put in some water shields so that the level isn't IMPOSSIBLE to clear.

    Also, the extra mode for the "Original" gameplay mode (where you play the original Sonic 1 levels) ends at Green Hill Zone Act 4 and goes back to the Sega CD boot screen. I'm assuming this is because there were no Act 4 levels in the original Sonic. You guys may wanna look into that, maybe remove Extra Game for Original mode, or work on actual Act 4 levels.

    Just some things I thought I'd throw out there. Keep up the good work!
  15. Ravenfreak


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    Misty Maze Act 4 isn't finished, and because it isn't you cant beat that level. This has been known for a while now. I didn't know about the Green Hill Act 4 glitch though... But I can't wait for the final release of this hack, it's my favorite hack to date. :D
  16. Jaseman


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    On my DS, the PC, and my Wii, I've beaten this game many, many times as all the characters. My favorite, of course, is Sonic, with Mighty in second. I mostly only play v3.0, as there is no MegaCD emulator for the DS, but I still play it often.

    Excellent, excellent work!

    Oh, and I love the special stage design
  17. JaxTH


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    Ah yes, this...Last time I played this it was v2[1].0, glad to see it's still awesome (especially with all the YouTube videos going up as of late).
  18. SMTP


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    Odd, it saves perfectly fine on my SegaCD. Maybe your memory is dead?
  19. Hanoch


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    Are you planning to continue Sonic 2/3&k megamix as the sequels to this? And what was the very first megamix game worked on?
  20. nineko


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    So, I heard that we have a wiki somewhere around. Some people say that it contains informations about games and hacks. You know, you might even pretend that there is a page about Sonic_2_Megamix, and *gasp* read it :O
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