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Sonic (Master System) Sprite Hack

Discussion in 'Engineering & Reverse Engineering' started by Ambil, Mar 15, 2007.

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  1. Ambil


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    I present you a hack of an 8-bit game, Sonic 1. This project is ment to be a new challenge for expert players.In my work, I have edited the sprite layout of all levels, including sprite types, positions, and bosses scenarios.

    All changes have been made in a hex editor, as I'm not aware of any hacking tools for this game. Credits go out to Magus, for the valuable help of his hacking guide, and MEKA, the emulator I used for game testing.

    Quite a lot of the sprites aren't shown in their correct tiles, as they are part of other zones. So the basic rule is, don't trust them.

    I checked the levels and made sure that all and any of then are beatable (I know some of them are very hard). However, I accept reportings of bugs and errors here.

    Download the game (145 KB) and play it with a SMS emulator.

    This is me, then. Hope you like it, and goodnight.
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    The link's broken.
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    Right click, save as.
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