Sonic Mania (Switch, PS4, Xbox One, PC)

Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by TimmiT, Jul 23, 2016.

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    Because physical > digital. Every time.
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    Same here. It's a really unique and effectual method of conveying a story that worked wonders in 1994. You have these limitations like no voices or sound but you can still absorb quite an epic story perfectly through simple cut scenes and movements - it's a beautiful way of telling a story and I hope they utilise it once again.

    I'd love it for Mania to copy the idea and tells its story through similar mechanisms. Perhaps with all the fan service we've seen thus far that's precisely what they'll do.

    I would absolutely love and I mean love a physical release of this. I know it's probably out of the realm of possibility but I'd love for it to happen.
  3. TimmiT


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    This. I would love to have a physical copy of the game on my shelf. Feels more like I actually own the game that way, feels more real I guess.
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    I agree with the physical copy suggestion. I've always preferred physical copies of games over digital ones. But nonetheless, even if there won't be a physical copy of the game (and I'm assuming there won't be) I still look forward to Mania of course. But it'd be a nice surprise for those wishing to pre-order the game.
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    Bit late to say so here, but I'm incredibly hyped for this game. Everything looks so lovely. :3

    Also, on the topic of the whole "digital vs physical thing", I tend to lean towards physical games. I guess it may stem from a fear of having the game suddenly taken away (I'm sure Silent Hill fans know what I mean) and physical games last a bit longer due to the whole circulation thing.
  6. Retroman


    I agree, it's nostalgic and consistent with all other classic sonic games. Plus it's easier and quicker to install than installing steam, setting up an account, check email for activation, enter that activation code, download Sonic Mania and play.
    But I think the main reason Sonic Mania is 'digital', which for the good of me I'm not completely sure, is for the streamlined updates, which is an advantage and a disadvantage, depends if you like Steam.
    Though if all of the developers, and Sega approve the idea and make physical copies then they would have to release patches and upload them to game sites, which I would prefer. Both would be awesome
  7. winterhell


    Absolutely. Having a physical copy does not necessarily mean in 15 years when you want to play the game that you'd use that. You can always have a digital copy on your PC with a crack and whatnot. Remember that a crack is still legal if you posses a legal copy(that you have dumped yourself or something).
    I have collected the 3 main regions of the MD/CD/32X games, even though I've only played 1 of the regions.
    The GBA, DS and Wii games are even still with the shrink wrap since I don't have the consoles.

    It might sound stupid to many people, but if people value a 40 pages print of a Superman comic for $3 million and are paying for it, then thats its value.
    When you or other people look at your physical copies is a different experience than looking at the Steam or iTunes collection.
  8. MartiusR


    Sadly, most games on PC which have recently physical releases are just package for Steam code. They have indeed (usually) physical medium inside, but there is "steam installer" (in big shortcut it's something like backup data you can do from any steam game you've got installed on PC).

    Probably that's why I'm recently more attached to the DRM-free releases than physical releases. The cases when you can have both things are very rare (not counting such initiatives as IndieBox). About Sonic Mania - to be honest, I wasn't expecting that it will have some physical release, it seems to be recently some constant trend amongst bigger developers/publishers, that "minor" titles*/re-releases on other platforms/etc. are available only in digital distribution.

    I can't say that I'm too optimistic about chances of release Mania on GOG (or in any other place with DRM-free version) - about year or two ago Sega removed DRM-free version of their games from DotEmu and Gamersgate (probably from Nuuvem as well, but I didn't check - they had there not only those old MD games, but also DRM-free version of Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing, the only DRM-free release of this game I've heard about). And after that it seems that they're strictly attached to Steam. GOG has recently some nice successes in releassing DRM-free games from major companies, but those are mostly some older games (although there are some relatively fresh titles from Deep Silver, such as Metro Redux), and none of them was japanese company (but I've voted on GOG's wishlist on Mania anyway).

    *By "minor title" I don't have in mind "inferior", but rather those made with smaller amount of resources and with reduced all "unecessary" costs, and amongst them physical release.
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    I would also vouch for a physical release. A game like Mania is essentially the game I have wanted above all others (and I'm sure I'm not alone when I say this), and I largely prefer getting physical copies of games over digital copies (new ones anyway, I don't mind getting old games digitally). I've said it before, but I also do feel that if Sega is serious on keeping classic Sonic --and everything that goes with it-- back on a permanent basis; they shouldn't be restricted to small projects and digital releases.

    Given Mania's presumed scope / size, I assume a $20-$30 game would be the ideal price if it did get a physical release, though if Mania was released on retail for the full $50-$60 asking price, I would happily pay every last cent of it.
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    Guess we'll have to make some noise to try to convince SEGA it's worth the cost of a physical release. If they were to release a disc featuring the Sonic 1, 2, CD remasters and Mania, then I would be more than happy to pay $50-$60.

    I'll definitely purchase Mania on PS4 & Steam to show my support.
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    I plan on buying the hell out of Mania digitally upon release but I'd also love a physical version. OcelotBot is right. We should make some noise about it.
  12. ELS


    Who do we bug for feature requests by the way? Sonic CD didn't have direct input and I couldn't use my Saturn pad. I'd love to use it for Mania.
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    I'm going to buck the trend here, I don't really care if a physical copy is released. Why would I want to get off my butt and take the disc in and out, occasionally misplace it, etc. If you need a momento of the game just buy some of the inevitable merchandise. I understand why it's important to some of you, but I personally stopped covering my walls with video game cartridges about the same time I switched to an adult sized mattress...

    Are you really going to raise your voice about something which is ultimately inconsequential from a business perspective, for Sega? Who here would not buy the game unless they get a physical copy??

    Exactly... We are all fans here, and something tangible appeals to the baby in me too, but I don't need to stick things in my mouth anymore, although I wouldn't turn down Big the Cat if the opportunity arose ;)
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    Overlord. Overlord very well may not purchase the game if it doesn't atleast get a DRM-free release. Not sure I'm on board with you associating collecting physical games with childhood. Not when there are plenty of grown-up reasons for having a physical copy of a game. Including, but not limited to, physically owning something you've exchanged money for, not just a license to use that something.
  15. Flygon


    I'm happy to whack an extra ten bucks for a physical copy, myself.
  16. gold lightning

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    Let me put it this way. Ever bought anything for xbox 360 on xbox live? The moment Microsoft shuts down the part of their service that caters to the 360, that content you purchased is gone forever unless it is already on your device at the time the services go down. However, your system becomes a timebomb at that point. It will die eventually and then take your paid content with it. And this stuff will happen eventually. Hell, the original xbox already had this happen for what small content you could get for it online. I also expect this to happen with Nintendo Wii and DSi very soon.

    On the contrary, physical media can be transferred no matter what. It isn't up to someone else paying to keep servers alive or how long a single console will last. It is instead up to you and how well you take care of your belongings.

    Let's say you have been a collector of NES games since it came out and all of a sudden your system is fried and damaged beyond repair. In this case, because all games for the system are physical releases, all you have to do is find another working NES and you're good to go. All your games are still there and ready to be played.

    A 360 with nothing but downloadable titles will become a timebomb in ten or less years (I'm calling it being no more than five). And when that system dies, the all the money invested is gone forever. All games will then have to be repurchased in physical form to be played and enjoyed again (if that even can be done. Some games are download only.) . Hell, this also brings up another issue. Download only purchases have no monetary value to them the second money is exchanged. You cannot resell that something you supposedly own. It's all essentially a rental with an undefined due date.
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    Just to clarify, I'm 32 and I'm not a collector by any mean. In fact, I recently sold most of my old cartridges. There are many valid reasons to prefer a physical copy, some of which have already been discussed in the previous posts. I don't mind to download software if it's something I don't care about or something replaceable, but I'd very much prefer having a tangible copy of a game I'm interested into. Also, physical releases can be bundled with exclusive merchandise or something. Which, if you are a collector, is another plus in your book. In fact, Sega would be stupid not to take advantage of that, offering exclusive stuff like signed art or something else which they can obtain for free would result into an even more massive amount of preorders, and not a financial loss at all.

    That, and I really, really don't like Steam.
  18. Fred


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    OH NO

    Guys, grow up. Be happy you're getting something after 22 years of waiting and stop picking nits. We've already won this battle.
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    I wouldn't say that wanting a physical release is nitpicking. It's not even really a make or break thing for a lot of us, we would just like to have this game on our shelves. I imagine that if there's enough demand, Sega could probably do a limited physical release or collector's edition or something. And considering this is Sonic we're talking about, I don't think lack of demand would be an issue.
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    Should I remind you of Taxman Sonic 3 port petition?