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    Mania mods are slowly but surely blossoming into a beautiful thing:

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    I was really hoping we'd start seeing custom special stages. Can't wait to see what people do with it.

    + - I'm sure it'd never happen, but... Sonic Mania Unleashed Project, anyone?   :v:
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    Actually, I disagree. Even as a young kid on my first playthrough of Sonic 2 it was jarring to notice that the Tornado was somehow flying backwards thanks to the last triplet of Nebulae before the Wing Fortress appears. The enemy placement and background scrolling gave it away instantly, so I really think that's an unfair criticism, all things considered.
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    While we're on to bugs, I've noticed that when the drowning music comes down and I get an extra life, the music goes out of sync with how long I've got until I run out of air (ie. after the extra life jingle plays, the drowning music continues from where it left off - rather than where it's got to in the countdown). I thought I had more time than I did because of this, so I drowned, lol
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    I can't wait for the Sonic Mania 06 project
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    If that's the case (I don't remember it ever happening) then it's still not an unfair criticism, it's just a criticism that also applies to Sonic 2.
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    I wish Forces wasn't releasing until 2018. That way Mania could have been delayed another three or six months allowing Team Mania the time to release a fully-polished bug-free game with all the transition/cutscenes included. I swear Mania is more glitchy than Sonic 3.
  8. There's no such thing as a bug-free game. It's possible that, back in the days before broadband internet and cheap storage, companies used to invest more in beta testing, but now that patches can be easily distributed, it's probably cheaper to cut back on the beta testing and let consumers do the final testing. It kinda sucks, but it really looks like that's the trend now.

    It sure would've been nice to get a more consistent game though, with all level transitions and less conveyance problems with the bosses. Mania's still great despite these little issues, of course.
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    Nah, S3K is far buggier.
  10. Blue Spikeball

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    Dunno about that. I rarely run into bugs with S3&K unless I'm glitch hunting.
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    Music has many bugs. IIRC, I got an invincibility first, then got super sneakers before finishing the invincibility time, so, when the super sneakers music stopped, the invincibility music restarted and played for the rest of the act until the boss music came to replace it.
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    Yeah I honestly don't think I've ever encountered a bug in S3&K. I think you really have to hunt for them.

    On the other hand, you're basically guaranteed to come across a big or two in Mania.
  13. Guys, S3K was a great game but you really need to take off the rose-tinted glasses if you really think you've never encountered bugs during normal gameplay. The US manual even mentions them as "Robotnik's traps" for going too fast or something similar.

    From my experience Mania has very few game-breaking bugs other than the issue that takes out the sound for a level then causes the game to crash when you complete the level. From Digital Duck's post earlier it sounds like this one may be at least partially fixed?

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    Still waiting for the patch to arrive on Nintendo Switch. There have been zero articles since the initial announcement that are pointing this out and it's frustrating to not get any explanation for the delay.
  15. Sonic 3 & Knuckles has a lot of really weird crushing collision bugs involving things that move UPWARDS (yes, really) and it also like to clip people into walls when they go fast, even when they don't! My most recent S3&K Sonic run involved Sonic running up a ramp in Icecap, clipping into the ramp, and being ejected on a lower, less desirable route.

    I've clipped in Mania once and it's already been fixed. The most bugs Mania has are involving music and sound as opposed to level geometry stupidity.
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    Agreed. I don't really think I can get by the claims that S3K is "bug free" when the only real big bug I've encountered in Mania thus far is the music bug, and I'm sure if there's a new patch they'll be working on fixes for the biggest offenders. In S3K I've literally died just from the level deciding I'm going too fast and clipping me through a wall. Collision bugs aren't frequent on a normal playthrough, but they sure are there.
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    We've all played Sonic 3 & Knuckles hundreds of times more than Mania. In 4-6 weeks Mania has delivered more bugs, and stupider bugs, than I personally encountered in 20 years of Sonic 3.

    Maybe some people are getting different experiences sure, but if you want to say Mania has fewer bugs than Sonic 3 don't count the 20 years of digging, Youtubing and internet sharing. Compare your own first 4-6 weeks of Sonic 3 to your own entire experience of Mania so far.
  18. I mean when even the game's instruction booklet is telling you about getting stuck in walls is it even fair to try and say the game isn't buggy? I had about the same experience with 3&K as a kid that I did as an adult now. It even has really dumb things like Egg Robo turning into Robotnik for Knuckles in Flying Battery, and Knuckles mysteriously losing a cutscene when you lock on the cart haha. Sonic 3 is just open about its issues = P

    Sonic Mania was also launched in a time period where we can share info about this stuff and where we know how and when it works. If S3K was a new release in this era I imagine we'd be going through about the same thing with it now.
  19. Blue Spikeball

    Blue Spikeball

    I said that I rarely run into bugs with S3&K, not never. And I stand by it. Most of my S3&K playthroughs are glitch-free. The running through wall bugs aren't nearly as common as they were in Sonic 3 without lock on, and I couldn't intentionally replicate them unless I watched a video showing how to do it. Oh sure, I've run into these in S3&K too, but only once in a blue moon.

    Whereas I've only been playing Mania for weeks and already ran into more glitches than I did during my first years of playing S3&K, and can even name a couple of Mania bugs that I can easily replicate with little effort. And yes, I even clipped into a wall in Mania and got stuck the other day, and wasn't even going fast. Who knows how many bugs I'd find if I actually went glitch hunting.

    I love Mania, but from my experience it's glitchier than S3&K (but not necessarily Sonic 3).

    Not a glitch or oversight. They removed that cutscene from Knuckles' MHZ in S3&K because it only makes sense if it's the first zone in his story.
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    With exception to A) the Knuckles climbing-animation-getting-interrupted clipping glitch and B) the issue with the game softlocking at the transition into Egg Reverie—both of which got patched out—I encountered no bugs in my first six playthroughs of Mania (between PS4 and PC) that impacted my gameplay experience at all. Bugs and oversights that were silly or unpolished, sure (like Tails respawning at regular size in the small sections of Metallic Madness), but nothing that: forced me to restart a level or reset the game; caused any wonky behavior in the graphics, music, or object functions; or broke aspects of the gameplay in a way that was exploitable. (I get the Knuckles glitch is a big exception there, but it was also fixed, and I only encountered it one time before finding out much later how to execute it and how to exploit it.)

    I'm not saying any of this to "silence the complainers", but to point out that, if you're going to talk about personal experiences in regards to Mania's bugginess, you should be ready to accept that some people have had this experience, too. Whether or not mine aligns with the majority of Mania experiences or not, it still informs how impactful Mania's bugs and problems are.