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Sonic Mania (Switch, PS4, Xbox One, PC)

Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by TimmiT, Jul 23, 2016.

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    SteamWorld Dig 2 is putting in work, yikes.
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    I wonder if he's talking about this arena from the earlier version of Lava Reef Act ?

    EDIT: And I see this was already suggested in the hacking topic. Damn.
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    Guess I should've been more clear. I meant the Dunkey easter egg. but it would be cool to see Egg Janken re-implemented as a secret boss (maybe for Knuckles?)
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    Regardless of the (in)appropriateness of putting YouTube references in a professional Sonic game, I think a problem with the Dunkey easter egg is that it may confuse fans who are familiar with the level select cheat in S3&K (ie: the only ones who would try doing this in the first place). Trying it on Mania and hearing the ring jingle may mislead them into thinking that they enabled some cheat, resulting in confusion.

    Did the update disable the jingle?
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    I'm reminded of the Sonic 2 Tails/Miles code :P

    Took me forever to figure out what I had activated when I ran across it while blindly mashing buttons (looking for Hidden Palace...)
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    Hahaha, I think I just figured out the real reason you guys implemented that easter egg ;)
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    Why is the Polygon Jim easter egg in the game?
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    I still want my randomiser in Debug mode back :( That was a blast to just spam and dash through.
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    A Motobug still works in this scenario without specifically relating to Polygon Jim.

    And someone mentioned how well hidden the easter egg is. That doesn't seem to matter to game devs. Remember the Hot Coffee debacle? That was completely unused, but that it was in the code at all made people freak out.
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    The Hot Coffee 'controversy' in Grand Theft Auto San Andreas is a wholly different kettle of fish though, due in no small part to the fact that said hidden content exceeded the game's given content/age rating (Below "Adult Only".) in certain parts of the world. This means that Rockstar Games left in explicit content which went against the game's rating, and failed to either A: remove the content entirely, or B: disclose the content to the companies responsible for handling its age rating, before allowing the game to be mis-rated and shipped.

    There were other aspects to the Hot Coffee incident, for sure, but the one stated above is the glaring actual problem. It doesn't matter how unused the content was, the fact that it existed on the discs at all - obfuscated away from the eyes of video game rating boards - is what matters.

    The Dunkey reference in Sonic Mania, on the other hand, is simply a voice clip that would not affect the game's content/age ratings. It would seem that the removal of it was due to other factors instead, which extend to outside of Sonic Mania itself, but it's really not clear/concrete what the reasons are.
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    Man, between the Mania Vinyl and the Collector's Edition, I think Sonic Mania (a game that doesn't exist in a physical form) takes up more physical space in my house than any other singular Sonic game! Maybe this was a cruel joke all along... I also now appreciate how small Generations' collector's box is in comparison!
  15. Not sure if this has been posted...

    I want to buy him a beer, what a dude
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    The Switch patch still isn't out? I was pretty confident it would happen today. That's a bummer.
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    So, not seen this posted here yet - apologies if I've just missed it:

    Sonic Mania Opening Animation - Behind the Scenes Video

    Includes a storyboard version of the intro from a point in time where it was intended as an animated advert rather than the game's animated intro. Some interesting differences, but also confirms once-and-for-all that that leaked unfinished shot of the Heavy King attacking Sonic in Studiopolis was indeed legit, as a storyboarded version of it appears here instead of the Heavy Gunner's scene from the finished version.
  18. That was pretty cool! I just love Tyson Hesse's work, it's great to see him talking about it. Hopefully he'll get around to making his own video about his work on Mania.

    I guess that explains the animation being set in that hub world as opposed to showing more of the game itself...
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    So the patch let me finished the game as Tails, so I did that and then did a run through as Sonic to see what had been fixed/changed. Taking my previous list, I've removed some things (boss designs aren't going to change, there aren't going to be any major changes in level design etc.):

    - GHZ2 doesn't lock the screen correctly, creating some ugly spike placement. (FIXED)
    - Standing on a collapsing cliff as a motobug is driving over it makes the motobug hover in mid-air. (FIXED)
    - In the transition from Studiopolis to Flying Battery, Sonic grabs onto the air behind it. (FIXED)
    - At one specific spot in FBZ2 holding down puts you in your crouching animation on the ceiling, but the right way up (instead of upside down). (NOT FIXED - this can be more easily reproduced by holding down with a lightning shield underneath an electromagnet.)
    - There's no visual indication of when the Flying Battery boss can be hit. (NOT FIXED)
    - Why is there no transition from Flying Battery to Press Garden? (NOT FIXED)
    - When you have to bounce off a conveyor to hit a switch in Press Garden, and it closes doors below you to land on, it's possible to rebound with enough speed to get stuck underneath them (especially as Super Sonic). This doesn't fix itself even after leaving the area and coming back, and I couldn't find an alternate route, so this forced a restart. (couldn't reproduce)
    - There doesn't seem to be any reason behind when Metal Sonic is vulnerable. He becomes vulnerable in the last phase, but there's no visual or logical reason behind it. (NOT FIXED)
    - Why is there no transition from Stardust Speedway to Hydrocity? (NOT FIXED)
    - Dick object placement seems to start in Hydrocity Zone and persist onwards (the earlier zones are much better in this regard). (NOT FIXED)
    - I died in the first part of the HZ2 boss because the things you hit to hurt the boss decided to not appear for an extended period. (couldn't reproduce)
    - The HZ2 boss has exactly the same bug as the original HZ1 boss in that when the victory animation triggers and you're on the wall, you'll end up doing a pose standing on nothing. (NOT FIXED)
    - Why is there no transition from Hydrocity to Mirage Saloon? (NOT FIXED)
    - Mirage Saloon Act 1 is terrible. It has literally every single problem that Sonic 2's Sky Chase does, and more. It goes on too long; it looks stupid running in place to move a plane (just let me move the plane directly and show Sonic looking cool on the plane instead, like he does at the end of the act); you can spindash (or new! Drop Dash!) on the plane, or just run as Super Sonic, and die; and it's off-putting when objects suddenly fly away from you because now you're moving down-left (in the original game, they waited until all objects were off-screen before panning like that so it looked like it was the Wing Fortress going past you, rather than sudden backwards flight). Come on guys, even Sonic 4 did this better. (LITERALLY NONE OF THESE THINGS FIXED)
    - There's no indication that standing on the outside piston things in the OOZ1 boss will kill you. (NOT FIXED)
    - It's possible to jump on the ceilings in the OOZ1 boss. (FIXED)
    - The gas in OOZ2 decreases your ring count even when you're invincible (but not when you're Super). (NOT FIXED)
    - Why is there no transition from Oil Ocean to Lava Reef? (NOT FIXED)
    - The rocks in Lava Reef still look like penises.
    - Why is there no transition from Lava Reef to Metallic Madness? (NOT FIXED)
    - The MMZ1 boss can crush you without warning if you stand on the side of the screen. (NOT FIXED)
    - Entering a bonus stage in MMZ2 while mini will respawn you at normal size, and although it's still possible to complete the level it's incredibly unintuitive as to how to do so.

    - Spindashing on conveyor belts that are side-by-side while mini causes Sonic to collide with the edge of the second when he should just run along them. (NOT FIXED)
    - Perhaps when Sonic is mini, Tails should respawn as mini too instead of continuing to try to run alongside you at his normal size. (half-fixed - Tails still spawns at full size, but shrinks when he joins Sonic)
    - There's some kind of weird tile at the very start of Titanic Monarch 2, if you head left from the start. It looks like a wall tile but you can go partially through it. (NOT FIXED)
    - Entering the final portal in Titanic Monarch 2 as Super Sonic turns Sonic back to normal, but continues to use the Super music. (half-fixed - now characters remain Super, but use the wrong colour (although it's nice to see Red Tails is now a thing))
    - Why can't I do repeated low bounces with the bubble shield like I can in Sonic 3? (NOT FIXED)
    - Super Sonic uses regular Sonic sprites for many things, most egregiously the spiral tube in LRZ1. (NOT FIXED)
    - Why is the button to transform the jump button? Why can I not transform with a shield? Sonic 4 fixed this one too. (FIXED)

    And then some things I've noticed since that list:

    - Blue Sphere stages remove an extra blue sphere from your counter when forming groups in a certain way. (NOT FIXED)
    - Holding up while transforming into Super Sonic causes Sonic to remain blue and not super, but still use his Super Sonic sprites. (FIXED :( )
    - Chemical Plant boss can softlock. (FIXED as far as I can tell)
    - Rolling as Sonic or Knuckles while facing left on the rotating tubes in Press Garden make you do this odd skim along the top (I thought this was intentional at first, until I tried doing it facing right or as Tails) (NOT FIXED)
    - Holding left when entering the Press Garden miniboss prevents the boss from spawning and forces you to restart if you're playing as Knuckles. (NOT FIXED)
    - Breaking ice while the extra life jingle is playing causes the act clear jingle to play and stops the level music. (FIXED)
    - Holding left in Hydrocity, Tails can fall through the aqua shield monitor. (NOT FIXED/NEW?)
    - Heading upwards in Hydrocity tubes, Tails' tails point in the wrong direction. (NOT FIXED/NEW?)
    - Collision with tubes in Hydrocity is generally wonky, especially where path swappers are concerned. (NOT FIXED)
    - A set of rings near the start of Lava Reef counts double. (FIXED)
    - Going too fast into the Lava Reef boss as Sonic (possibly requiring a drop dash?) reveals where the level ends as the tiles stop. (NOT FIXED/NEW?)
    - Flying during the dropping spike sections in Metallic Madness can make you clip through the floor. (NOT FIXED/NEW?)
    - Going over a ramp as a mini character makes their full-size sprites show. (FIXED)

    So another five patches and we should be good.

    Having played through as Tails too, Lava Reef is definitely my favourite zone in the game. The level design there is absolutely phenomenal. I have to wonder how they got Yasuhara in for that and why he didn't do any of the other zones. :v:
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    I wouldn't count on seeing level transitions ever patched in.