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Sonic Mania (Switch, PS4, Xbox One, PC)

Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by TimmiT, Jul 23, 2016.

  1. Lanzer


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    Was their that much complaining? seems stupid. hopefully we can re-implement it via PC mods.

    Hate having to update the console version. blows that I get a super sonic button but lose Blue Super Sonic and the Dunkey secret, doesn't seem worth it.
  2. Felik


    Why the supersonic button is even necessary? Couldn't they just write the "Now Sonic can turn into Super Sonic. Press (picture) button"?
    And instead of automatically transitioning back to the level require you to manually press given button?
    Sounds like a lot more elegant solution than super button on display all the time.
  3. Blue Blood

    Blue Blood

    I suppose the issue is that it's the only instance of needing a second button in the game outside of debug mode. And it will only work if you already have at least 50 rings. I don't think that the prompt is necessary, but it's not a problem to me.
  4. Linkabel


    So now everytime I do a time attack, the game picks my first time but never updates it when I get a better time. Anyone encountering this problem?
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    So we just got an update. Can we get a confirmation from a dev if this'll be the final update for the game or not? While I do hope for DLC and added level transitions, the voice in the back of my head is sceptical.
  6. I'm almost positive someone official from Sega or Pagoda said no DLC.
  7. Blue Blood

    Blue Blood

    They said no DLC was being planned. It's a small but significant difference, though I doubt that we'll get DLC at all.
  8. I noticed a couple of bugs getting fixed (at least on PS4; not sure how the other versions behaved): Tails follows you in Oil Ocean act 2 (even if he still falls to his death during the initial transition), and if you're playing Time Attack mode, you don't die from crossing the goal post too fast in Studiopolis act 1. I was hoping they fixed the transition between Mirage Saloon and Oil Ocean (Tails always fails to get inside the giant handgun), but that doesn't seem to be the case.

    The Super button is great, but as I mentioned before, I would have preferred a mid-air down + jump combo (I've always found it cool that the classic Sonic games only used one button for everything). At first I thought this would have been awkward to explain to newcomers when there aren't any in-game instructions, but they could have used the new button prompt for that (and gotten rid of it after you learn how to do it). But hey, an extra button is still a working solution to an age-old problem, and I like that I don't have to dispose of my shield as Sonic if I want to transform. Good stuff.
  9. Xiao Hayes

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    If only the separate transform button worked backwards and could make you normal Sonic again...
  10. Ashura96



    They could also mean no DLC in the sense that you have to purchase it separately alongside the game. Hoping that still leaves room for "additional content updates" (missing transitions pls)

    Yes, should be the same changes as PS4
  11. Toothpick


    If they never come out with DLC, they could always release a special edition sometime in the future. Maybe that could be the game's physical release.
  12. Ace Croft

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    Is SEGA even pushing out the update for the Switch Version of Sonic Mania ? Still sat here waiting for the Switch update so I can actually get through a stage without turning Super Sonic when drop dashing!
  13. TimmiT


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    Gonna guess either extra work needed to be done on it, or it's still going through Nintendo's approval process.
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    This. At first I thought something was wrong with my controller. Sonic Time Twisted allowed for this, but I guess this keeps it from being "too" powerful. Luckily my skill and timing allowed me to cheese the TM Act 2 boss aka "Final" boss. I discovered if you hit Eggman enough at the right times, you never get taken away to the HBH areas.
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    After seeing Casino Forest, I'm just so thankful and glad that Mania happened. :v:
  16. Does anyone know if the patch makes the Xbox One version playable?
  17. Blue Blood

    Blue Blood

    It was unplayable?
  18. The game ran at incredibly slow speeds almost every time I turned it on. Sometimes I had to quit the app 10-20 times before it would boot properly.

    Just booted it with the update. Still way too laggy to be playable.

    Here's a video of someone experiencing this:

    The worst part is it seems like some Xboxes have this issue and some don't. For a while it was thought to be only on original Xbox Ones but some people on the S are having this issue as well. For some it happens occasionally, for others it happens most of the time. Even when it seems to be running fine it'll often dip.

    One time I just played along and after about seven minutes the game started going at full speed.

    EDIT: Fuck when it randomly starts lagging in the middle of a Blue Sphere stage.
  19. Ace Croft

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    Most likely seeing that Tantalus Media oversees the Nintendo Switch port however seeing the Sonic twitter mentioned Switch problems being fixed, I thought we would be getting the patch the same day :ohdear:
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    Sorry if I'm late, but I speculate the Dunkey Easter egg was removed because Sega and/or the developers did not have legal permission to include that sound effect.