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    Oops, forgot about that.

    Still, I feel like a standout ability should be always available to the player in some way. The new shield abilities are good, but I feel like, again, they're not immediately available to the player in most situations. Thanks for the correction though.
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    Seriously. you guys are impossible to please. This is the game we have all been waiting for and yet people still want to pick at stuff like "The music isnt catchy enough" and "Lava reef zone isn't iconic enough"

    Lava reef zone is one of my favourite zones. Studiopolis has a catchy tune. Not every single pixel or melody will be to your taste.

    Triple dip and priase the hell out of this game or we may never see another one like it ever again.
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    Stimil Rc.

    After reading about the Insta-Shield having reduced range elsewhere, I had to go test it myself:

    Well, that's disappointing. It didn't seem to get that neat projectile deflection ability it could have in Sonic 3 Complete to make up for the reduction in range.

    Since I was the only one to mention this, I'm assuming the majority of this was directed at me. If so, you apparently skimmed over that post and the posts following. Even I was confused at how I handled that boss, even with my misconception about the jump.

    I find it funny that I'm on the receiving end of this after calling others out for not being able to easily beat this boss as Sonic. Ah, karma...
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    Yes, it's the game people have been waiting for, but can't we adore it and still be a bit critical of it? It's still a fantastic game and is easily my favorite Sonic game but I still feel like it has some flaws.

    But that's okay - every game has flaws. And people want to talk about those, maybe be a bit critical on things they didn't like, etc. What's the problem there?

    Lava Reef in Mania is alright but just ends up feeling a bit same-y at times. But that zone is still miles better than Oil Ocean. Oil Ocean isn't bad in Mania, but jesus do I hate when it shows up. Just kinda feels like a slog, in both acts.

    At least the Fire Shield gimmicks were cool. But it just feels like a chore to run through. The bosses weren't so bad, but the stage itself just feels like a chore at times. Maybe part of that is just because I really, really like Metallic Madness, so Oil Ocean just feels like a barrier blocking me from it Music in it is really good though. Oil Ocean act 2, man is that a good remix.

    You don't have to blindly praise a game for it to be good. A game can be amazing and still have flaws. There's no such thing as a "perfect game", and besides, people have different opinions. I was estatic to see Hydrocity in Mania and I easily think it's one of the most fun zones in the game [sup]May be biased, shhhh[/sup] but I know people who think otherwise. And that's alright, everyone has different views.

    Mania can still get follow ups while having flaws at the same time. That's what sequels are for most of the time; to fix up on the small things that the game might've gotten wrong, and to improve on what was done well.
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    Yeah I have little criticisms here and there. It's not literally a perfect game.

    That doesn't mean I don't love the game. In fact, I'm sure this is controversial, but I think it's probably the best Sonic game. Ever. A lot of the little things people criticize in here I personally don't have anything against or bother me a lot less than other people. But, whatever!

    Perfection is basically impossible. The greatest games ever made are not perfect. If you think they're perfect, you're most likely looking at the "perfect" game through rose-tinted lenses, and you're definitely wrong.

    Not everyone has to like everything, and not everyone that likes a thing has to like every part of the thing.

    We're Sonic nerds. We're gonna pick at stuff we don't like. It's not a big deal.

    I feel like this shouldn't be controversial.

    EDIT: I personally can't even begin to fathom negativity about the music though. All of the new important tunes have melodies I consider catchy and memorable. To each their own, though...
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    It's not really about just you in this case. I at least have seen people whine up and down about that boss on Twitter, Youtube, IRC, NeoGaf, and various other comment sections. People are calling for a nerf and saying the game is unplayable because of it.
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    I still remember when the leaker game overed 12 times on that boss and got called out by Aaron for it.

    That was still goddamn hilarious.
  8. Stimil Rc.

    Stimil Rc.

    I was referring to the part about the difficulty of jumping out of the oil as Knuckles. As far as I can tell, I'm the only one in recent pages to make that claim, though I failed to consider that Sonic Retro isn't the only place where people discuss this game...

    People calling for a nerf are being ridiculous, though. Worst case scenario, they just need to backtrack a bit for a flame shield.
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    I also remember having problems trying to get back on those platforms in my Knuckles run, you're not alone.

    Can't say I had much fun with that fight...


    Actually, he is the fastest. At least as Hyper Sonic. Want to see the results? Here's a test you can do for yourself.

    1. Unlock Hyper Sonic.
    2. Go to Sky Scantuary 2 in debug mode (Knuckles final boss stage).
    3. Use the monitor and go into hyper mode.
    4. Dash back and forth with Hyper Metal Sonic when he moves across the stage rapidly (don't use the dash attack. Just run back and forth, turning around quickly). Try to stay right beneath him as he moves. Repeat this a few times to see how well you can do it.
    5. Do the same test with Tails/Knux to compare.

    What you'll notice is that Sonic can keep up with him almost frame to frame across the entire map in terms of running speed, whereas Super Tails and Hyper Knux always fall behind at least a bit.

    So yes, Sonic is the fastest, at least in his final form. I found this out years ago when experimenting.

    Super/Hyper Sonic can also infinitely accelerate into the ceiling at a point just before the boss in Marble Garden Act 2 and will stay there as long as you push forward with momentum. All other characters (including base Sonic) lose speed and fall eventually.
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    Have these been posted yet? Rolling Stone interview with Taxman on Sonic Mania:

    Falk also posted some lengthy thoughts on the game here:
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    So I've been curious if the sound test in the level select menu has any secrets to behold. Considering sonic 1 and sonic 2 (and their remakes) used to hide some pretty nifty stuff that were activated via the sound test, has anyone found anything? Specially getting all 7 seven emeralds easily...?
  13. I'm not really a long time retro member like many of you (I've essentially lurked for nearly a decade) but this has got to make any dedicated fan like one of us have a warm and fuzzy feeling. Such a great story and great that's its happening with our favorite franchise ever in Sonic.

    I just hope that, given the seemingly big success with Mania, and granted that Taxman/Stealth and company actually want it, there's a permanent spot at the company for these guys. And hopefully, as a diehard of "Classic" Sonic, they can spread some of the love and inspiration into the Modern games which desperately need it.

    I just really want Sonic to be back at the top of platforming again and Mania is the first game in a very long time to garner that kind of respect.
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    So, I remember when the PC DRM was really known, Stealth commented on the news post Sega made about it. I hope that doesn't get him into hot water with Sega. I like Stealth. He's a cool guy and a talented programmer. So if something happens, I'll be sad to see it,
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    So I read that with Batman Arkham Knight, another game with Denuvo DRM, that you can't play the game offline unless you've launched it while online at least once in the past week. Just tried that with Sonic Mania to see if that's the case there as well by only launching the game in offline mode during the past week and


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    Wait, so it stops working again after a week? If that's the case, then SEGA lied and should be held accountable for doing so. Twice.
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    I guess they technically didn't lie since they said you don't always have to be online to play the game. Though it's definitely written in a way that makes it sound like you don't have to launch the game while online again after the first time.

    EDIT: Actually turns out it may also be because Steam had downloaded a new Sonic Mania patch a couple of days ago, and the game needs to be launched online again after downloading a patch.
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    Oh wow, people are seriously calling for the OOZ boss to be nerfed? Good lord.

    If they find Mania excruciatingly difficult then I'd hate to see these people playing, say, Sonic 2 8 bit :v:

    Yes, the game is challenging at times - but instead of crying for it to be made easier, how about just getting good? Games nowadays have a tendency to be incredibly "hand-holdy" to the point where some gamers are now scared of anything remotely taxing. Seriously, as harsh as this may sound: if people can't handle 90s era difficulty levels, they shouldn't be playing a 90s era throwback game unless they're willing to up their skills accordingly.

    That aside - honestly, I'm having more fun with Mania than I've had with any Sonic game in a very long time. One of the (very many) standout moments for me was actually Lava Reef's inclusion! I've been a bit obsessed with that level since way before Generations came out and was gutted that it was in neither version of that game at the time. It holds a bit of a special place in my heart for being something of an insurmountable challenge when I was a kid (I owned S&K before S3, and I was stuck there for ages due to the lack of save - and it felt so good when I finally beat it). It's such an iconic level, in any event; the bit at the end of the original where Sonic falls and lands with the Death Egg directly above him is one of the most amazing Sonic moments if you ask me.

    There's so many other "hell YES" moments in Mania as well - Nack the Weasel & co., the unexpected throwbacks to the 8 bit games (the storm in Flying Battery, the bubbles in Hydrocity, etc), Mean Bean Machine, Jimmy the Motobug...

    For me it doesn't quite topple Sonic 3 & Knuckles, but it's certainly the best Sonic game that we've had in 23 years. It's a very worthy successor to S3&K and is, for all intents and purposes, Sonic 4 as I truly imagined it.
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    "git gud" has never been a good argument for frustrating game design. And there isn't a problem with games having gotten too easy or handholdy, some of the biggest games in recent years are known for not being either of those. (EDIT: Also video games have just become about more than just being challenging) The problem is that OOZ's boss is frustratingly hard rather than being both fun and hard, and its difficulty isn't in balance with the rest of the game. The boss doesn't really actually become any good once you get good at it either, it just turns into a tedious slog at that point. It's a badly designed bit in a game that's otherwise really well designed.
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    I don't think the OOZ boss needs nerfing but I do recognise the issues due to the unpredicable hitbox iframes. Trick I've learned to deal with it is by simply holding the jump button down when I attack, that solved the frustration I was having and while it makes it managable, not everyone is going to know these qwirks the physics have.