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    Was doing a Knuckles run, then the Oil Ocean boss made me stop having fun. =\

    Adding those two Lava Reef turrets was probably the worst idea ever.

    Yeah, this is something that I was also thinking while playing certain stages.

    Also, gotta say that the alternate intro movie music sounds like it would truly belong in a real 90s game, and should have definitely been the default. The first music you hear in the intro is super cool but it super doesn't fit in a retro Sonic game (would be awesome to hear in a Scott Pilgrim game, though).

    Saying that something isn't bad because something else is bad is not what I'd call a good argument...

    Oh my god, no. No way. I guess that people saying they're fine with the bosses are playing this way?

    I hope the betatesters were not doing this, but that would explain so much.

    I even got to the point at the Press Garden 1 boss where I didn't want to land a cheap hit while I was invincible but it was completely impossible due to the limited range of the boss' arms and the position of the "correct" boxes.
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    Got a weird glitch on Metal Sonic. In the part between the spiked wall and the S2MS Silver Sonic generation I... went too fast with super Tails? The camera locked, the level ran out, and I fell off it. Then the robot generator exploded again and teleported me back to the beginning of the second just after it.
    Didn't kill me, but was pretty funny.
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    So since the update I can no longer play with any of my controllers and the game defaults to full screen. Changing back preferences doesn't save any options.

    Thank you Sega.
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    If I'd really have to answer this rethorical question, I'd say that sales numbers are what counts for them in the end, and having Mania selling better than Forces would imply that the current Sonic Team just doesn't know how to make successful Sonic games with a much higher budget and a bigger team, which would not only be embarrassing for the Japanese side of SEGA but may also cost many jobs (Iizuka's included if he fails to convey that Mania happened thanks to him) after a possible restructuring of the Sonic brand.

    But, psheh... That's silly talk! :v:
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    Favorite zone so far has to be Press Garden. It's a really weird combination that surprisingly works well.

    That second act is to die for.
  6. Funny, I'm playing with a third-party 360 controller and I had to turn it to full screen the first time I played, with it staying full screen. I've only bought the game today.

    My little brother (little as in saying "I want to play the old Sonic game" when he wants to play Sonic Adventure DX) played up to Chemical Plant Act 1, with me having to take over on the Death Egg Robot battle, as Tails before he gave up upon losing a life. (Fell into a bottomless pit) Then again, it's not just Sonic, he has a lack of patience and gets frustrated whenever he has even the slightest difficulty.

    I played up to the start of Press Garden as Sonic/Tails before turning off the game mainly because I'm enjoying this too much and I didn't want to play the whole thing in one sitting. I'm sitting on three Chaos Emeralds, and I've been skipping the Blue Sphere stages not because I don't like them, but because I'm having too much fun with the main levels and don't want to leave mid-level.

    Hey, if Stealth & Taxman are still reading the thread, can I put in a minor request on an update? Can we turn off Bonus Stages activating during the main game, and can we have a Special Stage mode where we just marathon them as one continuous challenge? You could even make it something like the Arena in Kirby games, where we get one life, and our high score consists of how far we got on that one life, or our fastest time finishing all of them? It's just that these are so much fun to play, and I'd love to be able to just jump into them right off the bat. Maybe as a reward for beating the game with Super Sonic?
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    I was giving the Blue Sphere stages a chance since they didn't actually feel like such a bad thing at first, but I think it was around Flying Battery where I started to find it quite annoying that the game kept throwing them at you even after successfully completing a lot of them and with no in-game rewards whatsoever (Sonic 2 had just 7 and gave you Super Sonic, Sonic 3 had a neat Bonus Stage system with different kinds of instantly-usable rewards).

    I'm fine with having them in Mania since it's an anniversary game, but I would have kept them in their own extra mode, like that minigame in Smash Bros Brawl that you play to unlock stuff. Maybe it could have been unlocked after finishing the game once? Now that would have made for a nice surprise after all the teasing!
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    Yeah I find it a bit of a design flaw that the bonus stages do zero for the actual session you're playing. Once you've golded them all you just get a game where activating star posts is meaningless.
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    Stardust Speedway is not Stardust Speedway, is the result of the original Stardust Speedway and Marble Garden lying in bed together, much like Mirage Saloon with Sky Chase in S&T act 1, or Flying battery act 2 with Wing Fortress. When they were talking about remixing levels they were talking seriously.
  10. If anyone wanted to see inside the base of the Sonic statue from the CE, here's a couple of photos. That's a legit LED in there, though I haven't had a chance to put some voltage to it and see if it works (they might have bought a cheap pile of non-working LEDs, lol), but it's funny to see it in there when the controller ports and headphone jack are just stickers. The baseplate has a metal plate in it (I'll assume steel and not lead) to weigh it down.



    Edit: please keep in mind that the wires from the circuit board under the statuette are permanently soldered to the switch and battery box on the baseplate, so don't go yanking the baseplate off too far or you'll break those wires.
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    Somebody already posted a video with it working.
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    I need to read up on why a good chunk of y'all don't like most of these bosses. The method to beating some of them wasn't immediately obvious, but I had fun figuring things out, even if I died. The only bosses I flat out didn't like were Chemical Plant 2's and Hydrocity 1's because they were too much of a deviation in play style for my liking and were (and should be) incredibly easy.

    Of the remaining bosses, the things I recall getting on my nerves are:

    1. Heavy Gunner: The screen was distractingly busy and I also found it incredibly difficult to aim my jumps due to the constant running and fast autoscrolling. Get hit once, and I'm out of rings until I deal some damage. This boss caused me one of the two Game Overs I got, the other being to the Titan Monarch 2 boss for similar reasons (I'd get hit by Heavy Shinobi and return to Eggman before being able to collect my rings. Unlike with Heavy Gunner's boss, I eventually discovered a way to comfortably deal with his pattern in that section).
    2. Flying Battery Zone 2: When the boss takes damage, it temporarily becomes intangible. I found out the hard way after flying straight through it and into the spikes a few times.
    3. Oil Ocean 1: I avoided this completely since I knew of it beforehand, but I still can't look past having a spike ceiling just offscreen to instakill players that didn't know about it beforehand.

    On the subject of Blue Sphere: Has anyone noticed a strange glitch that causes the stage to be cleared with one blue sphere left on the counter? I could've sworn I had a recording of this, but it appears I deleted the wrong one, so I can't share it. Maybe I misremembered or misinterpreted what was happening. I stayed up pretty late to play through the game before calling it quits when I Game Over'd to the Titan Monarch 2 boss.

    I consistently pulled it off a few times in Green Hill, but it never felt natural for me. I'm gonna have to practice it some more. I really feel like it should've just been activated by continuing to hold down after using the spin dash input.
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    Heh, I just cleared a stage with one blue sphere left on the field and the counter pretending that sphere didn't exist even though I was about to touch it.
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    Doing some comparisons on Hedgeblog.

  15. Oh, neat! I must have missed it.
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    We should applaud Knuckles for not getting the Master Emerald stolen again. If the Heavy King would've gotten his hands on it with the Phantom Ruby, there's no telling what kind of power him and Eggman would have been able to harness. [​IMG]
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    Ok. So I can't for the life of me figure out how to configure my Saturn controller on Steam. There are more inputs that are required than the controller even has, and I want A and C to be mapped to the same button and idk how to do that. Also when inputting the D-pad in the configuration tool it comes up as Hat .# and I have no idea what that means, joy2key for example actually calls it a button (and oddly right below where I just inputed the direction button # whatever comes up, like it's confused).

    I mean joy2key works. I guess if it ain't broke don't fix it, but it'd be nice to have it done legit. Then again I'd also want ESC mapped to a button thanks to the dev menu, but idk if that's possible either.
  18. How can you possibly say that after Lava Reef Act 2. Granted, I am a huge fan of the US Sonic CD soundtrack, and that has a lot of guitar.
  19. I've had that kind if thing happen to me multiple times where there are still a few blue spheres left on the stage, but the counter goes to zero and ends it right there. A little worrisome for when you're going for the gold medallions.

    And speaking of which- my god theres one new blue sphere stage with like a puke yellow color palette where there's only like 4 or 6 blue spheres, and getting all the rings is next to impossible. After going through it multiple times with no easy solution, I just resorted to getting around the last few rings by going through the bumper spheres. I got the idea from a guy doing a full gold medal play through online. That can't be the actual strategy. There's no way they would make us do something so arduous, right? Right?
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    So now that game's out with the patch, can we get the bug reporting topic open again? I got a full PC playthrough recorded that I'm time-stamping with bugs and glitches.