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Sonic Mania (Switch, PS4, Xbox One, PC)

Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by TimmiT, Jul 23, 2016.

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    All characters have their move as jump and jump again, needing only jump to be pressed. This would overcomplicate it a lot.
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    Off topic, but one thing I noticed yesterday while playing around with debug mode. If you use debug to go past the goal post in Stardust Speedway Act 1, you can activate the Future sign and destroy the robot capsule early. Unfortunately destroying the robot capsule will not actually kill all the robots in the level, but the Future sign will give you a bunch of sparkles if you hit a certain speed (but it won't send you to the future). Nothing major, but I just found it neat that the Future sign actually had some function and the sparkles weren't just scripted to the cutscene.
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    Why not have the insta-shield and the drop dash on the same input? There is a long enough delay while trying to activate the drop dash that you could insta-shield without revving the drop dash. Tap to flash, hold to dash.
  4. Meant to say "retaining inputs" but my brain farted since it's like 10 AM. Down+Jump isn't outright terrible but the applications of Jump and hold Jump again stand out once you start looking at time trials and input leniency. I find it a lot easier to just hit jump again and hold the button, the move comes out regardless of when you press and hold it (You can do it right after you jump, at the apex, etc.) and as long as you keep holding, a Drop Dash is used. Simple, easy, applicable, doesn't require me to move my left thumb unless I'm buffering directionals as I land/while I move in the air, is good.

    Also is this Down+Jump motion one tap and that's it? Can you abort if you don't want to (as you currently can with the drop dash by simply not continuing to hold Jump after you activate it)? These little nuances come into play when time trial/routing is concerned, which is where the primary use of the Drop Dash is to begin with.

    Unrelated tangent but I don't see the importance of insta-shield in this game and probably never will. The levels here are designed around the drop dash and the other character's abilities, the insta-shield on future playthroughs I've found to be far less useful in this game overall, though less useful is a relative term. As opposed to being completely broken like it was in S3K it's just a little silly here, but having both it and the Drop Dash would be a bit much IMO for individual character abilities. Super Peel Out is probably fine as an addition to Sonic's moveset cause it's really not that good, but at that point nobody would even notice it was there to begin with.

    The only thing I'm really opposed to is not being able to start a file with Insta-Shield on but I'm sure they can just disable achievements and change that later so, meh.
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    Holding down while jumping is better because you can set the direction using the diagonal controls (Down+Left / Down+Right). It's super intuitive and it works.
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    That sounds really solid and fun, actually. It'd be nice to be able to try it out that way at least.
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    Any idea when the PC version launches? Is it midnight PST/EST tonight or sometime on Tuesday?
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    10:00 AM pacific time on Tuesday. There's a countdown on the Steam page.
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    Steam games usually launch at 10am Pacific/7am Eastern. There are exceptions, but this doesn't appear to be one:

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    I don't know if this has been mentioned yet, but there's a random Mecha-bu badnik on the top route of Metallic Madness act 2 that doesn't hurt the player and you can walk through it. I don't have a screenshot at the moment but I found it to be a curiosity.
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    I finally beat Egg Reverie Zone last night. It was a interesting final boss, and I love how the timer was glitched out seeing how Sonic, Eggman, and Heavy King were in a different dimension. It wasn't as cool as Sonic 3K's final level IMO, but still interesting in it's own way. But damn Heavy King is pretty powerful since he's able to damage Super Sonic! I found the Eggman fight in Titanic Monarch to be much more challenging too than the true final boss. Now that I actually beat the game with all the emeralds, I'm writing my own review of the game and posting it to my blog once it's finished.
  12. I would mess this up as I sometimes would hold a button while doing an instashield, thus accidentally drop dashing (if that were a thing).

    Still think it's better to be on a separate button IMO.
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    I had the same thought, having it all in one input, but then I thought about how...extra that is. It's not complicated, it's just more than it needs to be. It's like how Mario games make running, picking stuff up, throwing fireballs, and all that a single input even when they didn't need to. To be fair, I might be a bit bias, since I feel the Drop Dash is a way better move than the insta-shield. I like the "W Spin Attack", but it's either worthless to a casual or makes the game too easy once you've got the timing down, and nothing about it outside it's added defensive capability really encourages playing with Sonic over the other characters. At a glance it's just kind of a mini buff that you have to actually be good at to have any fun with. The drop dash is easier to get the hang of, and it's much more useful for people who need speed on the fly. It helps peg Sonic as the "fast" character, and since that's an important factor to the gameplay, it gives people a reason to pick him over the slower more platform-centric characters.
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    I like how Robotniks machine is seemingly cobbled together from whatever he had lying around, as if he's going for one last desperate effort. It even has a small bandage on it!

    Christian's got our backs. This is a feature I am very excited for.


    Now if only they could patch in some missing transitions.
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    Oh that's cool, wasn't expecting changes like that to be made ~ makes me wonder just how much is fixed/changed now in terms of bugs.
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    Oh thank goodness! I'm pissed right now as my husband made plans with family at our house for Tuesday night and I found out Monday afternoon. :argh:/>
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    Honestly, at this point, a tweet from Taxman to explain why we went from Little Planet back to Angel Island, then back to Little Planet again would be nice. Everything else I can more-or-less use my imagination to fill in the gaps but going from Stardust to Hydrocity is more than just a short drive. I'm 99% sure it's the Phantom Ruby at work again but some kind of nod to acknowledge this would be swell. (Also, how many areas got moved around to different parts of the world because of the Ruby?)