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Sonic Mania (Switch, PS4, Xbox One, PC)

Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by TimmiT, Jul 23, 2016.

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    It's funny that Mirage Saloon started as a Sonic 2 level, then almost ended up in Sonic CD and the finalized version finally appeared in Sonic Mania.
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    Arghhh I was so close to a deathless run but I died on the Titanic Monarch Act 2 boss. So close! I did do it

    But I did beat the game in around 2 hours without the Chaos Emeralds (I intentionally skip them so I can have 4 save files with Chaos Emeralds and 4 without, in case I ever want to pick up a run without having to turn into Super later on), so I think I'm pretty close to Sonic 3 & Knuckles levels of comfort on my end now. Granted it's mostly instinct, I still don't have a concrete idea of where I'm going but I have a general idea for a lot of levels. The game just feels so natural to me.

    And that's what makes it so lovely.
  3. It occurs to me that I'm mainly looking forward to the PC release so I can start taking screenshots and videos of all the Tails/Knuckles collision issues and places where tiles don't match up right :v:/>
  4. Hmm...I've noticed some of the glitches in Sonic Mania as well, particularly Blue Super Sonic. Hopefully, there is a patch that will fix some of these bugs.
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    I'm looking forward to it because I'm eager to do some sprite ripping. I don't know of a way to do it on the Switch.
  6. Just in case anyone thought SEGA had finally learned how to stop fucking up, I checked the official Sonic site and...
    No apostrophe on the "Knuckles" either. I don't know how you manage two completely different apostrophe mistakes in one sentence.
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    I was unable to make the game crash. Tails moved on to PGZ2 as he should.
  8. I really hope we get a bugfix patch soon. Noticed a few more things (Switch version?): What you get in the special stage score tally doesn't actually count towards your total score, and you don't get the 50K point extra lives if you reach that milestone as a byproduct of the end-of-act score tally - only by defeating enemies. It also stands out to me that you now get a 1-up at 300 rings, but still no further.

    Edit: While the score caps at 9999999, the end-of-act tally will push it into eight digits which starts to impose on the screen space occupied by the word "SCORE". Once you hit an enemy the cap reasserts itself.
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    Can we get a time attack thread maybe? I feel like 1 monster thread isnt enough.
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    2 or 3.

    There's a trick to it though. Any time there's an automated* section, try to resist that automation and see if you can go another way. Whenever there's any kind of platforming challenge, however minor, assume the more difficult task to complete will lead you to giant ring. Any time the game flings you straight up into the air, look for something else to land on instead of falling back down.

    Stuff like that. And don't be afraid to backtrack either.
  11. This is good advice, and I'd like to add on it by inserting the notion of not being afraid to take the bottom routes either from time to time. These have more Big Rings than you'd think they would given how Sonic games treat route splits, so I'd recommend thoroughly combing through your options route-wise. The Big Rings in this game take a lot more thought than the S3K ones which are usually just fake walls.
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    I'm looking forward to the PC version because hopefully someone will figure out Knuckles + Tails mode and also figure out a way to use unlockable modes in save files (I can't save a peelout file because why exactly?)
  13. I noticed with & Knuckles mode, you can force Knuckles to glide the same way you can force Tails to fly. Doesn't seem that useful, although maybe if Knuckles was treated as a platform while gliding could mean you could use him to fly about and climb? At the moment it mainly seems to be useful in making Knuckles glide into bosses.
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    Here's my Totally Inconsequential Sonic Mania Nitpick, and a reason I'm looking forward to the PC version. I really don't care for Knuckles being so Chaotix-y pink, or Sonic being so aqua-colored. I'd much prefer the S3&K-style red and cobalt. And I get that Classic Sonic is "canonically" lighter blue to contrast with modern for some reason, but still.
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    After seeing him in all of these lovely bright environments, I actually think him being darker wouldn't be as pleasing overall. That just goes for ingame, as for their official colours, I guess I agree though it's not much difference.
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    I wouldn't mind seeing Sonic with a palette similar to Metal Sonic's. Admittedly Knuckles' palette has grown on me.

    EDIT: Unrelated but wonderful
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    Well, I am enjoying this game immensely. I'm taking my time with this, having waited so long for a true sequel to Sonic 3 & Knuckles. As such I've only just landed in Hydrocity (though with all the Chaos Emeralds). The last time I enjoyed playing a Sonic game as much as this was Generations a few years ago. This game has got old-skool Sonic with a modern twist nailed. I see some people are labelling it as a fan-game; well, do so if you must, if it pleases you. I don't see it as a fan-game; I see it as an official game which has been developed by a talented group of people who happened to be fans.

    I like how they used the Sonic 1/2 sprites as a base, the remixed zones, the new zones, the new special stages, the change-ups with some of the bosses... I could go on. I appreciate there are a few bugs but then the original Mega Drive games had their fair share.

    I'll be dicking about with this game for years (provided I'm still alive; need a kidney transplant) thanks to the debug mode, time-trials, blue-spheres and mean bean modes. A very big Well Done and Thank You to the development team!
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    So uh... when is this awesome soundtrack going to hit iTunes?
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    Right? I need this on Spotify. My cheesy youtube rips will not suffice :v:
  20. It's funny that you should mention this, as I was thinking the same thing. Although I have made due with sound rips from the game and have converted them to MP3 format. The soundtrack is amazing. Favorite so far is Press Garden Act 2, Studiopolis Act 2, and Knuckles version of Mirage Saloon Act 1.