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Sonic Mania (Switch, PS4, Xbox One, PC)

Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by TimmiT, Jul 23, 2016.

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    Titanic Monarch Act 2's boss also counts as its own act when you use the signpost.
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    The Lava Reef cut content is also interesting because the camera centres when you go to the cliff, possibly a cutscene would happen there.
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    I hope the dev team is going through the thread, because I want to express my gratitude towards them for making such a fantastic, top-notch game. I'm just so happy, this is what I've been waiting for for literally 20 years, and it's finally here; a new game that measures up to S3K, and EXCEEDS it everywhere it really counts. Bravo to everyone involved; I'll be playing this game for years to come and I can't wait to see what's next for the team, whether it's more Sonic or something entirely new.

    I can't believe some of the nitpicks getting brought up in here (actually I can, it's Retro). Glitches and subjective feelings about mid-game-genre-shifts-are fair, but as far as difficulty goes, consider that punishments like Time Overs, restarting levels from Act 1, and tough-ass bosses are in there to make you feel REALLY GOOD when you finally DO get good enough to overcome them. That sense of accomplishment and sweet victory is part of where the fun of any objective-based game comes from. If you want a game that beats itself for you when it gets too hard, go play Mario 3D World or something.

    It makes me really happy to see reviewers and regular people responding to the game so well, and I hope I'm not being naive in thinking that we'll be seeing more true classic Sonic sooner than later. But SEGA needs to know one way or the other that mandating the recycling of old levels to this extent isn't going to fly again next time; the remixes throughout here are fun to be sure (Metallic Madness made me cream my jeans, I was so pumped to see my favourite factory level brought back in such great form), but the new levels are the cream of the crop and a whole game of new levels (or at least mostly new levels) that are as creative and fun to play as the ones here in Mania would be absolutely blissful.

    brb replaying press garden again
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    Also, do you basically need a pro controller for the Switch version?


    We also know Sales on the switch are doing pretty well domestically, with it being the #1 title on the app store right now. (Only #6 in japan though, but that's... normal for them. Japan didn't even get the Tax remasters at all previously.), so hopefully that translates to good sales on the other platforms as well. If we can crack a mil. I think our chances of getting another project approved go up.

    I know the CE was sold out just about everywhere else in retail when I tried to hunt for it. I only got lucky with my switch version.
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    #1 in which app store?
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    Nope. I actually prefer using the split D-Pad of the joycons to the Pro Controller.
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    I'm not joking, there is an extremely cool Sonic CD project out there that the author made people promise not to reveal. Seen a WIP video of it.

    Point I was trying to make is that just because stuff hasn't been released, doesn't mean things aren't being worked on.
  9. You know, what's with the xbox achievements for this game? Some of them are mis-worded, and others are extremely vague.

    No Way? No Way! says "collect gold medallions in Blue Spheres Bonus stage;" it should specify ALL Bonus stages

    Full Medal Jacket is the same thing but with silver

    That's a Two-fer says "Find the hidden item boxes at the end of the Zone;" well which zone?

    Triple Trouble says "Try for a 3 chain combo!" lol wut

    Crate Expectations says "Wreak havoc at the propaganda factory;" how am I supposed to know what the developers constitute as wreaking havoc?

    The Password is "Special Stage" says "Try pushing a barrel to see how far it goes;" again, what?!

    Collect 'Em All says "Gotta gacha 'em all;" I assume this has something to do with the medallions or something, but unless I'm overlooking something here, there is absolutely nothing informative about that description

    I wouldn't classify myself as an achievement whore, but when it's a game I love and know I'm gonna play over and over again, I like to get the most out of it, and someone dropped the ball here with only 18 achievements, grammar that leaves a lot to be desired, and half of them which make no sense.
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    Guess someone doesn't like cryptic achievement descriptions. Nothing fun when everything is spelled out for you. :)
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    Seconding this, I personally love the D-Buttons on the joycons and had a great time playing Mania with them. They do seem to be a love it or hate it thing though. The D-Pad on the pro controller is a little janky actually (has a tendency to shift around and misread inputs), so it seems like the Pokken controller might be your best bet if you're on the Switch and NEEEEEED a D-Pad. Just try the buttons first though, you might be pleasantly surprised.
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    Yeah I have the Pokken Pad and it works beautifully for Mania, but when I'm on the go or don't want to deal with the wire then the Joycons work perfectly fine.
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    If you don't get what the achievements mean... you probably need to know the game better. Seriously your complaints are either dumb or of someone who hasn't played the game.
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    Anyone else find this extremely bizarre section of Lava Reef 2? There's a hole in the ceiling that goes absolutely nowhere (and a flamethrower blocking it off,) but if you use debug to go above it you can find what seems to be stairs to the left. I wish there was a way to unlock the camera vertically.
  15. For those with the PC Collector's Edition: does the free Sonic 1 come with the code? I was going to give it to a friend since I already own it but can't find it.
  16. Just saying, in defense of that guy they could have worded their shit better without spelling everything out. It's not dumb, and dismissing shit because you think so makes you look like an ass.
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    Re: "No Way!" and "Full Medal" -- If there's only one achievement of its kind, chances are the game will require you to do all of it. :v

    "That's a Two-fer" -- I'll give you this one, actually; since the goal post isn't actually at the end of a zone, but at the end of Act 1.

    "Triple Trouble" -- Gee, I wonder which feature of the game that's been heavily debated in this very thread can be used to chain combos in. :rolleyes:

    "Crate Expectations" -- Wreaking havoc means leaving a place destroyed. Now which level heavily features crates?

    "Special Stage" -- Again, there is a specific level which has these huge freaking barrels littered around the map. Try pushing any of them, see where it leads you.

    "Collect 'em All" -- If you're not aware what "Gacha" are; they're capsule toys which you get by turning a crank on a vending machine. Maybe that helps narrow it down.
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    Noticed Something:

    Sonic 1: 1 Stage Returning

    Sonic 2 (and Sonic CD): 2 Stages Returning

    Sonic 3K: 3 Stages Returning


    Sonic Mania: 4 Stages Returning

    But yeah, I've only been able to play a single Sonic and Tails run through so far (on a borrowed PS4), but this game is absolutely glorious. Can't wait to 100% once the PC version comes in!
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    Standout 'cool' moments for me:

    + - - The way that the classic zones mix in so many elements from other zones is fantastic - it first really hit me in Flying Battery Zone, when suddenly BAM, Wing Fortress shit everywhere. Stardust Speedways many, many throwbacks to Marble Garden Zone were duly noted too. - The Puyo Puyo boss... Holy shit. My friends and I played a bunch of Mean Bean Machine after work every day for like a year, so this was really cool and surprising. I just did a double take and got stuck in. Amazing. - The Hydrocity Act 1 boss, where you use the Sonic 3 boss machine against Eggman. Payback time, bitch! Hilariously fun. - The way that Titanic Monarch apes so much from one of the most underrated stage designs (at least visually) in all of Classic Sonic's games, Chrome Gadget. I was in heaven. - The fucking Game Gear/Master System Silver Sonic in the Stardust Speedway boss fight. - STILL BEING ABLE TO MOVE THE SPIKES IN FLYING BATTERY FOR A SPECIAL STAGE. - Setting the stage on fire in Oil Ocean Zone! I always wondered as a kid how badnik explosions didn't set it off. Seeing the whole stage just engulfed in flames never gets old.  

    I'm sure there's some shit I'm missing, I've just been having way too much fun with this game.

    Game of the year for me, easily.
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    have you tried flying up there as tails, possibly with the flame shield?

    Also does anyone have pre-release maps of the zones? I want to do some comparison shots between development and release.