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Sonic Mania (Switch, PS4, Xbox One, PC)

Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by TimmiT, Jul 23, 2016.

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    Sonic Mania: The Misfits Pack, The Binding of Isaac: Deliverance
    Super Knuckles confirmed
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    Jesus. I take it all back!
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    Working on my art!
  4. Dunkey's review is up on Youtube, he gave it a + - 5   /5
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    Does anyone know when it may be available on the UK Switch eShop?

    I have no idea when it updates.

    Midnight perhaps?
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    To y'all talking about the ending, has this really not been posted yet? Humble tip: use Google image search for stuff like this. (Apologies if someone has posted it already and I missed it.)


    Definitely not claiming to have knowledge of the source of this image, but it appears to be from the early 90s to me. The Sonic the Hedgehog band in the background is a scrapped idea for the sound test in "Sonic 1" (1991). The image of the band is in the Sega Mega Drive/Genesis: Collected Works book published in 2014, but I don't know if the book also includes that image of Sonic making that particular pose with the band in the background (don't own the book unfortunately).

    I think there's a 90% chance the pose in "Mania" is just a reference to this drawing (which is likely from the 90s) and has nothing to do with a connection to "Forces." Also think Sonic being whisked away in a time portal is just an easy way for them to set "Mania 2" wherever they want and to come up with any story they want to for it.

    Also, even in the 10% chance it is kinda meant to be a connection to "Forces," I feel like it's vague enough that they could have their cake and eat it, too. If "Forces" ends up being considered a success, then people won't mind the connection as much. But if "Forces" ends up doing poorly or middlingly, they can brush it off and say that it wasn't supposed to be a connection to it or just not comment on it. But again I want to stress I find it unlikely (a 10% chance) that this was the thinking behind it.

    And yes, I know there's also the similar sound effect shared between the two games. I doubt that was purely a coincidence (unless that sound effect is also a reference to one that has already long-existed, but I certainly don't know if or think that's the case). The audio asset/idea could have just been shared by one team to the other because the other team liked it/thought it'd fit well; that sort of thing does happen. Also they aren't identical (if it's truly meant to be a connection between the two why not have it sound identical), and when the sound effect happens in "Mania" it's because of a time portal opening up, whereas in "Forces" it's just when Infinite is summoning energy cubes. Two different things, though I could see the argument people think that sound effect happens any time Infinite uses one of his powers, and they think he'll literally be able to summon time portals. But that's conjecture at this point.

    Totally understand why many were quick to jump to conclusions, because it is a vague ending and interesting that the same particular pose is in both games. But after finding that image both games are seemingly referencing, reading the history behind it, etc., strongly think in "Mania" it's just a reference to an old drawing from the 90s that's tied to an interesting scrapped idea for the first game, and that Sonic being whisked away in a time portal is an easy way to do whatever they want with the story in "Mania 2." At least I hope that's the case.

    And if they purposefully included this similar stuff in both but left it vague, I hope they just leave it vague and use the ending as a way to set "Mania 2" wherever they want. There doesn't need to be a silly explicit tie-in between 2D and 3D Sonic, unless they're gonna be way more serious about it and let the "Mania" devs spearhead the development of the next 3D game, too. (Might not be such a bad idea considering how "Mania" turned out, but I'd much rather see the team work on a more original/ambitious "Mania 2" than that, and clearly their skills lie more in the classic 2D style.)
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    Looks like half of the later levels don't even feature a zone transition animation at the start or end but the other half do. I know some should be as simple as warp arounds and they're just stupid details but it's a bit jarring. Something get left on the cutting room floor when shipping or what?

    Oh and nice aping of Freedom Planet for
    Lava Reef Act 1 to 2. Fairly sure that was intentional.
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    Some random RPG project.
    We better get Super Tails too or I'll be sad.
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    I have found a glitch during my first 10 minutes of play. If I enter in a bonus stage from a lamp-post then I do the same with a new lamp-post, the previous one turn back to blue. With this, I am playing all the bonus stages on GHZ Act 1.
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    Posting here because I don't know if this can be said spoiler-free enough, otherwise I'd be posting in the other thread.

    My thoughts recently have benn on the reason of the game's delay on PC, and, after reading about the missing cutscenes and everything else, maybe they couldn't change the release date of console versions, and PC will be the only one having the (supposedly?) missing cutscenes on day 1. If that was the case, maybe consoles will get their patch the day of the PC release.
  11. Hey Taxman & Stealth, quick question.

    Are you guys allowed to send follow-up copies to review sites? It's just, I read a couple reviews where the reviewer comes up with really stupid complaints to try and make it seem like there's a problem with the game. For instance, one review said that Sonic took too long to get to running speed, and that there should have just been a zero-to-max speed button. Would you be allowed to send them a new version of the game with a "boost" button that did not include any sort of Boost-style invulnerability, just to show off that something like that would have been a bad idea? I can just imagine a reviewer trying to boost through the game and hit every single obstacle in the way.

    Anyways, like I said, I'm seeing mainly really good reviews, but some reviewers are lowering their score with really dumb complaints. Something like bugs, I can understand. When your complaint is a lack of a Boost feature, complaining that the Drop Dash is too underpowered and isn't an instant-max-speed button, supposedly slippery controls at low speeds meaning that platforming sections are too difficult, or even complaining that the graphics aren't modern HD in the Special Stages. And these aren't generic YouTube reviews, these are the big-name review sites.

    Still, the general average seems to be 8.5 to 9. I know that it's beating a dead horse at this point, but I'm still wondering what the general consensus at Sega is going to be if Forces doesn't do as well. Not saying that Forces will be a bad game, but you guys set up a hell of a tough act to follow.
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    Sounds like them reviewers are just sonic noobs if they complained about slippery controls when moving slow. And wanting an instant top speed?! What the crap is that?!
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    Just finished a Sonic & Tails run through Mania. Bless you Australia, thank god Nintendo stopped Reigon Locking.

    Mania proudly continues the trend of the 4th and 5th special stages feeling WAY harder than the 6th and 7th. Seriously, special Stage 7 was a joke, caught the UFO in like 30 seconds.

    But uh... that game is fucking fantastic guys. Doubt you needed me to tell you that, but yeah. Going on my Knuckles run now.

    Oh, and the game actually crashed for me at one point.

    Fire Shielded through a bunch of ice blocks in Press Garden act 2 and it just crashed. Couldn't tell you what the cause was.
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    What? No "Sonic Mania Post-Release Bugs/Fixes/Suggestions" topic yet? =P
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    Anyone know anything about what the fuck the bonus stage medallions do, if anything?!
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    [​IMG]Some of the reused bosses, Mania is on the left. Note that these are not to scale.
    From top to bottom:

    Beadworm/Dangerous Ball tower. (from Sonic Chaos) The Mania version is longer, and goes by a different name (Alaskan Caterkiller)
    Tunnelbot - Lava Reef version. (from Sonic & Knuckles)
    Red Eye. (From S&K)
    Big Shaker. (from S3) -Little bit of triva this guy actually used the Act 2 boss theme in Sonic 3 alone. This is funny because it appears in Mania (albeit robotnik driving it) as an Act 2 boss.
    Silver Sonic (from Sonic 2 MS/GG) - Drone versions of this robot are sent out by Metal Sonic.
    There might be more, I couldn't find footage of every zone boss.
    I was hoping we would see zone transitions for every zone, and more cut-scenes (like in S3&K) Does anybody think hyper forms still have a slight chance, even as just a bonus unlockable?
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    They unlock various bonuses.

    What I have so far...

    An option to give Sonic either the Super Peel Out (complete with a figure 8 animation rather than his regiular top speed animation) or Insta-Shield rather than the Drop Dash, & Knuckles mode which makes your partner Knuckles, even if you're playing as Tails or Knuckles himself, Debug Mode, a dedicated Puyo Puyo mode, and more I haven't gotten yet. I have gold in more than half of them so far, and a few silvers.
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    Gotta love the little reference to
    the classic BBC Test Card in Studiopolis after beating the boss. Only thing that would have made it better would have been if they recreated the centre image with Tails Doll instead of the clown...and Robotnik in a dress.
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    Guys this track

    Beautiful. Possibly my favorite rendition of that track to ever exist.
  20. Whoa.

    Knuckles gets his entirely own Mirage Saloon Act 1, with its own music.