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Sonic Mania (Switch, PS4, Xbox One, PC)

Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by TimmiT, Jul 23, 2016.

  1. Yeah, it still hasn't updated for me either, even using the trick of updating the shipping. Not gonna lie, I'm starting to get a little worried about it...
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    I'm going to be taking my leave from the forum for the next week or so, until I beat the game. Hope everyone enjoys it!
  3. XCubed


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    Not to mention that fake emerald just floating there....Fake AF. Super Sonic also looked too dark and didn't have green eyes which would have been strange since they were introduced in S3&K. I'm debating whether or not to go cold turkey w/ Retro for the next week so I don't spoil everything for myself. It's going to be rather difficult. But I also don't want to miss any of the discussion. Anything that spoils me will be my own fault.
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    I think they wanted to interpret that the emerald power is draining your rings, similar to how a blue combine ring has an icon when active too. Oh well.

    Edit: Another funny thing is that everyone is weary of spoilers being posted on Twitter. I've actually been actively looking (I regret nothing) and have yet to find any.
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    If only they had some legendary Sega vocalist doing voicework for the game already, eh?

    If they haven't got Mitsuyoshi to record for an intro or credit theme, I'll be a bit disappointed. Not much, but a bit.
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    I just got an e-mail last night about mine arriving on release date. Must be starting to get worked out.
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    Personally, I'd love an ending animation with new music to go with it. I love all the stages played one after the other song wise in a remix fashion -- that's always cool too. I'd rather not have any past credit songs -- the more new for me the better. I hope Sonic Mania 2 happens, and I hope it's all brand new.
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    I got onto Amazon customer support chat and asked about release-day delivery and was told:

    "I've checked and see that the item is not eligible for release day delivery."

    However, they added:

    "In this situation, to get the item early as possible to you I've upgraded the shipping method to one day shipping at free of cost."

    I was hoping for release-day delivery, but maybe it's based on my location and where the CE is being shipped out from? Regardless, always always complain to Amazon customer support. You almost always get what you want, and if you don't you get anything from gift card money to a free replacement to delivery upgrades to an extension of your Prime membership.
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    I hope mine even ships at all at this point.
  10. McAleeCh


    With you 100% on that - really looking forward to Mania, but I'd love for it to do well enough justify getting the same team back for an all-original sequel...! = D
  11. Creature SH

    Creature SH

    All-new everything would be the ideal for most fans of the 16-bit games, right?
  12. KingOfBunnies


    Yep. This is exactly what I got from them. It's so weird. I got the Switch the day of release from amazon, so I have no idea why the Mania CE is so weird with amazon.
  13. Dark Sonic

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    I don't understand why it's so important that it comes on release day or later. Can't they just make the codes not work until launch? Then you're left with the rest of the trinkets which have nothing to do with the actual game, and you get the peace of mind knowing that you'll get to play the game on launch.

    Don't get me wrong, I'm happy to buy 2 copies of Mania, but it's still somewhat fucky that something I ordered almost a year ago doesn't have a shipping date to it, despite these things likely sitting in some warehouse now for at least 4 months.

    EDIT: Finallyyyyyyy

    We've only had cheesy, incomplete rips of this song for over a year
  14. Creature SH

    Creature SH

    That's a good plan if you assume that everybody is reasonable and has a general idea of what's going on. Unfortunately, in reality, this would end up leading to a bunch of angry, panicked "my code isn't working, FIX IT NOW!!!!" complaints.
  15. McAleeCh


    Loving that Mini-Boss theme - got some good energy with a bit of a sinister vibe. Nice to finally be able to hear the full thing without any SFX overlaid!

    Am I right in thinking this is it for pre-release music uploads now? I'm sure I read recently that they had "one more" track to post before the 15th, so if I'm remembering that correctly then I guess this is it. Can't wait to discover the rest in-game - it's great not to have had everything spoiled prior to the launch date...! = D In particular, finally hearing Mirage Saloon Act 1 and Studiopolis Act 2 will be a bit of a mind-trip as we've spent so long listening to the alternative variants, haha. XD

    On a side-note - anyone noticed that, of the tracks SEGA's uploaded, only Stardust Speedway Act 1 doesn't have an actual track ending? If I were a betting man, I'd wager it's the only one of the selection not scheduled to appear on the vinyl soundtrack release... = P
  16. Stardust Speedway Act 1 is also the only one not to have a name ("Lights, Camera, Action!", "Hi-Spec Robo Go!", etc) and the only one to not have Tee and Falk credited in the description. You could be on to something regarding the vinyl, or it could just be the social media team not caring about consistency. "Studiopolis Act 1" and "Stardust Speedway Zone Act 1"? Come on guys...
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    Fucking finally. I've wanted the full clean version of that miniboss theme since I first heard it in the GHZ footage. That shit's on fire.
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    I've already expressed my disappointment in Mania's composers' original tracks, but this one was the last straw. I officially detest them.
    Even if Amy happens and I'm buying the game, I'm still gonna have to mute the music.

    As I've noticed, music on Sonic's YT channel only gets uploaded partially (i.e. shortened to some extent), at least in case with music for Forces. Makes sense if they are going to sell the soundtrack.
  19. TheOcelot


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    Ha, I tweeted Aaron & Tee about a week ago asking them to upload the mid-zone boss music.  It's my favorite boss music in Mania so far. Love how cheesy it sounds, like Sonic 3's mid-zone boss music and Sonic CD's Jp boss music. 

    Danger on the Dance Floor <3
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    Well, someone assumed that was the case, can't remember who. No official confirmation, though. That said, I think it's a safe bet that the only thing we're going to see now before release is the intro that we know will be uploaded on the 14th.

    Anyway, figured I'd offer some final thoughts before we get the game. I'm actually on a week-long boat trip on Friday so I very much hope £30's worth of credit and a mobile hotspot can get this onto my Switch on release day (on the plus side I'll be unable to spoil myself with the intro cutscene). >.>

    First, I don't think we've seen even half the Zones the game has to offer. We know of two original Zones and four returning Zones for a total of six Zones. Personally, I'm betting we'll be getting two returning Zones from each game, though perhaps CD may be an exception or S3&K will get two Zones between them which would give us between eight and nine returning Zones, which I think would fit into the given old:new ratio assuming we also get an original endgame level and extra Super Sonic Zone. Personally, my picks would be Star Light, Mystic Cave, Quartz Quadrant, Hydrocity, Ice Cap (duh) and Lava Reef, but only time will tell now.

    Something I wanted to bring up the first time I posted here was the idea of Mania leading into Forces. While I initially thought it would be a nice little way to tie the two together, on second thoughts that's exactly what I don't want. I think that, as much as Mania and Forces are both anniversary titles, they should ultimately be their own games rather than some greater narrative, especially since they're very different in terms of how they play (unlike S3&K for example). I want Mania's plot be completely self-contained and just have the energy source that Eggman has found be some completely random MacGuffin that is only there as a catalyst for conflict.

    Finally, I just want to express my gratitude for all the love that has been put into this project from all sides. While some may deride the use of nostalgia considering how much we've gotten since 2010 onwards, the way it's used here in Mania just shows how much passion is being put into this game, and it truly respects the heritage of Sonic, no matter how obscure each reference is. From the callback to Sonic's cameo in Daytona to the snippet of Metallic Madness at the end of Chemical Plant Act 2's music, it feels less like pandering and more like a fun pop quiz on Sonic's rich history.

    This game can't come fast enough. Looking forward to many playthroughs and I hope everyone involved will be able to carry on making such games. Hold out, Mania Team!