Sonic Mania (Switch, PS4, Xbox One, PC)

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    Taxman has been around, he's just lurkin'

    Stealth posted in this thread
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    The amount of animation Sonic has is crazy.
    Especially when walking around, he has 2 different walking animations, 2-3 running animations, and even a slightly altered walk animation for when he's in the air falling.

    Also just noticed Green Hill's foreground tiles have extra shades, many more highlights on corners, and highlights+rounding on some edges.
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    You're making a fairly big assumption there. Just because there are Sonic 3K like rings hiding in walls, does not mean that the special stages will be like Blue Sphere. The best comparison is that Sonic 1, Sonic CD, and Knuckles Chaotix all have a Big Ring at the end of each level, but their respective special stages are different.

    You wanna see some extra animations? Watch the 8 minute gameplay video at 0.25 speed. Everything has gotten extra frames. Enemies like the Motobug have personality. The flowers in GHZ have little whip to them when they move as if they had momentum. Springs bounce out and back with force. My favorite is the bumpers in Studiopolis as they have 2 large pulses, but then 3 smaller residual vibrations. The graphics team have poured their hearts into filling these worlds with life.
  4. Sorry. I did not mean that the stage itself would be similar to those of S3&K
    I meat to say that the entry to the bonus would be the giant ring, like in that game.
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    I want a re-creation of the Sonic vs Knuckles boss fight from S3&K. Make it harder and more interesting. You should also allow Knuckles to fight Sonic in his story as well.
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    Almost verbatim, exactly what I said as Copley Hill Zone on the Sega forums all those years ago.

    I signed up to the forum to say thank you to Christian Whitehead, primarily, and all of the fans here, and elsewhere, who've done a great job in providing strong, direct and constructive criticism up to this point. Without your passion for this brand, we wouldn't be where we are now.

    But - and I can say this categorically - without the passion, determination and hard work of a select few, there would be no Sonic Mania - and no second chance for the gameplay we love.

    Sincerely, thank you. The trailer brought a tear to my eye and that takes a lot to do!

    Best wishes,

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    If it isn't just a stylistic thing I'm betting that the additional shade of blue on the zone title card may be a hint that we'll be able to swap between the Mania and original sprites for Sonic.

    Also about that Drop Dash, from the off camera footage I've seen it looks like you'll need a fair bit of height for it to translate into a full speed Spin Dash, so I think that will be an interesting factor in speed runs where the player will either stop, sacrifice their momentum and Spin Dash or maintain their speed with a Drop Dash. I think it's a genius mechanic that complements the traditional gameplay in strong contrast to the homing attack which goes against momentum.
  8. My apologies if this was already posted, but has anyone noticed on the clapboard spring, text calling out Sega/CW/HC/PWG? Even better, the time on the clapboard matches your time in the act!

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    So a while back in this thread I mentioned that the thing that I'm not a fan of is the shading. If I could give an example which direction I would like to see it would be Sadaholic's shading of Sonic that he posted in the Pixel Art/Sprite thread.

    While it's too late to make a request like this in Sonic Mania, I hope if in the future we get a game after it this type of shading would be considered.
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    Not sure if that completely fits the style of the game, but maybe they'll make the PC version easy to hack for stuff like this?
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    Say what you like, I think the sprite work for Sonic in this game is gorgeous. The new and improved animations are so fluid and full of character, and I love the shade of blue used. It's more turquoise than the other Classic games, but also more in line with what SEGA dictate is the official colour for Classic Sonic that days. Makes him really pop out against the background, I suppose. If anything does bug me about it, it's that is clearly a spruced up version of the S2 sprite, rather than something more new like we had from S1 to S2 to S3. Going backwards feels strange.
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    Actually I think it's more a spruced up Sonic 1 sprite. The running animation is a more fluid version of Sonic 1's, and the balancing animations hark back to Sonic 1 and Sonic CD. Only thing that makes it more Sonic 2 is the eyes, but with shading it's almost in between Sonic 1/2.
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    I got one issue about mania, but not really an issue but more like a concern.
    There's a lot of talk about mania feeling/seeming/looking/being like a fan-game.
    Official SEGA fan game or Not or However you perceive it what about ACTUAL fan-games?
    Currently I think Fan games are in a bit a of a renaissance with 3 fan-games leading the pack with their new sense of flare.

    What will Mania do to actual non endorsed games?
    I know that Mania has already stepped on a few of my own fangame's toes with already implementing some specific concepts and ideas I had already but never got to display.
    And What about the other Fan-games that have ideas Mania might accidentally take.
    SAGE is also around the corner too. Do you think Mania will garner more attention for us fangame devs or just make us look like copy cats
    (even if we may have come up with the idea(s) first)

    Fangames don't exactly have the team/budget to move as fast as an official project)
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    My point isn't the colour, my point is the shading. It's a different technique with Sonic having shades of colours widely different on the spectrum than what he has in the originals. You will find that his brighter parts of his body are very bright and the darker parts are very dark. This isn't the case with the original sprite or that one I posted which have the brighter and darker parts more closerly to one another in terms of shading.
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    This is sillly and immature. Honestly, nobody cares if Mania has "stepped" on your fangames' toes. There have been many fangames. Most have never been finished. Don't take your fangames too seriously.
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    @Pulse0 Are you just trying to create drama at this point? By your logic, any game ever might step on somebody's toes because it uses an idea someone else had for a game.
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    Remember fan games are basically copyright infringement to begin with, just one that Sega has given enough leeway to fans to continue out of appreciation. So basically, there's no reason Sega shouldn't have their devs use ideas from fangames. But that's not what Taxman and Stealth are doing, they're too talented to need to steal anything.

    Also, the amount of entitlement getting thrown around this thread is immature and pathetic.

    How about instead of complaining that your fan game didn't get Sega senpai to notice you, you appreciate the fact that very talented individuals from our community have a rarely-given opportunity to make something like this. Embrace that, don't cheapen it with petty tantrums.
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    So I've just been wondering, who came up with the name Sonic Mania? Are we allowed to know considering the NDA? I think it's a really cool name for this title, I'm just amazed no one really thought about using the name before in rom hacks here.
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    Good question. I imagine we might find out at some point. I wasn't so sure about the name at first, but now I really like it. Sonic 4 is obviously taken so that name couldn't be used. Sonic Mania seems very fitting for this game though.
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    Part of the purpose of the fangames we create are to fill a void left by the official series. Having this happen officially is the best case scenario we all wanted.
    Even then, this is just one game, and fangames all have their own things to bring to the table. The only issue I can see here, that you're bringing up, is... what, a risk of fangames having less attention or popularity? I hope that's not anyone's big concern.
    As for utilizing specific things, I mean, Overture has merited itself as being a "lost Saturn game" and Sonic Classic 2 has remixed classic levels, but both us of Overture team and Hez couldn't be happier that Mania exists.
    And if people accuse us of being copycats, I don't think that's going to be a large issue if at all. People will generally be conscious of the unity in the fangame and hacking scene that Mania itself originated from, and anyone who says dumb things will be corrected by others. I certainly have no issue with Mania taking cues from fangames, including Overture, because that just means we're all succeeding at what we wanted for Sonic.