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Sonic Mania (Switch, PS4, Xbox One, PC)

Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by TimmiT, Jul 23, 2016.

  1. ICEknight


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    Well, what you did does make more sense in this case.

    In case that somebody is curious about how this game would look like under the Saturn's high resolution mode (in order to keep a widescreen aspect ratio), I made a mockup earlier today.

    I took this screenshot:

    Then doubled the horizontal width and trimmed it to 704x224 pixels:

    And there you have it:
    Looking at it, I'd say the slightly narrower resolution makes the sprites stand out a little better... somehow.

    On the downside, the picture looks just a tiny bit squished.
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    I mainly use my dreamcast networked and use DC-Tool to send elfs directly to my dreamcast. That way I can use GDB to step through debug my programs. Only problem is I don't have a LAN adapter, so I go through a convoluted method to network my dreamcast involving telephone simulation hardware, all going through the 56k modem. Makes programming really slow. The GDEmu drive would only really be helpful to me for testing release builds.
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    But hey, if it was real, it'd be the happiest days of my life. :eng101:
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    I'm well impressed. Does that still give you access to the old online features that the games supported if needs be? Also Definitely more impressive than my low-end consumer needs (aka "load and play tha gamez").
    I just can't wait for the day when all older optical drives get replaced with easy USB/SD solutions that aren't in crazy high demand. It'll be a brave new world I tells ya...
  5. Dark Sonic

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    Working on my art!

    Ooooh a first real look at the Special stage, the Bonus stage, and Time Attack mode (Also a 2 second glimpse of Studiopolis Act 2)

    Blue Spheres and its music return!
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  6. Laura


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    I'm not looking at the special stage or bonus stage, even though I'm pretty sure what they'll be. I'm not fussed over avoiding spoilers, since realistically I won't, but I'm not going out of my way to watch the footage.

    I did check out time attack though. That looks really cool, I was just talking to my brother about time attack in Sonic yesterday as a matter of fact.
  7. That's it. I've reached the point where I no longer want to be spoiled on anything else in this game. The picture's becoming more and more clear. Time to stay away until release.

    I don't really get what was going on with that time attack mode though.
  8. Dark Sonic

    Dark Sonic

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    There's a reset button that'll seamlessly warp you back to the start without needing to go through a pause menu, that's what was being shown off.

    Ya a little hard to show off that feature.
  9. On top of that, there's a signpost at the start of the level and the timer doesn't start until you cross it, which suggests you have as much time as you like to prepare your first spindash.

    So, Blue Sphere as a bonus stage... Bleh. A game of Blue Sphere takes way too long compared to the S3K bonus stages, and I don't understand what the reward will be beyond points. Plus, if I wanted to play Blue Sphere I'd just play S3K again, for the five hundredth time this year.
  10. Simon A.C. Martin

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    Is the Switch version of the collector's edition sold out already? Been looking on Amazon for ages for it to come up with a price and nothing yet. :(
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    So... what's the reward for the bonus stage? + - It doesn't look like it's shields or rings this time around; Blue Spheres is really not conducive to that. But it couldn't be emeralds either, since that's what the special stage gives.  
  12. Dark Sonic

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    Of course they fade the footage out as soon as Knuckles was about to get the reward. But ya, that was something I wasn't sure of either. What is the reward and what could it be if it's not emeralds?

    Time Stones?
  13. Laura


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    I'm not entirely sure of Blue Sphere as a bonus stage either. I'd rather have the casino slots to be honest, especially if the casino stages aren't coming back. And Blue Sphere is really long-winded, so if we aren't getting anything real from the bonus stages, I don't know why you would bother.

    I always thought Blue Sphere was the best special stage because it was the least of a pain in the ass to play rather than because it was good :v: . But then I also think the half-pipe is a great concept, soo... :v:
  14. Dark Sonic

    Dark Sonic

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    I think the half-pipe is a great concept too, it's just that unlike Blue Spheres it has been done to death. It and GHZ need to take a vacation somewhere for a while.

    EDIT: Here's a Time Trial run of GHZ Act 1. Looks like bosses aren't fought in Time Trial. I'm guessing there's some kinda Egg Gauntlet stage or Boss Rush though to account for that. Also, GOAL

    The drop dash actually looks like it'll make for some fun speed running. Gotta ask though, what the hell is a Cool Bonus? You didn't get hit?

    EDIT 2: According to Segabits, Blue Spheres stages reward you with Medallions. Silver for beating the stage and Gold for getting a perfect. What they do though is beyond me, probably unlock stuff?
  15. Violet


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    Looks really good, can't wait to play it.

    Also this is probably the last thing we see before release.
    This and the Cutscene/Intro on the 14th.
  16. The special stages look cool, and way more playable than the ones in Sonic CD!

    As for the bonus stages, I expected them to have a more updated look, more in line with what a Saturn would do... Maybe it should be using real 3D (no reason to fake 3D in a console that does 3D natively!) or at least a nice textured floor... As it stands, it looks to close to the original.
  17. Thank you Dark Sonic for clearing up the whole Time Attack restart feature.

    I agree Blue Sphere is a little long-winded for a bonus stage, but I suppose you have to throw in that fan-favorite somehow and someway. It's most likely not the only bonus stage either- so I don't find it's inclusion to be downright offensive.

    I never quite picked up on this, but was there ever a way to choose which bonus stage you would get in S3K? I remember mostly getting the rotating slot machine stage, rather than the glowing spheres or prize machine stages. Did it have to do with the number of rings you had when crossing the checkpoint or something?
  18. McAleeCh


    Great footage of the Special Stage / Bonus Stage / Time Attack. Figured Blue Sphere would probably be a Bonus Stage of some sort after that tantalising screenshot, so good to have that confirmed - wonder how it works as a Bonus Stage though? Can't wait to play on August 15th...! = D

    Interestingly, noticed Tails' tails become dark grey during his jump animation in the Special Stages. Presuming this is a texturing issue which has (hopefully) been fixed, as has been confirmed to be the case with a few of the other little visual glitches we've seen in past footage, but it's interesting to see in a video so close to release...! Nonetheless, we know past videos have been sourced from older builds so I have faith the team will already have spotted and dealt with this one. = )
  19. Fred


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    Wow, Knuckles sure has a stiff neck in that bonus stage footage.

    everything else looks great
  20. Maybe I'm over thinking it, but what if the bonus stages hand out emeralds, and the special stages dispense something entirely new to elevate gameplay with?