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    I don't see the sense in representing one more than another, I feel like that would just leave a lot of people angry that their favorite title got truncated for the preferential treatment of a more popular title.

    AKA I don't see why Sonic 2 would be given more than 2 entries with Sonic 1, CD, S3 and S&K only getting one. Zero balance there.
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    I really don't dig that remix at all. It's too different from the original track, and without the "hues" it just doesn't sound all too great IMO. Also I find the tempo to be a bit too slow. Honestly it would have been better suited for Act 2 than Act 1 since the Act 2 remixes are completely different from their Act 1 remixes. Oh well, in previous games there's been at least one song I didn't really care for. Just seems like Stardust Speedway Act 1 will be the Mania track I don't care for.
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    I got that much, the vocals, but what does the video mean? O_o
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    Likely that the sound-effect will be better represented in the Act 2 mix.

    Also I'd recommend people to listen to the song at 1.25 speed on YouTube.
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    ps you guys hatin on the tempo forgetting the best track in the history of fan games
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    For some reason the Stardust Past remix feels.. right, when I bump it up to 1.25x. Or at least more like the actual song from Sonic CD anyway.
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    I feel like 3 and K are going to get the most stages collectively compared to 1, 2 and CD. I have several reasons, including:
    - They're usually the more popular games and soundtracks among fans
    - Apology for no 3&K+Retro Engine remake in the near future
    - And because of that, they don't want to include too many 1, 2 and CD zones

    I could absolutely be wrong and maybe they're just picking what they feel like, but those are some possible reasons I've come up with.

    EDIT: Also, I missed the conversation earlier, but there is no way they're going to use lossless audio. Audio formats like FLAC just take up too much space. 40 tracks (music, jingles, etc.) would certainly reach 1GB. I have the Passion and Pride CD burned to my PC in FLAC and all 14 tracks for the first disk is about 320 MB. 40 tracks being about 1GB is not that crazy of an estimate (although I also have the Breath of the Wild disc with about 25 tracks on it in FLAC as well and it's about the same size, so it must depend on the initial size of the files). I know I would kill for a lossless soundtrack release (which also if they gave you the best audio quality in the game there would be no purpose for a soundtrack, and they would never not release one because money).
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    Maybe among us diehards, but the general gaming audience by far gravitates more towards Sonic 2. It gets a LOT more attention than 3&K, regardless of whether or no it merits it.
    If any of the Classics were to get more representation it would be Sonic 2. But I still think it will be even representation of two zones for each.
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    Same. I might crack in the next few days or so, but I gotta try and keep... STRONG...

    Man, I'm shit at this 'not spoiling myself' thing. I might have to abandon the thread sooner than I thought! Best wishes to those hanging about. I know we're all going to enjoy Mania in our own amazing way, whether people know what's coming or not!
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    I agree with you, but I'm sure there are a lot of people either here or elsewhere who would disagree, and that's why it's just a theory I have. I'm really hoping for even representation because I would love for some of the Sonic 1 and 2 zones that we don't normally see to get some time in the limelight.
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    I'm expecting:
    Sonic 1 - Green Hill
    Sonic 2 - Chemical Plant, Mystic Cave
    Sonic 3 - Hydrocity, Ice Cap
    Sonic & Knuckles - Flying Battery
    Sonic CD - Stardust Speedway

    Along with five original zones bringing twelve full zones, about the same as S3K.
  12. Sean Evans

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    What else could they pull from CD? Almost every trope and element from that game is repped somewhere else.
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    This seems like it could be super accurate. 12 zones, 7 remixed and 5 new and original with the math also correctly calculating to the 60/40 percentage split. I think you might come the closest to predicting the level roster when we hit release. 12 zones sounds about right. I'd love for there to be more, but 12 seems like the number we should expect.

    So good work man. I think you might be Nostradamus here.
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    They could use Tidal Tempest, but thats unlikely :p

    I think if Mania does double dip then it is likely double dipping for Sonic 2 and Sonic and Knuckles since they have a number of stages with unborrowed assets. Quite a few more than 1, CD and 3.

    Sonic and Knuckles is also easier to represent over 3 because of the music. The only Sonic 3 levels which are feasible are Hydrocity, Ice Cap and Launch Base. Ice Cap and Launch Base 'may' be ruled out on music grounds.

    I'm predicting; Hydrocity, Mystic Cave and Lava Reef. We'll see how close I am.

    Aquatic ruin could have a strong chance if we consider the initial trailer theory.
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    I know theres the hard boiled heavies but I feel like there would be a final one act zone that would be new, unless one of the remastered zones is the death egg or something like that.
  16. Is the final game going to have some sort of level select? I'm going to double dip but I don't want to have to necessarily do things in order and have to unlock crap again.
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    this is exactly what I was thinking as I read all the "it's too slow" complaints. c'mon just cause the character's fast doesn't mean there shouldn't be BPM variety. smh.

    also have a better version of the Fresh Prince mashup
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    So damn good!

    Just humbly pointing out: The size of a single file of music encoded using FLAC is based on the length & complexity of the song. The reason the CD you mentioned with 14 tracks is 320 mb is because the average song length is 4-5 minutes. The "Sonic CD" 20th Anniversary Edition standalone soundtrack has 42 tracks and is 570 mb in lossless quality. "Mania" likely has 5 or so less tracks than that, and should be pretty similar in terms of average song length/complexity, so I'd guess it'd be around 500 mb lossless.

    I don't really think the game is going to have lossless audio files but was simply using the music as an example along with the HD opening animation video to explain that those two things combined surely make up a large percentage of the file size for the game, for folks who were wondering what accounted for the increase from 100 to 400 mb. Though I think FLAC/lossless is unlikely to be included (which hopefully means a Bandcamp lossless digital release is going to happen), I don't see why 192, 256, or 320 kbps bit rate wouldn't be considered. The game clearly has an incredible soundtrack as evidenced further today and deserves to be heard in high quality. If you have a good pair of headphones the difference between 128-160 kbps and 256-320 kbps lossy is usually quite noticeable, and of course the difference between low bit rate lossy and lossless even moreso. (Also the fact the game's download size went from 100 mb to 400 mb seems to indicate things haven't been totally nailed down yet in terms of final size.)

    If y'all aren't aware there are many games on Steam that use either high bit rate (256-320 kbps) or FLAC/lossless audio. ("Grim Fandango," "Hyper Light Drifter," "Samorost 3" and all the Supergiant Games spring to mind.) FLAC is usually included for around $10 more in a game + soundtrack bundle, though sometimes it's just in the game (if they aren't selling a standalone digital soundtrack for whatever reason). In addition to Bandcamp, offering the full "Mania" soundtrack by itself and/or in a game + soundtrack bundle on Steam would be another easy way to sell it in lossless quality.

    Would also like to make clear: I ain't trying to make this out to be a big deal or anything. Simply want to hear this incredible soundtrack in the best quality possible, whether that's in the game itself or via a digital release. Regardless of what bit rate/quality the music in the game itself is, obviously I'm gonna love it--this is my most anticipated game in a very long time. And I will buy a high quality digital release of the full soundtrack if/as soon as it's available, regardless of whatever the bit rate for the songs end up being in the game itself.

    Anyway, on a related but more relevant topic: absolutely love "Stardust Speedway Act 1"! Can't wait to find out what Act 2 is like/based on. Both JP and U.S. versions of "Stardust Speedway (Good Future)" are incredible, and I also really like the U.S. version of "Stardust Speedway (Present)." Whatever it ends up being, it'll be great just like the rest of this soundtrack. So excited to hear all of it and play this game. We're super close!
  19. Turbohog


    The fact that the image with Hydrocity was replaced all but confirms the level's inclusion in the game for me. Obviously he felt the need to hide something ;).

    Very pumped for to visit Hydrocity again. I really get tired of revisiting Green Hill and Chemical Plant, but man I can't wait for Hydrocity.

    Also honestly lossless music, in addition to videos, could push the game Size over 1 GB
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    I know that Ice Cap won't make an appearance as we have the un-named "Oriental-Snow" zone and there is never usually a level with the same theme in the classics, I'm hoping to see known iconic levels if not already included:

    Sonic 1
    Green Hill & Labyrinth.

    Sonic CD
    I only ever truly liked Stardust Speedway, CD never was much for memorable zones.

    Sonic 2
    Chemical Plant, Casino Night, Hidden Palace & Metropolis.

    Sonic 3 & Knuckles
    Hydrocity, Carnival Night (Due to the damn barrel), Flying Battery (Was not very iconic to me), Sky Sanctuary & Death Egg.

    The levels we will most likely see back are the ones that people loved and the ones people hated (Not bad hate but ones that tried our patience or had that gimmick of a deadly trap) though I'm not hating on the choices, CD just seems odd to be in the mix as it was not part of the Death Egg Saga.