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    whatever 3AngleTeam/3Angleware is up to atm (currently dead)
    I'm one of those weirdos who spoils the entire game for myself before making up my mind on purchasing it, so no, on the contrary, I'll keep a closer eye to the news.
    I don't expect anything interesting to surface though.
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    I think a couple of days is enough for the blackout, just in case they do some last minute announcement or something like that, and to avoid someone else's possible early access to the game for some reason. The only real spoilers I fear off are the new elements, though; zone remixes, even if they have new gommicks, don't bother me, but new zones, bosses and plot are quite more relevant. The weekend before will be my last visit to this forum until I played the game enough to don't be bothered by additional reveals.
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    I might duck out a few days prior to the game's release. I won't spoil the intro video coming out the day before the release for example. I can't imagine they'll show much, if anything else though in the next 2 weeks though.

    Only 2 weeks and some change though! Getting there.
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    Stardust Speedway Act 1 theme is up!

    I don't personally dig it too much. Too slow for such a fast paced level, and I can't easily recognize the parts of the original song.

    Not bad, nevertheless.
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  5. Stardust Speedway Act 1 music, very different take but feel that 90's New Jack and R&B vibe:
  6. New music! And holy fuck is it chill.

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    Of course it doesn't confirm anything. Nothing is confirmed until we get an official announcement. Simple. However, uploading a piece of art showing Knuckles in Hydrocity and then removing it to be replaced with Knuckles in Flying Battery (when the other concept art of Sonic in GH and Tails in CP was not replaced) is rather suspicious, don't you think?
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    I hope the US soundtrack gets referenced in Stardust Speedway's music in one of the acts at least. Mix it up you know?
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    I know Sonic CD levels have 7 tracks to work off of, but who knows?
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    This might be the first time where I have to say, "You know what, I'm going to wait for the game release." I will looove to be surprised by that song. So tempting .... guhhhhhhh. Hurry up and release.
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    I was curious how Tee would handle a song that has no easy access to stems. Full on remix that would make Funk Fiction proud.

    + - Better at 105% speed :v:.  
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    Wow this sounds very different and it's for act1! I can hear JP Bad-future music from Sonic CD but none of the other time periods.

    It's kind of relaxing.

    It's nice but feels too slow for Stardust Speedway. It will probably sound better/fit better when you actually play through the zone.
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    Since it's stardust Speedway past, all regions are referenced at once because they all used the same ost for the past.
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    Did anyone else notice how in the Facebopk post for Stardust Speedway's music the Sonic page commented "that feeling when you're looking forva time travel post yet you aren't in Litte Planet"? So... Stardust Speedway traveled to somewhere else? Or... or what?
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    The game's a mashup. I wouldn't be surprised Mania Island is a mashup of the three islands and planetoid as its story rationale.

    But the post is making reference to impatience of the OP more than anything.
  16. The remixed stages are actually part of a complex holographic simulation created by the doctor.
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    That's a reply to a specific comment:
    Referencing the fact that the game comes out in the future but there's no way to get to that point instantly. Unlike in Sonic CD, which takes place on Little Planet. That's the joke

    As for the track itself, this take on the original is absolutely amazing. Definitely my favorite song revealed for the game so far :)
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    Can I please just gush about how amazing the new stardust speedway track is? Please?

    OMFG it's incredible. Favorite zone of all time coming back for more? God dammit I need this so badly.

    I think it's more a note about how the stage isn't featuring time travel this time around, as they've already confirmed.
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    As I posted on NeoGAF:

    More thoughts:

    It's definitely an excellent track and Tee Lopes remains exceptionally talented but I was disappointed with the slow vibe of this one. Vastly prefer the original composition and honestly think it needs more energy and needs a faster melody. This is only Act 1's rendition however so odds are Act 2 will be super crazy.

    Also put me in the camp that believes Hydrocity was accidentally and genuinely leaked by that pixel artist on Twitter, hence the swift removal of the image. Regarding Sonic 3 now all we need to know is if Ice Cap has made the cut. Hope it's in as it would make Mania a dream game.

    15 days and counting. Just over two weeks. Mania is getting close.
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    I don't know if we can properly judge the tempo till we play the levels. Act 1 may be a slower paced one.

    In context, it may be very suitable. For example, a lot of word that Hard-Boiled Heavies is too fast -- yet it may be appropriate in the level, and preferred in such tempo.

    I mean, it's not wrong to judge the tempo. By itself, sure, it would sound nicer faster. Yet, faster may not sound nice in the actual level. We'll see.