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Sonic Mania (Switch, PS4, Xbox One, PC)

Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by TimmiT, Jul 23, 2016.

  1. Sir_mihael


    I got the CE preordered from Amazon and I am lacking themes and avatars. pray for mojo ;_;
  2. Roughly how many zones do we expect the game is going to have? I forget what the current info is on that.
    There are several possibilities though. Maybe each zone is only counted as one "track" with two variants. Going by the wording, maybe that count only refers to the number of original tracks by Tee Lopes, and not the remixes of old levels. Maybe the soundtrack only includes the full songs, like the levels and theme, and not things like invincibility and end level jingle etc? Or maybe they just can't count. I wouldn't read too much into it until we get a full track listing, which obviously they don't want to give away and spoil for now.

    edit: never mind, Muscle Wizard covered it!
  3. I will say speculating on what exactly is in the vinyl should be fun! What I actually assume will be selected is simply just the Act 2 variants of the Old zone remixes, since the Act 1 tracks are basically just slightly spruced up original stage themes, while I imagine all of the original Mania-exclusive act 1 & 2 songs will be included. This would probably be the most reasonable way to have the 16 track selection that encompasses all of the fresh, new stuff.
  4. CollectiveWater


    Really hope the full OST is made available in lossless format (via Bandcamp and/or CD). By all indications this soundtrack certainly deserves such a release/to be heard in the highest quality possible. The vinyl is really cool/well-priced, and it's nice they're giving us the ability to download the 16 selected tracks in lossless format, but yeah *really* hoping the entire OST is made available in lossless--that's what I would listen to the most.
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    I ordered the limited edition, but I might order another one for the blue one, solely because having a blue vinyl just seems boss as fuck.
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    Tried to order one 5 times and the site kept declining my card, what the fuck. I guess my bank doesn't like international purchases?

    Whatever. I really shouldn't be spending $40 on vinyl albums I can't even play.
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    I hope you guys realize/remember just how many minutes of music you can physically fit on a standard vinyl :P

    (It's not a lot)
  8. CollectiveWater


    Oh yeah the inherent limitations of the format totally understood. The beautiful gatefold/inner sleeve art and multiple color options definitely makes up for it being a selection instead of the entire OST. (And I'm sure y'all went with a lot of standout tracks.) Just humbly hoping the entire OST gets an official release via Bandcamp or CD in lossless format--would love to support/get that instead of listening to any tracks not on the vinyl in compressed quality on Youtube/etc. No worries if y'all can't/don't want to do that, though. Congrats to you and Tee on the soundtrack--really incredible work. Can't wait to hear all of it!
  9. Linkabel


    DataDiscs might be on the shit list of your bank. For example, when I first started ordering from First4Figures my bank wouldn't let me because they were on a list of "untrustworthy businesses."

    Had to call the bank so they could let me start buying from them using my cards.
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    Jack shit.
    Scans: 300/600 DPI, save as either JPG/PNG.
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    Stimil Rc.

    My bank keeps giving me trouble when buying from certain places with my debit card, even if I'm a regular customer. This has actually cost me a few purchases. When asked to stop doing it, I was told that they couldn't because it was better to be safe than sorry.

    This is one of the few reasons I keep my credit card. I don't know if it's the same for every credit card, but I can't recall ever being prevented from buying something with mine.
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    it wasn't a good sprite to begin with
    Hey, be grateful they're skimping on the physical releases!

    The current count for Sonic Generations:

    US, CA, MX, BR
    JP, KR, TW, RU, AU
    UK, FR, DE, ES, IT, PT, AT

    for 360, PS3, PC

    + Classics/Greatest Hits editions
    + collectors editions

    so idk, we're talking 60-80 different versions in total, each with a cover, disc and some form of manual. And the scanners would still be needed for the hoards of promotional material out there.

    Sonic Retro lists 15 and, and a third of those are mislabeled.

    Welcome to my world, won't you come on in
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    Remember everyone the panel with potential Mania news is around ~5 hours from now. I'll be asleep (UK here) but looking forward to seeing the news tomorrow.

    I think it's around 3.30am BST or 7.30pm Pacific Time. Wonder if we'll get a new zone reveal?

    EDIT: Here we go.

    New insights? Sounds like we're at least getting some news here.
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    I have an event in going to tonight so I can't wait to read all about this when it's over!

    So the tracks were "selected by Tee" when he knows good and will that we want EVERYTHING. I know vinyl can only for so much as the more "refined" technology was saved for cassettes and CDs.... Which are also obsolete. I have a feeling the vinyl collections are going to end up as art for most buyers.
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    I would love to get that vinyl, my mom's old record player still kicks around pretty well, and it's even thirty or forty years old. Sadly my budget already went to the Anniversary art book :(

    Looking forward to anyone livecasting that panel! Is there somebody from Retro around? :P
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    Not me. I intend to listen to every track over and over again. I've always had a sour taste on people who collect records to never play. I understand why people do it but in my opinion, music on any format is there to played, listened to and enjoyed. Same thing goes for things like toys, games etc.
  17. Sappharad


    It's probably their last chance to show the game off in a public setting before release, and their first chance to show the release build. (This is assuming that they finished the game this past week) I know they can't steam it, so I hope a video goes up shortly after.

    I understand that they don't want to spoil a lot of the game before it's released, but I'm still hoping that they will finally earn the name "Sonic Mania". Right now it still seems more like a Sonic Remix to me, and the blue spheres teaser image implies that they went in the direction worthy of the name but they have yet to show us what it makes it "The Ultimate Celebration". I'm hoping we get a good amount of unlockable content outside of the main game, or something.
  18. Chaos Rush

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    So I don't have a PS4/XB1/Switch, and my only option to play this is on PC. However, I don't play games on my PC (and by PC I really mean my laptop that is not designed for gaming at all), and I don't even have a Steam account (I'm going to make one solely to play this game). My question is, what controller would you guys recommend to play this? I have a Windows laptop, but PC gaming is a completely new territory for me, so I would like to play Sonic Mania with an actual gaming controller rather than my laptop's keyboard so it feels like I'm playing something at least somewhat familiar.

    (Assuming it will run on my laptop, which I'm sure it will as I recall reading in this thread that Sonic Mania is very-well optimized)
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    Yeah, I also hope that.
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    I bought the basic Logitech F310 game pad. Works for Sonic Time Twisted so I assume the same for Mania.