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  1. Different strokes, different folks. Which is totally fine, and I'm sure if anything changes, it's not like we all are gonna be the last to know. ;)

    Makes me wonder why companies are so afraid of physical copies though, especially if money isn't always the issue. I feel that if you can make a good return on it, you know it's gonna sell because the demand is there, why give consumers ultimatums instead of choices? Or at least why do they make us think we're getting a choice? (Probably know the answer to this: clever marketing) Heck, most people bought the Sonic Mania Collectors Edition thinking it'd have a Physical non-DRM/server ridden copy of the game, which it doesn't.

    I dunno, probably further derailing the topic a bit more, but I had to kinda get it off my chest. Again, to reiterate: I will be buying this despite my disgust of digital media if there's no other alternative, only just to show support. Still, I will feel very reluctant.

    Makes me feel like I'm breaking a solemn vow or something, but meh. lol
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    No matter how much money you could make on a game with a physical release, you stand to make that much more with a digital release because you don't have to buy cases and physical media, have it printed, etc etc. They're not afraid of physical releases, they just don't like them.

    DRM-free releases though? Yes, they're terrified of that. Because pirates.

    Who will find a way anyway but *shrug*.
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    Problem is, if you have to make a full backup of your entire hard drive to own your game, this is probably portent something went horribly, horribly wrong down the line. Digital is cool and all, but all the same there are people who have been locked out of their entire game catalog over small petty things. No way to get into Steam's offline mode then.

    I almost got permanently locked out of PSN for forgetting a verification question. Assuming you can legally circumvent Steam's base DRM, what about those on console? It's not the end of the world, but I can't defend this in the slightest.
    Good news is that there are some developers who care about this and package DRM free executables with the Steam release. Valve aren't stopping them, but as far as a AAA company sees it, it's the equivalent of uploading a torrent of the game same day as release. Digital DRM isn't stopping me from wanting to buy the game, but you don't sell someone a banana with a multidimensional teleporter attached to it, and if you are not a valid US citizen the banana will fade out of existence.

    Anyways, as far as the way the plot is going to be shown in this game, I hope they'll go for a Sonic CD intro/ ending FMV kind of thing. I just think it would work really well in just letting you jump straight in from one zone to the next.
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    Note that he said he wouldn't buy it, not that he wouldn't play it...

    Anyway, I too despise the current method of game commercialization, but it is what it is. Already bought Mania so I'm all set for its release. After giving in and installing Steam because of Mania, I even decided to catch up with the franchise a bit and got Generations for what's essentially pocket change (about US$3). So far I'm finding it fun, but it's still too different from the Sonic I fell in love with.
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    I'm not pirating it either, nor would I ever suggest anyone here to. That's just outright insulting our own, rather than any sort of moral stance.

    Topic! Get back on! =P
  6. I suppose I'm lucky to be part of the demographic that has been using Steam regularly for six years or so. The good usually outweighs the bad, though it does sometimes give me a "part of the problem" feeling. At the very least, the official line from Valve is that if they ever shut down Steam, they'll disable the DRM for everyone. I've already bought Mania on Steam but unfortunately that hasn't made the wait any less painful :(
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    I think he meant like you'd maybe play it at a friend's house or something.
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    Oh dear god, please no pirate-themed level for Mania..
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    I actually liked the pirate level in sonic rush adventure. Or for clarification, the ghost ship and the last real level. The whole game was pirate themed.
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    I thought I had a post, but maybe I closed the window before I realized it wasn't there. In short, 10 years or less from now I'm sure someone will figure out a way to reverse engineer Mania onto a 32X cart.
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    True, and then we've got Aquarium Park, right?
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    GoldenEye: Source, Other Stuff

    A cool interview with Aaron, plus he takes a high route on Green Hill Act 2.
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    I'd give it 10 months. Most of that will be composing the music.
  14. Given how relatively easy those are to manufacture, we should get TecToy to officially sell it. :v:
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    At 10:46 that's definitely a breakable wall on the right. Since there's no floor next to it, it's probably designed to be broken by Sonic with a fire shield or Knuckles with his knuckles.
    Clever way to create a section that everyone can get to except Tails.
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    It's less about stopping pirates permanently and more slowing them down. Any chance to improve early launch sales is one companies will take, regardless of effectiveness. (The exact effectiveness of which I'm sure Overlord would prefer us not to discuss here.)

    Not all developers are allergic to DRM-free releases, though. WayForward recently conceded after some feedback, and launched their own games on GoG. However, there was a long stretch of time before those games made it there. (Probably to recoup R&D on the Steam port, and by then, there's not much monetarily to lose by releasing it on GoG, if not more to gain.) So based on what I've seen before, if Mania does make it to other digital storefronts of the DRM-free variety, I don't see it happening right alongside the Steam release, or for a long time.

    Fans who want to archive Mania forever should make themselves heard, maybe? I don't see Generations ever making it there, but it would be interesting if SEGA allowed a "classic" title on a store all about Good Old Games. :v: If any Sonic game were on GoG, it would be the best fit for it, in my opinion.

    That said, I don't mind throwing money at the Steam version for now. I'd gladly buy it a second time on other places for archival's sake, though.
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    Screw that. I want a Saturn port!
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    Now that some time has passed, I have to wonder why they showed off Stardust Speedway for a few seconds in the trailer only to show off Chemical Plant around E3. Why not just show Chemical Plant and save the surprise? Not that I care too much about level reveals, but others around here seem to.

    Also find it funny that we saw Studiopolis Act 2 for a few seconds wayyy back in the reveal trailer but we have yet to see it again.
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    Is it pronounced "studi - aw - polis" or "studio polis?" I had the same confusion with Casinopolis, but I usually go with the latter pronunciation.