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Sonic Mania (Switch, PS4, Xbox One, PC)

Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by TimmiT, Jul 23, 2016.

  1. XCubed


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    My question is this: Would the super emeralds even exist if the game were not split in half? Granted getting all the emeralds before the second half of the game was easily possible in Sonic 2. Also, would the Death Egg have actually fallen and launched twice in the same game? I feel that Hidden Palace was just an added bonus since they had the extra time and it expanded the depth as a two part game. I'm sure a fight with Knuckles was always planned but I'll feel like it may have originally planned to be in a different setting.

    Luckily they got the extra time to make Mania complete.
  2. ICEknight


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    My question would be, was it really "split in half" or was it designed as a two-parter from the get go?
  3. Pengi


    Part 2 would have been very, very short if Flying Battery Zone was left in its original position.
  4. Uberham


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    Depends, Launch base might have been later, ot they might have moved stuff around, or even had plans for more zones in S&K.
  5. /dev/sr0


    I'm pretty sure there is an interview somewhere that says Tails couldn't use the normal chaos emeralds because he wasn't experienced enough with using them. Maybe enough time has passed that he's learned. Sonic figured it out in his second game, so I wouldn't doubt it.

    Actually, in the Sonic 2 remaster, Super Tails was available in debug mode and didn't have any flickies. I guess if Tails is able to transform with the normal emeralds, it would be like that while the flickies of death are reserved for the hyper transformation.
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    As was mentioned earlier in the thread, the prices of three of the Collector's Editions on Amazon US have been steadily falling, which is rather unusual for a pre-order:
    • PS4: $43.56
    • Xbone: $43.95
    • Windows: $44.89 (was a bit over $45 last night!)
    The only one that hasn't fallen is the Switch version, which is still $69.98.
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    Yeah, well on Amazon France, it's still 89,99€ ($100) :
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    It does concern me that Aaron has been pushing pre-orders so hard, always talking about how supplies are limited. And yet, we are less than 2 months away, and not only have they not run out, but they've been given about a 35% discount. Is no one buying them?
  9. GerbilSoft


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    Import it from the US and save money, even if it costs more for shipping. :v:

    (Not entirely sure how different region online codes are handled on the various systems, but they should all be usable in some form.)
  10. Icewarrior


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    If he has a PS4, that'd be a big NOPE as the codes are region locked.

    Not surprised we haven't gotten this deal in France anyway but can't complain, we had to wait a lil more before we got confirmation of the collector edition for EU too and that was a big relief back then.
  11. Xiao Hayes

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    Is the collector's edition for PC version finally available in Europe? It's the one I've been waiting for.
  12. Josh


    Huh... I preordered the Collector's Edition the day it went on sale back in September. I just checked my ORDERS page, and it does now list the lower price. I hope it stays that way.
  13. Stimil Rc.

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    In the first game, the player could only collect six of the emeralds, making them effectively useless. Kinda strange how it took until Adventure for the emeralds to be usable with less than all seven present and Adventure 2 for Sonic to do so himself. Sonic Team could have allowed the player to trade rings for shields or something.

    With how broken Super/Hyper Sonic is, I'd take an elemental shield or speed up any day. At least I found the special stages fun to play for the sake of it. Well, Blue Sphere and Saturn Sonic 3D's at least.
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    So what is everyone doing in the lead-up to Mania? I plan to play through most all of the classic era games with already having beat Sonic 1 & 2 remasters (Using Bluestacks and a PS4 controller), Sonic CD remaster, Sonic 3 Complete, and Knuckles Chaotix. I still plan to play through Spinball and the Flicky-less 3D Blast Mod, as well as the core GG/SMS games. I might even play Sonic R, Fighters, and mess around in Jam and the other GG games. Gotta embed my braid back into the 90s before tackling Mania.
  15. Dark Sonic

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    Not quite related to Mania, but I hope to play through the classic trilogy and CD in the near future for Sonic's birthday as I do most years (Probably playing the old Sonic 1 + 2 hack that eventually became Sonic Classic Heroes, followed by Sonic 3 Complete, all on the Genesis mind you. I'll probably play Sonic CD on the PC though, despite having a Sega CD. The Taxman version is just better). That'll be a good warm up for Mania, but then again given how ingrained Sonic games are in my muscle memory at this point I don't think I'll have a problem picking Mania up.
  16. XCubed


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    I've been playing through Sonic Time Twisted. I've gotten to one of the last levels (I think). But I have more timestones/chaos emeralds to get!
  17. I've been playing through S3 Complete, SCD on Steam, and S1 on Android in the lead-up, along with various builds of S2. On top of that I have been immersing myself in the music (Sonic and otherwise) of the era, as well as the art and commercials.

    Oh yeah, and I did start a playthru of Time Twisted that I really need to finish.
  18. Mastered Realm

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    Chemical Plant Act 1!

  19. LukyHRE


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    Same here, just started Sonic 1+2 the other week. I'm also playing SCD on Steam, but man, I SUCK at that game. I want to make a perfect run and make a good future in every zone, but sometimes it's really frustrating. That, and the special stages with those UFOs that change directions constantly, UGH.

    I may plug my cellphone to the monitor via HDMI, and play the remasters with a joypad, if I have the time. I hope someday they release the remasters on Steam like SCD.
  20. Beltway


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    According to this interview, Iizuka says Mania has more zones than any of the classic games. (Interview hasn't been translated, but according to ChikaBoing from SSMB that's what is in there.)

    For reference, Sonic 2 and Sonic 3&K are tied as the longest classic Sonic games with 14 zones and 11 zones respectively, including one-act zones. (If you're not including one-act zones, then the total drops down to 11 zones and 8 zones, respectively.) I'm referring to both games as tied in this instance, as Sonic 2 is technically the longest if you're strictly going for individual releases (1, 2, CD, 3, &K); whereas Sonic 3&K is the longest if you're referring Sonic 3 and Sonic & Knuckles as the one intended game (1, 2, CD, 3&K).

    This also lends credence on the possibility of past Genesis Sonic games having more than one remixed zone in Mania; though it remains to be seen if the amount of remixed zones from each past classic game will be proportionate (i.e. each game gets two remixed zones, resulting in ten remixed zones overall) or not.