Sonic Mania (Switch, PS4, Xbox One, PC)

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    If Crunchyroll had contacted me at all before making that video I would have asked them not to use that horrible old picture of me...
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    Sonic (?): Coming summer of 2055...?
    Oh hey dude. I dunno if you heard, but everyone thinks that animation was rad.
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    Yeah just look at all the Sonic CD hacks!
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    Very glad that people liked it!
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    The more I see of Sonic Mania, the more I am glad there were people on the official Sega forums who took the time to review, critique, and provide feedback on Sonic 4, Episodes I and II.

    Christian Whitehead draws in so much passion from himself, from his colleagues, friends and the fandom. The game that is emerging is something which, to me, is the true Sonic 4. And they seem to think so too, if the elevator numbers are anything to go by. I am delighted with what I am seeing. The original trailer I saw I did shed a small tear for, because it felt like my childhood had been reawakened. Every bit of footage, animation (which is spectacular by the way!) and revelation just makes it better and better.

    I write to say thank you to everyone involved in the project. You're doing an amazing job, and I will be doing my bit to make sure it's a success by buying the Switch version when it comes out.

    At the risk of repeating everything that has been said already - here is something coming out of Sega that continues the true spirit of the original Sonic games. And look - fans do know what's best for our blue hedgehog...
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    Oh man I just thought about this and it would be a neat addition

    Given the light system requirements this game would run well on Windows tablets, why not add support for touchscreen controls like with the S1/S2/SCD mobile remasters?
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    I have a Surface Pro, and I approve. I couldn't find a free universal touch overlay for Windows to use like this. It would be AWESOME.
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    Sonic Mania could very well be the Rayman Origins-type game for Sonic. However, I do believe that for Sonic to stay relevant and not fade away, he HAS to work in 3D one of these days. Adventure 2, Colors, and Generations have come the closest to achieving this IMO. Once someone finally solves the puzzle of Sonic in 3D our favorite blue hedgehog will have a secure future.

    Rayman had two awesome games that came out of his 2D revival, but Legends, being a reprise of what worked in Origins, did not catch fire the way Origins did (this is also partly on UbiSoft who would be the devil of the gaming industry if it weren't for Activision and EA). A Sonic Mania 2 may not take off the way the current Mania is doing.

    If I were Sega and Sonic Mania works out, while a Sonic Mania 2 should be put into development, Christian, Stealth, and company probably should get their feet wet with a 3D Sonic title (not necessarily starring Sonic, but somebody like Shadow or Blaze, who play similarly enough but lack the brand pressure), because maybe they can solve the puzzle that has eluded Sonic Team all these years.
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    I don't think so honestly. It would be neat to see how they'd tackle Sonic in 3D, and I don't doubt that they could pull it off, but imo a 2D based series is the literal perfect fit for them. It gives them much more creative control and freedom, potentially liberates them from development hassle via Sega (if the soft delay is of any indication), and let's them implement new concepts and "gimmicks" without coming off as too experimental thanks to a solid base to work from. Given their history with non Sonic Team devs in the past, I seriously doubt Sega would just let them do whatever they actually want to do with 3D Sonic. And the argument of less brand pressure via expy isn't really an air tight one. No one's gonna forgive the series for Shadow the Hedgehog or Knuckles Chaotix just because Sonic wasn't the main character.

    You also gotta remember something about Rayman. He doesn't have the legacy or reputation Sonic does. He wasn't even IN a game for about 4 years. So a sudden, unexpected revival was actually pretty cool. But for Sonic, it's like a godsend. This NEEDED to happen, as barely anything in the main series even remotely resembles elements from the original games. As a result, a string of games in this fashion that sit next to or fill the space between bigger releases, isn't such a bad idea. If the Mania team is gonna handle Sonic in 3D, I want them to do it at their best. But if they're going to be given restrictions and guidelines that pollute the intended concept, why even bother? Just let Sonic Team iron out the kinks of the boost gameplay and maybe the series can get somewhere again.
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    I have my USB controller and my preorder has been in since day one. It just got real. I can't believe we are almost coming up on a year since the initial announcement and trailer. I'm so Galoonia!!!
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    One thing that has been bothering me since I first saw Knuckles in Mania is that Knuckles is PINK.
    He was pink during the cut-scenes in Sonic 3, pink in triple trouble, pink in Chaotix and now Mania!!? Literally, the only classic games he was not pink in are Sonic 3D blast and Sonic Blast (& in Sonic 3 as a playable character). For Mania there is no such thing a "palette complications" so is the official artwork a lie? Was classic Knuckles supposed to be pink the whole time?
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    Pink Knuckles is objectively good.
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    Duh, how else are you supposed to know that he's a girl?
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    Hyper Knuckles is also pink too
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    Sonic is too Cyan (almost green-ish in the higlights!) and nobody is complaining :P

    We'll be fine!
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    As I mentioned earlier in the topic - Reds work horridly with bright pastel shading.

    Knuckles being pink is a very good thing. He'd probably look very weird if red.

    I'd like to see someone disprove me though.
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    This sounds so weird to me. Why the Sega Forums specifically?

    I've been seeing this sentiment all over the internet. It's like nobody noticed CD wasn't on the elevator either, well, unless absolutely everyone thinks CD is trash now.

  18. I think CD is trash, but I've always been consistent with that.

    edit: Bah I can't emoticons to work. All it does is show a broken link.
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    That's just people who don't like Sonic 4 desperately cling onto any "proof" that it's not canon (the elevator button) but the very same people tend to like Sonic CD, so they just ignore the very same "proof" that CD is not canon.
    Typical double standards but who can blame them? Sonic 4 ep1 is indeed pretty terrible and nothing like classic games it claims to be a continuation of.
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    With red, you can shade to either primary color (yellow and blue) or fiddle with the brightness (white and black). S3K Knuckles has purple undertones, and it works. 3D Blast Knuckles has orange highlights, and that works also.