Sonic Mania (Switch, PS4, Xbox One, PC)

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    About SCD:
    - Sonic CD for PC from 1996 has 165 Mb, not counting audio tracks.
    - The Steam folder for Taxman's 2011 remake has 321 Mb. On my computer, at least.

    I wouldn't worry about the pre-release size of Mania, they have to add a lot yet and that may include animation clips.
  2. If I remember right, the ~100MB number was "download size" and Steam downloads are typically super compressed. And considering the final build of the game is still two months away, I have no idea where that number came from.

    On the subject of Mario Kart re-using old levels, I remember quite a few people being upset at SNES Rainbow Road appearing as a DLC track for MK8 when it had already been seen recently in MK7. That and much better Rainbow Road tracks exist.
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    I think this also speaks about the reuse of Green Hill in Sonic games. If it was a different Rainbow Road or even a different returning track, no one would have had an issue with it.

    One other thing I was thinking of is that Sonic sort of shot itself in the foot with how they did their levels in comparison to Mario. With Sonic 1 for example, you start in Green Hill for 3 acts (plus the Title and Ending scenes), but that was all you ever saw of it. In Super Mario World, you start in Yoshi's Island 1 (Or 2) where you see the basic overworld theme, that just gets changed and tweaked throughout the game. Sometimes the pallet will be different or it will have a different background or theme, but for the most part it is the same set of times being reused throughout the entire game. This allows for way more levels, helping to pad out the difficulty curve and allowing for unlockable levels that really push the difficulty with platforming challenges that we just don't get in Sonic outside the hacking community..

    With Sonic's dedication to having unique zones that only go for 2-3 acts, it puts a huge strain on the team to design and develop new and different level ideas. I think the only time they reused assets was for Hill Top Zone. Now I'm not saying I want them to just reuse and rehash the same level themes, but they could go about it having unlockable hard versions of stages. Maybe something like having Red Rings that when collected, can be used to unlock harder versions of levels, or new one act challenge levels. I know it would still be something that would have to be developed, but it would be less than having to make an entire new level while still adding content, and at that a sort of post game content as no one gets all of them in their first run.
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    Listed on the Xbox One page for the game as well.

    Hopefully it is indeed just a placeholder or early build size.
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    File size? Come on now that's the silliest thing to be worried about.

    Yes, coming from the guy who was going on about Flying Battery plumbing :v:
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    IIRC the Retro Engine does not run in "HD" (talking about just the resolution), but that doesn't mean the game looks bad just because it's being displayed on your 1920x1080 screen. The game is clean and crisp and bright, and that's what matters.

    The recommended specs for Mania is out on Steam, and it says Core 2 Duo (a mid-2000s CPU) and a 256MB DirectX 9-compatible video card. Basically, if your PC is at least five years old and isn't some kind of netbook with a bare basic Atom CPU, you'll be able to run Mania at least decently. Most of us are nerds and can figure what will run the game well and what won't, but unless you're on a dinosaur you'll be pretty much fine. I'm saying this based purely on the specs posted on Steam and the previous requirements of CD, but I don't think there's much reason to think differently.
  7. Sonic CD is likely larger because it has a good deal of extras in its gallery but also because it is quite literally two soundtracks that are game size. In a lot of cases audio is the most heavy in terms of filesize for games, wouldn't be surprised for a pixel-y/retro graphics game to have its heaviest portion be its audio, after all. 108 MB sounds on par with what we're getting assuming good compression and all that.
  8. Sonic CD on Steam is 117MB if you exclude the video folder, the video folder alone is 193MB.
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    Video codecs already compress the shit out of video data though, so they hardly compress at all when packaged in another layer of compression. There's no way that video sequences are included in a ~100MB download.
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    As long as it's under 1 GB, idk how size is even a problem.
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    These are some seriously retro-hardcore system requirements:

    You'd expect to see that on a PC game from the early 2000s - it's not a slight against Mania at all but quite the opposite; further confirmation that Taxman is a coding-God and the Retro Engine is a masterful technical feat. I know we all speculated that Mania would have Sonic CD level toaster requirements but it's awesome to see it affirmed.

    I'm getting a new laptop extremely soon which will likely be a quad-core Intel i7 and host ridiculously high specs, but it's comforting to know that the four-year old ancient laptop I'm using to post now can also comfortably run Mania. I think the low system requirements are awesome - a wider set people will be able to happily run the game.

    Should help its sales definitely - being coded and built to run on pretty much anything. Good work Taxman/Stealth.
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    WONDERFUL! I mean, it would be pretty shitty to have a game like this require anything more...but I'm sure it could run on even less. It's only as far back as they are willing to go so no one will bitch that it won't run on a PC from 2000. So 100 MB confirmed then. At this point I think the Switch is a courtesy as I see this being released on iOS and Android within a year or two.

    One of the most interesting things I've seen is from their Steam > Sonic Mania discussion board:

    " Would rather have Sonic 4 episode 3
    Screw the haters. Episode 1 & 2 were fun as hell."

    I mean, I would have loved Episode 3 as well as I am not a fan of dangling cliffhangers unless it can be proven that Mania takes place after Sonic 4. I just want the Little Planet safe again instead of floating about as the Death Egg Mk.II.
  13. What are the odds that the game will also run perfectly on XP and Vista, and even with 256MB RAM on the former? At some point I'll try digging out my parents' old ~2002 machine to test it, assuming that thing still even starts
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    Considering DirectX9 came out in 2002, it's worth a try. I honestly think 2GB of Ram is overkill.
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    That and the fact that the game already had both a new Rainbow Road and the N64 Rainbow Road. Three Rainbow Roads is a bit overkill.
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    Assuming Crunchyroll had some insider information, they may have spoiled Tyson doing in-game cutscenes via a social media video. Could also be a misunderstanding of his role, but we'll see.
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    It reads like they're just assuming that his work will be in the game itself as cutscenes and not just in the pre-release trailer and other media. Considering the tweet hasn't been hastily pulled down, I would take it to mean that, rather than some kind of leak.
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    I don't see why Crunchyroll would have information on it that isn't already public. Take it as an assumption.
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    Unlikely, unless they're developing on old outdated hardware. The reason is that modern developer tools & SDKs don't support the older OS, so even if the code was compatible with XP it wouldn't work unless they used developer tools that were as well. You have to jump through a lot of work-arounds to intentionally support XP. (Here's an example of what developers had to do to target XP back on Windows 8.) Vista would be more likely than XP, but since Microsoft stopped supported that in 2012 there's no reason for developers to test against it.

    With the mobile releases, Taxman didn't even do his own builds. If you look at the paths in the binaries, all of the ones I've seen were always compiled by someone at Sega. That's probably how Desert Dazzle files slipped into one of the Sonic CD updates. (I think it was already confirmed that was Sega's fault?) Perhaps Mania will be different, but I won't be surprised if they just ship code to Sega and let them do the builds.
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    Screw the official specs, it's a Windows application. A few individuals will hack* the hell out of the thing into working on Windows 98SE. After that, time to see if it runs well on a K6-2 CPU.

    * - Flygon does not endorse piracy or illegal distribution of computer software. KernelEx may be required. :v: