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    I kind of want at least a one or two level demo. Like, just Green Hill Act 1 and Studiopolis Act 1. I know that seems unnecessary since it's already a download game, but I just want a taste of this game to hold me over until August.
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    Me too! Hell I'd settle for just Green Hill Zone Act 1. That's enough of a taste to get me through the next couple months.
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    I fourth the notion of wanting to see Mania vastly succeed and Forces to flop in comparison; and show Sega two clear-cut facts: that a. that the original/classic Sonic direction is a reliable direction to go forward for Sonic, and b. Sonic Team no longer deserves the keys to the Sonic IP. Heck, Mania is doing such a good job that I've read comments from people not interested in Mania and not happy with --but still looking forward to-- Forces asking "wow, why can't Forces be turning out like this? Why can't this game get this much amount of care/passion being put behind it?" That in itself is saying a lot.

    If existing classic fangames didn't prove this enough, Mania should be the definite proof that despite Sonic Team having the benefit of a budget, staff, and other resources from a multi-million dollar business; a different team with a small fraction of their staff and budget are putting more thought into how they are designing their games.
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    I'd like to see both Sonic Mania and Sonic Forces be successful, but have Sonic Mania be the biggest success for the series since the Genesis era. I'd rather be optimistic about how Sonic Forces will turn out than to assume it'll be a subpar experience, especially since Sonic Forces is a sequel to Sonic Generations which was the best Sonic game to come out since S3&K. But Sonic Mania will definitely be a stronger game than both Sonic Generations and Sonic Forces. Unless there's a lack of levels, Sonic Mania has the potential to outdo S3&K.
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    Already, even with less views, Mania's latest trailer has around as many upvotes as forces latest trailer, and not as many downvotes.

    Mania 699,941 views - 29k up - 160 down
    Forces 1,381,507 views - 29k up - 2k down

    Could mean something, could mean nothing.

    I agree with the wish for forces to 'fail' in enough of a way to create a need for them to change. I sure wont be getting it.
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    Huh, I've just created Steam account to preorder Sonic Mania (I'm guessing that at this point all hopes for GOG release are dead). Have hope it'll be worth it.
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    To be honest, I wouldn't be surprised to see a demo for GHZA1 go up around the 23rd. Isn't that what they did for Generations? Would be smart for them to build some extra hype for August. The only way I don't see them doing it, is if they truly feel like it would hurt sales sucks.
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    Knowing the fanbase, we'd also tear into the demo's internals enough to spoil the whole game. :v:

    I think there's reason to believe we won't get a demo.
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    So much this. Please no demo
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    If they were to do a demo, I would hope they would scrub the game and remove any references to other levels and features. They know the fanbase, so if they did release one, I'd hope they'd be prepared.
    15.99 preorder for Steam but do check the list of countries to make sure it isn't region locked for your country.
    Also the description makes reference to "competition mode". Is this a thing and did we know about it?
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    The Steam store's page has the same description. Pretty sure it's the only place it's been mentioned so far.
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    What? I payed 18USD, why is it 16USD on that page? I'm from that list of countries.
  14. I'm in Brazil, and I paid less than that directly on the Steam website. Being the first time I ever used Steam, I was confused at first, but it seems like most games have special prices for countries with "poor" gamers, such as Brazil, India and China. If I'm not mistaken, I paid around US$12 to pre-order Mania.
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    Yeah, it's exactly like that. Mania is $10,24 (USD) right now for anyone in Brazil. Most companies sell their games with a lower price for Brazilians (remembering that the minimum wage in Brazil is $288) - Bethesda being one of the few exceptions. (And therefore, they sell very few games in Brazil, comparatively speaking of course.)

    If I remember correctly, Valve itself has a table with suggestions for conversion of prices to certain countries for the developers, offering an equivalent/suggested value. As far as I know, it's not a matter of "kindness" by offering cheaper games, but it's simply offering prices in a pattern that can maximize profits within the purchasing power of the said region. For example, $60 (USD) nowdays is about 194 BRL, way "too expensive" for 99% of the gamer population. With this amount here in Brazil, many people get to go to the movies about 10 times, have lunch for about 13 days, or pay for public transportation (round trip) for a whole month (at least in my city). Obviously the STEAM audience isn't the people who earns the country's minimum wage, but many Brazilians who have never had original games before (piracy has always been widespread around here) have started to buy games precisely because of STEAM prices.

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    Hope we get system requirements soon. Curious as to whether my ancient laptop can run it or whether I'll have to upgrade.

    Just re-checked the Steam page and still no requirements as of yet.
  17. Of course not, they just know that if they ask for the full price here most people will resort to piracy. It's better to make less money per unit than to not make any money at all from certain regions, specially considering that there're no expenses with physical media.

    That's true. I personally know a few people that used to pirate games exclusively, but started buying legit products when Steam started offering fairer deals.
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    What is a "dump" even supposed to be in this context?
  20. I guess they're claiming that for a while, pre-ordering the game would let you download the game files, but not let you play them just yet. Doesn't Nintendo do something similar with the 3DS when new games come out, where you can download them off the eShop early, and then you only have to download the key to access the game once the release date hits, so you don't have to wait as long to download and play it once it officially comes out.